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The ever-persistent Tucker Carlson raised important and as of yet unresolved questions about the declassified Obama-era unmasking memo, claiming that “relevant information” to the scandal remains missing, information that could potentially lead to criminal charges.

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Carlson floated the idea that the fact such information wasn’t present could signal that undisclosed evidence will be presented to a grand jury to consider charges of prosecutorial misconduct. (RedState)

Carlson did give a caveat, explaining, “We don’t know that’s true, we certainly hope it is.”

Sixteen Obama-era officials submitted unmasking requests related to Lt. Gen. Flynn for the period spanning the 2016 election up until President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The list of names was a part of a memo that GOP senators released on Wednesday. The identities of those who made the requests are not yet known. Some of the sections on the list have been redacted.

Between January and February of 2017, unknown entities leaked classified information pertaining to Flynn’s interactions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. The sources of the leaks have not yet been publicly revealed.

U.S. Attorney John Durham, who was appointed by Attorney General William Barr to investigate the origin of the Russia collusion probe, is looking into the Flynn unmaskings and the leaks that followed. Durham’s investigation has been a criminal matter since October of last year, and it is expected that his probe will yield at least some indictments. If Carlson’s suspicions are accurate, it’s possible that Durham might be targeting the individuals responsible for the unmasking and leaks.

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If Carlson’s suspicions come to fruition, it would be the clearest indicator thus far that Durham’s investigation will lead to criminal charges. What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. The left is showing it’s communist positions, and desire to destroy our freedoms. Well keep it up leftists, and you will face the LOYAL: Marines, Army, Navy, Airforce, National Guard, and Police. Give it a try demoncrats, you will be finished in less than five days. The rest of the deplorables will clean up and be back in business in a week.

    1. IF our military, the UN and NATO was shooting at Christian forces (to help the moooooslimes) in Bosnia during the Clinton administration, who do you think they will be opposing when the SHTF in socialist Amerika ? You think they will be against the communist in government ? or will they support the fight for freedom and less abuse in this evil empire ? wise up man !

      1. Take a lesson from our own civil war; The best and most experienced divided pretty equally between both sides.

        1. Look at history.
          Hillary was guillty with the email server. She is not in jail
          Bill was guilty of raping many women. He is not in jail.
          Braizell was guilty of giving the questions to Hillary. She is not in jail
          Ford is guilty of lying about Kavanaugh. She is not in jail
          Comey is guilty of a great many things, including NOT prosecuting Hillary. He is not in jail
          McCabe is guilty of criminal actions in the FISA warrants. He is not in jail.
          So was Strozyk.
          So why do you think anything will come of this?
          Sessions would not do it. Neither would Yates.

        2. We could not get Pete Sessions to file charges against Hillary.
          We can’t get Barr to file charges against Comey, Mueller, Strozk, McCabe etc.
          We can’t get the media to admit that the impeachment farce was the worst fake claims in our entire history.
          We can’t even get Chris Wallace removed from his position as chief hater of Trump.

      2. Get your networks up and running. When “they” come for your guns, “they” won’t be your Sheriff and Police neighbors. “They” will be from some island, who don’t give a rat’s ass about you and your family. Just sayin’

      3. In depth polls clearly evidence that military and law enforcement overwhelmingly stand with the Constitution.

        Of course there will be exceptions, just as there are in any segment of the population. However, those will be few and likely to cave to superior forces.

        This is not the North v South of 1861. This is America v Socialism/Communism. That’s a big difference in reasons to fight. Look at VA, for example where 99.9% of the state openly rejects the legislature and governor. Look at every state where the people practice civil disobedience over 2A, covid lock downs, etc.

      4. We can hope for criminal charges. We can hope for justice against Obama, Hillary and the Democrats like Schitt, Pelosi, Schumer.
        But right now, the FIRST thing that has to happen is our nation MUST obey II Chronicles 7:14. Otherwise, the wicked will continue to hold power.

      5. I presume they attacked whomever the president and his administration dictated them to attack; and in this case you presented, that commie Clinton.

  2. If I understand the meaning of “un-masking” it is the act of disclosing who a CIA or FBI
    target was talking to when that person was a US citizen who, under our constitution, is
    exempt from being spied on unless there is a court order rising out of evidence that there
    is something unlawful going on. It seems, clear in hind sight, that what Flynn was doing
    did not rise to the level to warrant his un-masking. What is not clearly communicated
    to the public is why there were so many of these un-maskings? Was Gen. Flynn on the
    phone with this Russian ambassador that many times or were each of these people interested in what was going on in the one call we know about? There must have been some very good jokes being exchanged for that call to generate so much interest! All joking aside,
    what was said in that call that arose so much interest? What was Biden hoping to learn in
    his un-masking request? He should be asked quickly before he forgets as he seems to do
    more and more frequently these days.

