Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America via Wikimedia Commons

Britain’s Brexit leader Nigel Farage has “resigned” from his LBC radio show effective immediately. Farage has been an ardent supporter of President Donald Trump since day one of his administration.

Reports indicate that Farage learned of his so-called resignation through LBC’s social media posts. (Mediaite)

Though LBC did not reveal the reason for his departure, Sky News reported that LBC has come under fire for their employment of Farage, given his criticism of Black Lives Matter and the destruction of statues by George Floyd protesters.

After clashing with Good Morning Britain’s Piers Morgan over Black Lives Matter this week, Farage declared, “Black Lives Matter is a far left Marxist organisation that wants to abolish the police and dismantle capitalism. That won’t change just because 4 other panelists tried to shout down the truth on GMB this morning.”

The Guardian also reported that “sources at the station pointed to internal fury over his comments earlier this week comparing protestors who destroyed the statue of Edward Colston in Bristol to the ‘taliban’.”

Farage’s LBC colleague James O’Brien appeared to celebrate the resignation on Thursday, tweeting, “We got our station back.”

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2 years ago

Trump has supporters with lots and lots of money who would support a Nigel venue.

A. D Roberts
2 years ago
Reply to  Sirdirkfan

I take Farage over Piers Morgan, the idiot, any day

2 years ago

So…..snowflakes are not a U.S. phenomenon. Brits can’t handle the truth either. I fully suspect that somewhere this is a platform looking to fill an hour time slot, so Farage can resume his foray with the truth. Best of luck, Nigel!

2 years ago
Reply to  Nastazi

“Sociialism” the root of all evil laziness and #1 step to a dictator regime that destroys Liberty, Freedom and Rights ! Every dictated nation in the world is historical proof of human stupidity !