The Biden Administration, like all mainstream Democrats in recent years, has gotten on the bandwagon of pushing ‘gender theory’.

This is a modern trend, mainly one that has exploded in the past decade, then continued to grow when academia got their hands on it. Stemming largely from Tumblr, a social media platform that was largely popular in the early-to-mid 2010s, gender ideology and pronoun usage became the normality on the platform. After the creation of neo-pronouns (ex: xe/xem/xyr, ey, em, eir), the platform was largely mocked.

Somehow, despite the absurdity of teenagers on Tumblr calling themselves xe/xem/xyr, the ideology moved into academia, and the non-binary pronoun usage came tied with existing trans ideology and LGBTQ ideology. The normalization of this culture, and push to force grade school and college students to “say their pronouns” when they say their name on the first day of school is something that sadly every student has had to (or will have to) comply with.

Now, the Biden Administration, a collection of people who are likely aware the average parent thinks that every bit of this ideology is absurd, wants to take away parents’ ability to shield their children from this.

This could remove your children’s ability to use a gendered bathroom, something that especially for anyone with a daughter should find outrageous. Aside from the change in day-to-day life for children in school – teachers simply should have no ability to influence our children’s perception of gender.

The Biden administration’s push to redefine “sex” in the civil rights law known as Title IX to include “gender identity” is trying to pass itself off as a simple change, but in reality, it threatens one of the basic principles of American society: the idea that parents, not the state, are the primary caretakers for children. With the proposed change, the Biden administration is poised to compel school districts to treat students as the opposite sex—without their parents’ knowledge or consent—and even to lie to parents about their children’s psychological and emotional health.

If these are the kinds of policies lauded by the Biden administration, parents must prepare to be completely shut out of their children’s mental and emotional health struggles. These policies mandate that a school can treat a child as an alternative gender identity without informing parents. This includes changing a child’s name and pronouns at school and encouraging a child to use opposite-sex bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers with no consideration for student safety or privacy. And on top of all this, schools can change a child’s gender identity and then require school staff to keep this secret from the child’s parents.

It sounds like a nightmare: a child adopting a different gender identity at school than at home, and everyone knowing about it except the parents. But even without the Biden administration’s new regulations taking effect (yet), that nightmare is coming true for families across America.

If President Biden’s proposed changes to Title IX go through, parents across the country can expect to be excluded from key conversations about how to guide their children through the struggles of adolescence and puberty. They can expect to be undermined, deceived, and ignored. They can expect their children to be turned against them by teachers, administrators, and counselors, who will point to federal guidance and say, “We have no choice!”

President Biden and his administration feel the need to at least in part have the public school system influence and raise your children. The public school system raising your children means that the state and education departments assume the role of parents, and also assume the role of creating the child’s moral and ethical compass. Leaving you with the role of nothing more than getting your children off the bus, feeding them, and housing them. 

Parents deserve the right to not have their children influenced by the state, and normal-income people shouldn’t have to drain their bank accounts to send their children to private schooling in an attempt to escape the Biden Administrations’ agenda.

These teachers are the same group of people who claimed they were not a ‘daycare’ during COVID-19, and were more than content with keeping your children at home and learning through Zoom calls. They didn’t care about your children’s education whatsoever, and many teachers saw COVID-19 lockdowns as a months-long vacation. Teachers kicked and screamed when faced with going back into the classroom, and it’s fair to assume many don’t have your children’s best interests at heart.


  1. This is outrageous! Where does the government get off interfering with the parents’ raising, teaching, and counseling their own children what they should call themselves and what they should think about themselves and their sexuality. Actually kids in K-3 shouldn’t be thinking about sexuality at all. How did we get through 246 years as a nation without this ever having become an issue?

  2. This is exactly why I’ve been saying for years that the alphabet soup of federal agencies, except those specifically authorized by the Constitution, need to go.

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