James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has struck today with a new video depicting the most damning portrayal yet of Facebook’s anti-conservative bias.

The footage shows Facebook content moderator Lara Kontakos bragging about how she’ll delete a photograph of a MAGA hat wearer for “terrorism.”

Unfortunately, that admission represents the tip of the iceberg.


Yet there are glimmers of hope, namely Facebook whistleblower Zach McElroy. McElroy is willing to testify before Congress about the bias he witnessed against Trump supporters, including an algorithm that disproportionately targets conservatives. (Project Veritas)

“Zach McElroy’s story raises serious doubts about the Capitol Hill testimony of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who gave lawmakers the impression that his company only takes content that could cause harm, such as relating to terrorism or hate speech, but never for politics,” said James O’Keefe, Project Veritas’ founding CEO.

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“Facebook and other social media platforms are protected by Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, because they claim that unlike traditional publishers that do not actively edit content—they say they are like the phone company just stringing wires on poles,” said O’Keefe.

“Facebook’s $400 billion market capitalization is tied to this protection and our report shows for the first time anywhere Facebook’s robust and human-directed process for restricting the marketplace of ideas, which calls into question their CDA 230 immunity,” he said.

In one example, McElroy captured as a screenshot, President Donald Trump posted on Facebook about Republican successes, including electing a GOP governor of Mississippi. In the screenshot, Trump’s account is labeled “Verified and Shielded,” but a seemingly innocuous comment on the post: “Cleaning up the house” with heart emojis is flagged in the Single Review Tool for adjudication.

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  1. I saw that Facebook was not showing some conservative news. It is unamerican to
    Do that. I hope they change this immediately. Or get rid of those who are doing this.
    I am so tired of the things these ignorant imbeciles are doing. This is America and we
    have free speech guaranteed in the Constitution of the United States.

    1. I’ve come to the conclusion that Face Book has been refusing to allow me to post anymore comments. I have tried to post a certain comment for the first time and it said this comment was already posted so it is a duplicate comment. It was NOT. LET’S SEE IF THEY REFUSE TO POST THIS ONE TOO.

  2. The level of stupidity, wanton stupidity is very telling. I thought demonrats were intellectually lazy but intellectually infantile is more accurate. Ultimately it doesn’t matter … they will ALL feel the burn in the end.

  3. Facebook, Twitter,, tik tok and all other media sight like them need to lose any government protection as they are bias against conservatives. Soros, Zuckerberg and the rest need to go to Guantanamo for the crimes they’ve committed, then after sentencing soros needs to be returned to Hungry to answer for his and his family’s war crimes or they can come do his trial and execution at Guantanamo at no charge. Service to humanity. Israel missed that unapologetic nazi soros.

  4. It is sad to hear so much HATE come from these puppet rioters. They do not have a clue to any of the people that are honored with the statues. Sad their schooling is so poor that were not taught anything about history. Sad what level the demoncrats stoop to for HATE for the greatest country God ever created. What will they replace it with?? Just look at China, Russia, Cuba or Venezuela now aren’t these something to be proud of?! NO! Well that is what they want America to be like. Isn’t that something to be “proud of”!

  5. The following was previously in the news and is not verbatim. When Facebook was being started a college roommate of Zuckerberg ask him why people would give him the personal information about themselves for membership to use in the program, his response was… they are STUPID. Does that sound like he or his company respects the people that keeps Facebook in business?

  6. Kind of reminds you howwww Bubba-Bubba Gump got started righttttt Luiten-tent Dannnn {*j*} That-thats the websyteeeee.
    MOMMA SAY`SSS`ask for a slap in the face and a slap in the face is what you gottttt.

  7. Well they own the company and they do what they want too just like Christian Bakers can refuse to bake a gay cake RIGHT????

  8. FB moderators censor Christians and Conservatives, and Patriots. They do this while allowing our enemies to promote their violence freely. Shame on FB, its owner, and its moderators!

  9. & FB censors anyone with no issue so leave FB, Totally, close account.
    They censor The Right & not make=

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