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Prominent advertisers like Disney are cutting ties with Tucker Carlson after the Fox News host made controversial comments on his primetime program.

In a segment Monday night, Carlson arguably cast aspersions on the leaders behind the unrest following George Floyd’s tragic death.

The response by major advertisers has been swift. (DNYUZ)

“This may be a lot of things, this moment we are living through,” Mr. Carlson said. “But it is definitely not about black lives, and remember that when they come for you. And at this rate, they will.”

Since he made those statements and others, prominent companies including The Walt Disney Company, Papa John’s, Poshmark and T-Mobile have distanced themselves from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” joining other businesses that have backed away from the show in recent years.

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The flight of advertisers accelerated on Tuesday, when the watchdog group Sleeping Giants tagged T-Mobile in a Twitter post, saying that Fox News had aired what amounted to an “extremely racist segment scaremongering about the Black community.”

The telecommunications giant responded on Twitter, saying that its ads had not run on the show since early May and would not run in the future. Mike Sievert, T-Mobile’s chief executive, added a post of his own: “Bye-bye, Tucker Carlson!”

A Fox News spokesperson said Tucker was referring to Democratic Party leaders not peaceful protesters. What do you think? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below!

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      1. Addressing Carlson and not this jerk. I don’t believe any of our “LEADERS” are worth shooting. Floyd James was a criminal who fought with the cops. He was on drugs that could easily; have been the cause of his death AS IN OVERDOSE. The cops did not do him any good. But they were not the cause of his being in the gutter with them on his back. Our”leaders” are playing the RACE card. and letting the antifa and BLM of the world take control.
        Heaven help them if they should try to force their way.
        Folks, the black race leaders want to do away with all police so they can have ANARCHY And when they do, they think they will CONTROL. I have news for you.
        All the Democrat controlled cities that shut themselves down for corona and bankrupt themselves in the process will not have criminals running in the street. They think that because we are old, we won’t be able to fight back.
        I have news for you. My Glock 21 and Glock 17 and S&W 45 are just the start. Shotguns and a nice 45-70 rifle that will blow a hole in an elephant are ready for use. No, this is not the civilized way to live. When you shoot a 45-70 or .444 rifle, it does not stop with the first perp it hits.
        And those who rioted on the bridge in Dallas, got arrested and then released, only to complain about being arrested? I have news. You should still be in jail.
        Folks. We are headed for war. The thugs, and Democrats want that. They need anarchy so the ONE WORLD ORDER guys can take control. And when they do, they first thing they will do will be DISARM YOU.

    1. What a crock!!!!! This company is a scam, you have to put up money to get information that does not lead to any income. The companies that they lead you to deal with politely tell you that “You have been scammed”, and then tell you they have no use for services that you reportedly can provide. These posters are employees and can not show you their checks or tell you the companies they dealt with. The principals line their pockets with your money while providing you useless material. This web site should prohibit this advertising or charge them prevailing rates. No one can advertise for free.

      “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20).

  2. When did we become a society that does not respect other people’s opinions. We as a country and people need to hear all views and try to get to the truth. Without the truth, how can we ever move forward. Let’s try to get along!!!!!!

    1. Agreed! Free speech is first amendment. There is a reason for that! I wish some people would stop being so offended by anything someone says that they don’t agree with. So stupid to pull ads as much as people watch Tucker’s show.

      1. Sorry but you’re too politically incorrect for the ultra liberals now running the Blue States. And like so many of you independent thinking types, you’ll get yours when “kiss me Kate” Joe Biden wins in November. Pelosi made sure of that by sending each Democrat and Dreamer, 3 ballots. After sleepy Joe is carried into the oval office on a stretcher, you’ll have to spend several weeks at the Democrat Party “Get Your Mind Right” Gulag, situated in Maxine Waters District location in South Central LA.

