It’s one thing to send money to the Middle East in an effort to prevent homosexual people from being thrown off of roofs, but it’s another to dump money into Equidor to fund drag shows. House Republicans are demanding answers from the State Department due to a decision made by the Biden administration in September to send money to Ecuador to fund 13 drag shows, along with three workshops.

The move is being criticized as misusing taxpayer money, and also many believe it’s an attempt to push a woke, and overall degenerate and unpopular western culture onto parts of the world that are more traditional.

Fox News Reports:

Biggs and nearly a dozen other GOP lawmakers sent a letter Thursday to Secretary of State Antony Blinken requesting information about the decision behind the grant. Republicans are also eager to learn if the State Department is funding other drag performances with taxpayer money.

“Promoting the radical Left’s woke ideology is not an appropriate use of taxpayer dollars and promoting drag does not relate in any way to the objective above,” the letter said. “Instead of funding drag theater programs, your department should focus its limited resources on advancing America’s national interests, not the left’s agenda.”

Fox News was the first to report on the grant earlier this month. The State Department has defended its decision to issue the nearly $21,000 appropriation, saying the program is strategic to ensure “diversity, inclusion and representation to equity and accessibility” in Ecuador.

“Recent data suggest an alarming and deadly rise in violence against LGBTQI+ persons in Ecuador,” said a department spokesperson. “The program will advance key U.S. values of diversity and the inclusion of LGBTQI+ communities as well as promote the acceptance of communities that are disproportionately affected by violence.”

While the stats are claimed to show a rise in LGBTQ violence, the Biden administration is picking and choosing which issues they are going to step in and help. They’d rather create a gay culture in South America than support Uyghurs in China, or any other group facing a serious systemic issue.

20,000 of taxpayer money is a minuscule, and almost forgettable amount of money. However, the issue speaks to the Biden administration’s goals and how they would like to influence others with their power. Of course, were all taught that if you change other’s cultures it’s called a plethora of things, depending on what you’re spreading it can be considered gentrification or colonizing, and so on, but if you’re attempting to spread Western LGBTQ ideology, then it’s somehow considered a good thing.


    1. Mecca? Dubai? The Mozlems would throw them off the top of the nearest building.
      Well, there’s a thought. Let’s pack up the Queers and ship them off to the Middle East. I’m sure they’ll all enjoy having their butts reamed before they die.

  1. The progression of questionable behavior by our progressive democrats. Democrats liberal ideas to help keep the we the people in solidarity of divisiveness!!

  2. How is this even possible??? We have thousands of American citizens in need of assistance with various social problems here. Money spent to educate the rest of the world on the needs of one percent of their population is beyond ridiculous. It’s our money, not the government’s, and it should be spent to help our citizens.

  3. Bad Move, Equador should handle their own “Mental Problems” American Taxpayers expecting 87,000 “ARMED IRS” agents to audit their tax returns should not have to fund foreign country’s “Mental Imbalances” such as “Psychologically Challenged Alleged” Men Dressing in Women’s Costumes and wearing makeup performing Theatrically for reasons unknown other than “Self Gratification, Child Indoctrination, Transgender Recruitment” or any other Mentally Challenged Reasoning for their behavior!

  4. If someone is “gay”, that’s one thing. But, this drag queen business is nothing but pure degeneracy. Biden’s financial support for public displays of such degeneracy is proof positive that he is himself degenerate.
    Everything the Demon-crats are promoting is leading to a terrible backlash…

  5. Donald Trump will be remembered as the worst president in American history. His legacy includes: overseeing the most corrupt administration in American history; enabling the grandest handover of policy making to corporations of all time; exhibiting the most overt and vicious racism and anti-immigrant xenophobia of any administration in modern times. It is no surprise he was a rare one-term President.

  6. Terrible, people using USA tax money to promote sin in the world. That is not what a praying person does. And most likely without the tax payers consent.

  7. If Ecuadorians don’t want to support these people, leave them alone. It’s their country, not ours! Plus, this money should be used in our country!

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