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  4. I pray to God that the Globalists are taken down! This is including Soros, Obama, Clinton’s, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Strozk, Paige, Pelosi……
    and on and on

    1. Believe it or not, the Bush cabal is NWO too. G.H.W. Bush was F.B.I. director.
      Brennan???….””Brennan called his support of the Communist Party a mere “indiscretion,” and reminded his audience that the Constitution grants free speech.”
      We all know about the pestilence that is the rest of those listed.

    2. I agree with you. Please vote to get all of the democrats out of office . I’m not saying vote Republican but vote or write in a candidate that will send a democrat home.

      1. America was not founded by playing patty cake with tyrants, nor will the republic be restored in like fashion. IF you want your country and freedom back, We the People will need to buy a bunch of backbones….fast. expend a bunch of ammo

  5. When Obama had all his “papers & documents” sealed during his election process, everyone should have taken note of just what he was concealing. If his life was such a dark secret, why would we want that type of person running our country. Where did he really come from ? Just who’s puppet was he? No vetting allowed Obama to be the sly bastard he always was, and backed by the other sly bastard Soros. Both men w/o a country to call their own.

    1. Only a un-American tyrant would seal his records. And the so called free press are guilty of supporting a tyrant.

  6. I would hope the same. However, you can be sure that Bath House Barry will skate just like he always has…..No one has the guts to try him for treason….

    1. No one wants to be labeled a coward or racist which is exactly
      what will happen if they attack or “out” Biden. Of course the same thing would happen if a white person were in this predicament. Sure, yea, without a doubt, positively, of course,
      etc. etc, etc.

  7. We already know that Obama and Biden were both DIRTY and used a political arm of the government(for you to stupid to know what that is)FBI, CIA and the Justice Dept to go after a political opponent that the american people elected and the FBI, CIA AND THE JUSTICE DEPT did not LIKE!!This stinks all the way to the top with Obama and Biden, just read the testimony of Sally Yates. People need to fry, this was nothing more then a coup against american democracy to put Hillary Clinton in the White House. They are all RUSSIAN ASSETS….WE NEED TO INVESTIGATE EVERY UN MASKER AND PROSECUTE THEM.

  8. Wouldn’t you love to see a copy of the transcripts of the telephone conversations between Flynn and the Russian? What did they talk about that was so damaging? Or was it about the sorry ass Mets, the NFL, and the best DC bars for hot chicks

    1. The reason the Flynn/Kislyak phone transcripts haven’t been released is that they are innocent of any collusion, conspiracy or cooperation. The FBI has a long record under Comey, and now McCabe, of concealing exculptory information.

      This information WILL eventually be released – hopefully in time to convict the coup planners Brennan, Comey, McCabe, Clapper, Strzok, Rosenstein, Page, Schiff, Nadler, Pelosi, Lerner (IRS), Holder, and Lynch.

  9. They cannot beat God/Jesus. Read the Bible and see what power God gave those he chosen. Trump will win 2020 because pray will win over money in this case!!!

  10. Unfortunately, these former Obama henchmen will never see the inside of a jail. That’s ok !
    It would be a cakewalk for them. However, conficating their wealth, licenses and anything of value may set an example to those who continue to with this behavior to think twice.

    1. a republic would hang them. An evil empire would make them heroes, like Marxist Luther King, Rosa Parks, Bill Clinton and other socialist deviants…even a communist N1663R from Kenya

      1. Hey Tim, check your DNA. You’ll probably find that your mom and gramma didn’t think or feel the same way.



  12. Y’all know that ain’t nuthin gonna happen to any Obama Clinton Cabal member no matter what is discovered as long as Bush Boy Barr is Attorney General. He’s not about to prosecute any of his pals involved in this coup.
    Bush Boy Barr is one of them. He’s done nothing but protect these traitors.

  13. The liberal judge that is holding things up probably should be thanked. The more he obstructs the more information comes out about their framing plan. Getting caught again in their own web! God is good.

  14. While I would like to believe that those elected to positions of trust, the corrupt FBI, and the underlings used would be held accountable for their abuse of power, I doubt it will ever happen! Seriously, as long as Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer, and others are still in positions of power, it shows the Elites & Deep State are still in control!

  15. I just want to say that I live in Michigan and we are being punished for voting for Pres.Trump…They won’t let people go back to work…!!! Not only that..when Dumbo Obama was pres.He had Congress give him a whole bunch of Visa’s only for Muslums to come into Michigan..Wis….Min…We are Loaded with them…!!!! WHY…Those 4 Women in Congress are from these States…They took over Detroit and made it there own City…I’m sick of this..Take them to Obama House….!!!!