      1. Sorry, Tucker tells the truth. Can’t have that. What the left can’t debate they want your willing to giveup freedom of speech. What freedom is next

  3. What a coincidence, those companies donate to the terrorist organizations in this nation, and what another coincidence that we gave up T-Mobile b/c of its racism AT&T support of racist mainstream media and gave away all the predatory Walt Disney DVDs and Papa John’s is null and void b/c its founder has a racist mouth and had to step down as CEO of his own company – anyone supporting terrorist creations as Black Lives Matter and Antifa Fascism and Islamist Jihad is poison so those companies and several others deserve to be banned.
    As for banning – the same was done to Breitbart and it became even bigger and more antiTerrorist, and so will Tucker.

  4. Tucker Carlson is one of the few people who actually tells the truth and gives honest reporting. The mere fact that some advertisers have cut ties is because they have no backbone. I for one salute Tucker for his bravery and willingness to tell the truth and not water it down or lie just to pacify some sissyfied liberal leaning businesses. At least now we know which businesses not to buy from. “If you stand for nothing you’ll kneel for anything.”

      1. i heard that mypillow is going to sponsor him but haven’t seen it! good for them as it’s time to start defending fox news for telling the truth!

    1. You are sooo right! It seems most media think we either can’t handle the truth or have something to hide from it being told. I don’t which it is but I do know, its not about Black lives or else the protests would be continual. All those that die in Chicago are rarely mentioned and almost nothing about that precious little one sitting her room on her bed doing homework and shot in a drive by. Many of us wept for her and her family but no protest. Only heard the report once. We are being “conditioned or prepped” for coming events of some kind and most of us know it. We are not all ill informed or low information people. We are Americans and we can handle the Truth, just tell us…

      1. Yes. We are under attack by leftist Morons! When all freedoms are gone then we will realize what we have lost but it will be too late!

    2. I agree with you, Tucker has since I started watching and reading things he puts out there he is with out a doubt said what was true. I will boycott those businesses that drop the people because at least we can still find out what is really going on in our country and around the world. I am besides myself with how the other news groups are getting away with their lying to the American people in this attempted overthrow of our republic. They are using our own laws to do evil. It is a shame.

      1. I totally agree with you, other networks are bowing to Soros & the Socialist Elite to lie, brainwash, & get rid of any journalist that doesn’t agree with their agenda, then they have the nerve to twist everything around and call President Trump a Dictator???? They are trying so hard to unseat a Duly Elected President, get rid of the 1st Ammendment, rewrite the Constitution, destroy the Military ( General Flynn was threatened by FBI), destroy our Police( there are some bad). America as we know it as Biden in the White House would be ran by anarchism, Communist, anti-Government, civil unrest, we the People would be subject to no rights like in days of Hitler!! Wake the People up, look at History & One World Leaders and their demise!! I think Tucker, Hannity, Ingraham should start their own Network telling the People the Truth!!!

    3. Tucker is a freedom fighter. He fights for truth and freedom to speak the truth. Truly a brave American hero. GO TUCKER !!

    4. Totally agree. Tucker is the best for a straight forward newscast. Watch him every night. I think he is a hero. These advertisers that are pulling their support from him will lose a large number of customers. Support Tucker and “bye bye, Mike Sievert”!

  5. HORSEFEATHERS! It appears that college campuses are not the only places that require ‘safe rooms’. What a shame. Certainly no one needs to advertise with a program they are in dramatic disagreement with; but Tucker is the one being completely consistent here. Spineless CEO’s are shifting with the wind.

    1. Exactly right! You know, I’ve often been puzzled by one thing: liberals have their views flowing out of ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN, NPR and all manner of other outlets, We conservatives have Fox and yeah, some talk radio shows. Libs must REALLY listen to Fox and realize how right we are and they don’t want other citizens of America to hear them since Fox, you know, MAKES SO MUCH SENSE! So we HAVE to keep up the fight because libs will never be able to win the majority of America’s votes with their godless, socialist ideas and policies! Their only plan is to keep conservative voices out, as if we’re a country of one viewpoint! We conservatives can’t ever give up because once our beautiful USA lands in the hands of liberals, I feel that will truly be the end of freedom as we’ve known it since the foundation of the country! God bless America!

