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Alexandria, Virginia, in many ways, typifies the best features of Washington, D.C.’s inner-ring suburbs. The city of 150,000 is cultured yet quaint, and unlike Washington isn’t filled to the brim with narcissistic psychopaths.

Despite that and concessions made by the Alexandria Police following the George Floyd video, the liberals running Alexandria aren’t satisfied and have now established a “Community Police Review Board.”

Townhall’s Marina Medvin explains:

For reference, the City of Alexandria is not otherwise entangled in the “racist policing” narrative. In fact, they were praised just days ago by Democrats for their reserved approach to a Black active shooter, who Alexandria officers were able to tactfully arrest without returning fire. Delegate Mark Levine described the scene in a public Facebook post (which he has since deleted, but not to worry, we have a screenshot): “[A] mentally disturbed woman shot at police, at her neighbors, through the walls of her apartment, and out the window. The Alexandria Police Department showed tremendous restraint. They did NOT shoot back.” Levine described Alexandria Police actions as “a perfect example” of “quality, competent, professional policing.” He declared that he was “proud to live in a city so well served by police.” Other local Democrats shared the post. It’s now gone. Maybe because it argues against the need for a “Community Police Review Board.”

Alexandria’s atrociously leftist City Council signed a mind-bogglingly racist BLM poster as their resolution to enact the “Community Police Review Board.” The purpose of this review board is for citizens to have independent authority to review and investigate police misconduct; to make prosecution decisions. Mind you, Virginia already has prosecutors and grand juries to decide on such matters, and Alexandria already utilizes a Human Rights Commission.

Politically polarizing proclamations include: 

“use of force by law enforcement to suppress the protestors’ right to assemble peaceably” – a leftist distortion that purposefully conflates the use of force to disband criminals and looters with regular protestors 

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    1. If all male police officers voluntarily underwent castration, and the only weapons they were allowed were nerf-bats, it still wouldn’t be enough for the “leave our criminals alone” gaggle.

  2. When was the last time liberals were satisfied with ANYTHING? They think they are perfect and all-knowing and therefore should control everyone else.

  3. I’m going to say the same thing almost everyone has said, when you give a leftist what they want they will ask for more and more. And it won’t stop till they leave this earth. They can’t be satisfied. Don’t even give them time to demand anything.

  4. At what point in a confrontation with a perp will a LEO be allowed to take forceful action? When the perp threatens someone’s property? When he destroys someone’s property? When he threatens someone’s life? When he TAKES someone’s life? When the LEO is personally attacked?

    I had a mentor who had a “3 steps to the gutter” approach…You ask someone to stop; you tell them to stop; you force them to stop. In the case of violent crime, it’s automatically step 3.

  5. Who owns our streets, bridges, and highways? It is us ALL US taxpayers. We paid to build and maintaining them. They were built to provide motorist, truck drivers, bus drivers and anyone who has a legal vehicle. Let protestors, and demonstrators, use the side walks, and road sides. If they block the roads, then sue the city, or state, for denying motorist the use of what they have paid for. Protestors should use the ballot boxes to voice their displeasure, not streets that were paid for by the public, not a handful of obstructionist!

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