  16. My thoughts on the attempted ‘soft coup’ of President Donald Trump, a.k.a. “Spy Gate”, a.k.a. “Obama Gate”;
    Indict, Try, Convict, Sentence, ………and ‘Hang ’em High’!

  17. I tried to not believe the Obama administration was actually corrupt. I hoped they simply had an unrealistic world view that allowed them to govern through bureaucrats. I knew that Obama looked with disdain at both the military and the private sector. I also knew that Obama was the first POTUS to not a respect accepted presidential norms. I was saddened to find out that their petty vendetta allowed them to weaponize the top layer of the Federal Government to destroy their perceived political enemies.

  18. The President of the United States is legally allowed to invoke Article III, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution, aka: “The Insurrection Act” procuring a suitable recourse for prosecuting treasonous acts against the Republic and which would enable him “to put down Lawlessness, Insurrection, Rebellion and Coup.” It’s high time it be put into use!

  19. All I can say is that if nothing is done with these treasonous fools, it will never stop. If they get away with these crimes, we can expect that they will do even worse things because they will all think they are untouchable. No, they HAVE to be prosecuted, convicted and jailed lest we repeat what we’ve been through again and again!

  20. Tucker is absolutely correct. The truth must be brought to light. There are just too many incidental issues that remain murky and unexplained. People including the past President must be made accountable for their decisions in going after the innocent. This is not their world to do as they wish, this is our world and we’ll do with them as we wish.

  21. The document that Tucker Carlson is referring to, is not missing….I would bet that it’s in the possession of Atty. Gen. Durham who has reviewed it and is preparing criminal charges to be brought against Obama and his ilk who participated in the illegal persecution of Gen. Flynn. I hope that Durham throws the book at these low-life liars!

  22. Someone leaked the name of General Flynn to the press, since this was a part of a Classified Document that name, even though “Unmasked” is still considered Secret. If the newspaper will not reveil who leaked the information to them then they should be charged with unauthorised use of Classified Material. I woudl be willing ot bet that when facing jail time they will be more than happy to reveil who leaked the information to them. This has NOTHING to do with Freedom of the Press or Free Speech. This is a matter of people who were NOT authorized to have this Classified Information, the newspaper and then revealing that information to the general public. Whoever leaked this information should be procuted to the full extent of the law.

  23. For justice to be served, commiebama and the rest of the treacherous cabal criminals should be executed for their crimes against the constitution and the American citizens, but the second largest criminal organization in the world (FBI & DOJ) is so corrupt they will never see justice until they face God!

  24. In today’s Modern Society, there are people who will go out and smack the garden raiding rabbit with a shovel…and those who will not. It’s just a fact of life. The people who smack the rabbit with the shovel have what they need inside of them to defend the Republic. Most of the others do not. Some can learn what is necessary at varying rates and usually with limitations … but the “Modern Minuteman” is already locked and loaded.

  25. I don’t know what good it does to out these anti-america Democrats, while Barr & others are telling us no one is going to be prosecuted. This will change nothing. Brennan, Comey & all the others will continue going on TV LYING about President Trump. I thought Barr was going to be someone who would actually PROSECUTE these liars…they commited crimes, in any other countries they would be tried for TREASON. What is wrong with our Republican leadership???
    Democrats are continually persecuting President Trump and they would vote to have him placed in prison for the rest of his life. BARR YOU ARE FAILING THE RULE OF LAW!

  26. Nothing will come of it. If anyone is prosecuted it won’t be the big boys……Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Rice, Biden, Obama. They will all skate, just like Hillary. Bill Barr is part of the deep state, way back to the Bush days. Sadly only a couple of minions will be prosecuted and the rest will get off Scott free. Rule of law only works for the left.

  27. Should be obvious to everyone by now that none of this matters a hill of beans since the top Democrats are totally immune from prosecution per King George Soros who actually runs this country I believe. So why worry?????

  28. It’s clear to any thinking American that bob orchestrated the entire plot to rid the USA of Trump, and smack down Flynn because he disagreed with him on the Iraqi pull-out. Which turned out Flynn was right. Isis was born out of the entire mess. It goes no deeper than that, folks. Bob is a whiny, spineless, sore loser. Unfortunately, politicians NEVER go to jail…where the majority belong. Don’t hold your breath..he did it, he isn’t worried, and he’d do it again in a heart-beat. MAGA

  29. There most likely,wont be any indictments of anyone, because the FBI, DOJ,CIA,NSA are all as corrupt as the the people that hired them, like Obama, Bush, Clinton, Eric Holder!! There intent
    Is to tear down the USA! Who is going to investigatethem?, who is going to prosecute them?, who is going to defend them? They are all in this together? Doesn’t look good for Justice in America!

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