  6. I do not understand the consistent failure of so many Americans to comprehend plain English or see what is so evident. What Tucker Carlson said is (1) the rioting and well planned/funded protests are instruments used by specific people and groups – such as Antifa – that are trying to disrupt and have opportunistically jumped upon an event to do so. He is right, it is not about black lives and the people in control will happily destroy blacks along with everyone else in America if they get the chance just as readily as the Bolsheviks turned against the Mensheviks. That is the modus operandi of fascism. (2) “They,” meaning the operatives behind this, will not stop with these last actions, especially if they see enough people being fooled and not laying down the law. I only wish the executive at T Mobile would crack open a history book; these bean-counters will lose everything longterm if they don’t see the light.

    1. It’s sad that people deliberately misconstrue what conservatives say, then squawk “Racist!” anyone with half a brain could hear exactly what he meant.

  7. Ban everything Dusney and who the hell eats that processed garbage pizza from Papa Jackasses anyway?

  8. Yeah, and I just called Disney and T mobile that they will never see a dime of my money, and I plan to spread the word against them. Told them they were ***** and are sympathizing with a communist organization (BLM), and if they have their way. There will be no corporations like Disney and T mobile. We all must organize and take our country back from BLM, ANTIFA, and the racist and communist Democrat party.

  9. I agree with Diane above and Tucker. I understood what he was saying. The organization of Black Lives Matter is being used by the rioters and looters as cover for their organized chaos.

  10. The good and decent American citizens need to boycott all these evil and wicked demonic corporations, we can shut them down and return them to the good the companies they created as!

  11. What do I think? I think it doesn’t matter who Tucker was referring to. He’s being attacked for his generically conservative stance and attitude, which isn’t going to change, regardless of what specific wording is used. “Damn the torpedoes – full speed ahead!”

  12. Conservatives need to get together and act together. If certain people deem this to be accept behavior then maybe the likes of Don Lemon need to be treated the same way.

  13. Tucker Carlson is a commentator and is entitled to his opinion. I watch him all the time and everything he has said is true. This is what the left does not want you to know. Because of Tucker Carlson and a few others they cannot hide their duplicitous activities. This is why they try to get rid of him. Hannity and Laura Ingram are also targets. Their lies are uncovered and make it more difficult for them to fool the American people. What they are after is complete control of the country. The press and the Democrat Party are in their pocket.

  14. What a screwed up world we are living in…..I totally agree with Tucker Carlson. Those mult-trillion companies would not lose a single shining dime from what he says! Why aren’t Cuomo and Lemon being censored by the same companies?

    1. They should be but, of course, they are part and parcel of the democrat propaganda machine.

  15. Simple….everyone cut ties with them like I do. I certainly don’t need Disney or Papa John’s to live.

  16. Shame on these companies for knuckling under to these thugs. What kind of a country are we coming to when free speech is not allowed. If you say something these creeps do not like, they come after you. The right needs to get organized so they can also threaten, then the companies will know that if they end their sponsorship they will have issues with the other half of the country.

  17. Keep listing the cos that pull their ads and I will stop buying their products. I support Free Speech and Tucker.

  18. Disney hasn’t been prominent since Walt died. In fact, they embody everything that is wrong with the direction our country has taken for the past few decades. They’re anti-American, Commies and Anarchists who want to tear us down and not bring us up. Who needs them. Replace them with American advertisers.

  19. Truth is in danger. If the left can pressure companies into not advertising on a tv/radio program because they don’t like what they are hearing our first amendment rights are in jeopardy. I will continue to support Tucker Carlson and any other person who speaks the truth.

  20. Disney, from being a reliable family-friendly producer, has become an obviously unwholesome influence. If I were a media guy I wouldn’t accept them as advertisers. My own experience with T-Mobile is such that I would not recommend them. Too bad about Papa John’s, though. They make good pizza, and I think they’ll lose customers because of this decision.

