Alex E. Proimos via Wikimedia Commons


Alex E. Proimos via Wikimedia Commons

From a city council’s vote to abolish one of America’s largest police departments to rioters defacing a statue of President Abraham Lincoln, the response to calls for law enforcement reforms have shifted from understandable, if not justified, to (putting it nicely) bananas.

The Left’s calls are reminiscent of the disastrous Paris Commune or for those more familiar with recent history, the tumult that grew out of the Vietnam War. In both cases, the anarchists lost decisively. The French Army crushed the Commune, and Nixon won the 1968 election, followed by Republican presidential candidates winning seven of the next ten elections. Not that we expect leftists to finish their history books.

Here are some of the most ludicrous responses to calls for action. Responses that are boosting President Trump’s reelection prospects as I type this.

Prof Suspended for Not Canceling Finals for Black Students

UCLA students doxxed and called for the firing of Accounting Professor Gordon Klein for refusing to waive his class’ final exam over the death of George Floyd.

UCLA senior Preet Bains started a petition shortly afterward to have Klein fired for what he called an “extremely insensitive, dismissive, and woefully racist response.” As of Tuesday afternoon, 19,925 people had signed it.

The University caved to the woke mob and suspended Klein, where he had been teaching since 1981. He is spending these days at home under police protection, having received multiple threats.

People Denouncing Their Whiteness and Washing Black People’s Feet

White police officers and community leaders washed the feet of two black church leaders (to emulate Jesus washing his disciples’ feet) at a peaceful march in suburban Raleigh, North Carolina.

It remains unclear how washing someone else’s feet will end racism.

Vandalizing Abe Lincoln Statue

Rioters in London’s parliament square scampered up an iconic statue of the Great Emancipator to scribble the names of people who died in police custody. Soon, graffiti “adorned” the monument. 

Besides damaging the famous likeness, the incident left observers scratching their heads. Freeing millions of slaves and preserving the Union transformed Lincoln into a secular saint after his assassination. An opinion fervently held to this day.

Cultural Appropriation Gone Wild

Some liberals ill-advisedly dressed in African garb while asking black people for forgiveness.

The pandering wasn’t limited to intellectually challenged individuals. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and other elected officials recently donned traditional Kente cloths on Capitol Hill.

An African woman who took exception to the stunt went on Twitter, where her response quickly went viral.

More Historically Challenged Vandals

Before damaging the Lincoln statue in the heart of London, rioters defaced a statue of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.

Historians credit Churchill’s heroic resistance when Britain stood alone against Nazi Germany with saving Democracy in Europe. Some believe he saved Democracy altogether.

Here’s an entertaining primer for those who missed history class:

Support the Landmark Lawsuit Against Antifa

Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


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  2. The last two weeks have changed my life. I’ve gone from understanding Black lives matter back to the 1950’s where I don’t give a shit anymore.

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  3. If we defund the police I suggest that they just guard our schools, banks, business establishments and inn general down town. Let the suburbs, especially those who adamantly ascribe to defunding law enforcement, but will have to form and pay for their own police. How long do you think, the free for nothing, complain all the time crowd, will be able to put up with mob rule?
    If they don’t like our statues, and monuments, then remove all of them. No statues of any kind! No streets named after people, no buildings named after people, no parks named after people. Also outlaw all racist, discrimatory organization! Not just the white ones, but all who discriminate. Let’s be fair and equal for a change! What is fair for the goose is fair for the gander!

  4. Make a list of the people who want to defund the police department. Put it on the Internet, publish it in the paper. Tell the police department to ignore all calls from these people.Make sure the thugs know who these people are and that they have no police protection. See how long it is before they are crying on 911 for someone to come with a gun to protect them.. Then if they are still alive after it is over, ask them if they still want to defund the police.

  5. We should remember that these riots/demonstrations were not primarily generated by Black protesters nor were they managed by a Black group. If you watch the videos, you see primarily White, masked people dressed in black managing the riots, and on-line calls for demonstrations were primarily posted by leftist political groups. This was a show of strength by Antifa, an anti-American radical leftist group more like Hitler’s Brownshirts than any movement since. Support these “demonstrators” at the peril of the freedom and prosperity of both Blacks and Whites.

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