    Someone whom I should remember, but don’t, recently pointed out that the new definition of “hate speech” is “stating facts.” I wish we would all just grow up, but that is a difficult process and too many in our age prefer not to undergo it.

  21. I wouldn’t have anything Disney in my house. Disney I guess doesn’t realize boycotts can work both ways.

  22. Since when did expressing an honest OPINION become a CRIME in the USA??? Especially for a POLITICAL commentator?? This is like the disgusting condemnation of an essay published in the NY Times by a Republican Senator. And then they went NUTS that they actually let him speak his mind!!! They can boycott Tucker but I hope that FOX has the spine to stand up to them. For my part, I am keeping a list of companies supporting Black Lives Matter, and I will not be shopping there again. Starbucks and Timberland on that list. A LEGITIMATE exchange of opinion about race should NOT include lawless burning, rioting and molotov cocktails. Groups that support THAT sort of behavior, which endangers innocent people and the whole nation, should be put down. Supporting Black rights is NOT the same as supporting a group like Black Lives Matter.

  23. Obama said he wanted to “fundamentally transform” America!

    Good work “bath house boy”, we are all now limp wristed little ice cubes, afraid of our own shadows.

  24. If you people really want to do something about this do it with your pocketbook. Do NOT patronize Disney (parks or movies or anything else they control), change from T-Mobile to Patriot Mobile or some other carrier, and get rid of any other of the corporate morons that think they can bend the publics will politically.

  25. I will watch Tucker Carlson even if no one wants to advertise on his show.
    Who cares. I for one do not want to watch their monotonous dribble. I
    will buy what I want and am not interested in listening. The cowardly boobs
    that are minding the Left are not anyone I want to deal with anyway. I will
    buy from those who are for this country and Democracy and not Communism
    and Liberal Progressive garbage which is the same thing.

  26. Advertisers want to play the game, how about “we the people “ cancel all business with them. Stop buying their products, I know I will!!!

  27. For these advertisers (corporations) it is all about the money, they are both unethical and immoral. You can bet if the pendulum swings the other way they will be the first to support that position. In essence these companies are the modern Judases trading their reputation for a handful of gold.

  28. Freedom of speech and opinion have died in our country……… sad. Tucker does speak the truth and apparently that is not allowed in the media. One must agree with the left or face the consequences. It appalls me to see how so many people and companies give into their threats. Have they no backbone to stand for right, truth and our country?

  29. Tucker Carlson is old school journalism where he reports facts and is not afraid of the truth. The reason why journalists like him are so rare is shown by the reaction of these advertisers. If you are not politically correct or not toeing the Progressive line, you will be viciously attacked by the left. I totally agree with the comments on boycotting these advertisers and put total support behind courageous journalists such as Tucker Carlson.

  30. Tucker is one of only a few to have the courage to speak the truth about what is really going on these days. If Fox turns him out, I’ll be gone too and I’ve been a fax viewer for years. If he left Newsmax would snap him up in a minute!

  31. It’s good to see all the above true patriots who look for truth, not lies. Individuals must say no to these heavy handed thugs and be willing to protest with their pocketbooks. I’ve boycotted Disney over 30 years now. They are rotten to the core. We are with you Tucker. How tragic there seems to be so few exceptional men.

  32. Yet another good reason NOT to go with T-Mobile or ever step foot on any Disney property. Print a list of the other left advertisers so we know who NOT to give our hard-earned money to.

  33. People with children, boycott Disney (they rob you of your money anyway with outrageous prices). They are a company and companies should not be involved in politics. Disney caters to the minority not the majority of people. Show them who counts (majority).

  34. Fox is the long time premier news network and virtually the only one which delivers the TRUTH!!! It is BECAUSE they so popularly deliver the truth that knee-jerk companies are forever trying to let liberals intimidate them into intimidating Fox. They usually return their sponsorship later, when the liberal liars have cooled down.
    I think Fox might be able stop this action at the first stage of the contract with these companies by writing in advance in the contract that if they withdraw their support at any stage that that is fine, BUT if they later decide to advertise on Fox that, in addition to the cost for Fox to reinstate them, THEY MUST AGREE TO THAT COST PLUS SOME PERCENTAGE INCREASE (10 %?) IN THE COST FOR FOX TO REINSTATE THEIR ADVERTISING!!! They could also add these costs onto whatever cost a NEW sponsor would have to pay at that time for a new advertisement on Fox. This might CAUSE these unreliable advertisers to think twice before they go to suddenly withdrawing their support just because the liberals think they should. Instead of advertising to all that they are withdrawing their sponsorship, they can instead just KEEP QUIET instead of shooting themselves in the foot!!! When the liberals find their complaints are fruitless, they will themselves keep quiet too.

  35. He is right of course, the riots have nothing to do with “black lives matter”. It’s an excuse to loot and rob and to divert attention from the real problems that afflict African Americans.

  36. Make sure all you supporters of TC spread the word and get out to vote in NOVEMBER, i see a lot of positive here and the more people realize the democraps have a communist agenda the more we need to get out in November to vote!!! OUR COUNTRY will take a big shit if Biden gets in the White House or if the democraps take the senate, we also need to take the house back as well, you’ve seen what the democraps have and can’t accomplish!!! TRUMP 2020!!!

  37. Fix their butts. Never buy anything that has to do with these companies. They are criminals taking away our rights to FREE SPEECH! Hitting the wallet will do it because they are greedy no good creeps!!!

  38. Let God and Truth reign over America. Any advertiser who would attempt to disenfranchise Tucker Carlson from his right to speak the truth is not worthy of the American people’s support. Let us all take a stand against these spineless CEO’s who place profits ahead of integrity.

  39. Amen to all the pro Tucker comments. I join you in boycotting these spineless CEO’s of these companies… They are just as fake as the fake news networks out there… Wait until November rolls around and see what they have to say… MAGA and KAGA…

  40. It is incomprehensible that companies living off freedom in society are rallying around rabid socialism. They are cutting off their own feet.
    Populism at its most ugly.
    Let all right-minded people of decency boycot these companies supporting red fascism. BLM and Antifa has nothing to do with civil rights or equality. They are combat organizations against the free western world wanting to seize power to install socialism with all its ugly facets: censoring, stifling opposition, oppression, institutionalized lying, book-burning, violence and in the end always genocide. Socialism killed 120 million humans to date and still companies rally to support it.

  41. TRUMP 2020…2024. Democrats for long prison terms along with all other traitors! No more permits to protest in the street. The streets belong to all the tax payers, not just a few hoodlums and ignorant city officials. Let them use the sidewalks. The streets are for automobiles, trucks, etc. Lets take back our streets. These bums do not own any of them!

  42. Soooo, when are the same lame (agenda-laden) sponsors going to get after chris (the liar) wallace? My guess….never. Compare the two analysts’ positions on DJT. Tucker supports most of POTUS’S efforts to lead, with healthy, occasional critiques. Wallace…just playing the compromised talking head, just like his dad. Must be auditioning for cnn…msnbc…etc.

  43. I’d like to add…if these weak, spineless, Lilly-livered sponsors succeed in pressuring Fox into cancelling TC, I for one, will forever stop watching all other news analysts on Fox. I don’t care who they are…I will not watch Fox. There are other resources for truth out there. I encourage others to do the same to make them feel it.

  44. I try to never miss, and I always enjoy the refreshingly genuine monologue of Tucker Carlson. Thank you, Tucker, for giving 100% every night.

  45. Support free speech. Companies now feel that they control our media. Best thing we can do is boycott the boycotters. The biggest loser will be Disney who if you look it up has become very large and now feels that they can dictate free speech. I will not support TV programs, movies , theme parks and merchants as a starter and have now emailed as many as I can in a chain letter. Let yourself be heard .

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