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Given San Fransico’s proclivity for anarchy, the election of District Attorney Chesa Boudin last November shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

Yet, somehow, the George Soros-backed DA still finds ways to shock those living outside the City by the Bay’s insular liberal bubble.

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Boudin wants his father, a convicted felon, released from prison due to the significant transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the federal prison system.

However, Boudin’s father, David Gilbert, is a convicted murderer and a former member of the Weather Underground.

Per the Daily Caller:

Gilbert and Boudin’s mother, Kathy Boudin, were convicted of murder in 1983 for serving as getaway drivers during a bank robbery that left three people dead at the hands of their co-conspirators.

Both of Boudin’s parents were members of the Weather Underground, a far-left domestic terrorist group responsible for a series of bombings and other violent crimes at the end of the 1960s and into the 1970s. With his parents in jail, Boudin was raised by their Weather Underground colleagues.

Boudin said his decision to clear out San Francisco’s jails during the coronavirus pandemic was motivated by his father’s circumstances.

“In mid-March, I started emptying out our city and county jail because those living and working there face a grave risk of falling ill, dying and spreading COVID-19. My sense of urgency about this issue is professional, and it’s also personal: My 75-year-old father lives in a prison cell,” Boudin wrote in a Los Angeles Times op-ed on Wednesday. 

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  1. Time for SF to recall another anarchist, if they don’t want to keep their title of “useful idiots”

  2. Talk and voting are not the answer to dealing with the liberal dem bloodsucking parasitical ticks. Civil war is the nly answer

  3. My 75-year-old father lives in a prison cell,” Boudin wrote

    As he should be, he’s a POS murderer. End of story. If you want him released, fine, release him to the electric chair. Problem solved!

      1. Who voted for this disgusting communist to be San Francisco’s next worthless district attorney? This bastard follows a long line of idiots running this one time great city into the ground and sadly the new moniker it’s gotten ‘the new ‘doo doo’ capital of the USA fits to a T. As a resident of San Francisco, it pisses me off how the people here can be so stupid and clueless to vote for this clown.

        1. He got in by help from Soros rigged polling system, this clown was able to get dumb people to vote for him. Sure this city along with the rest of the state will get worse since cancer is running it

      2. Look at what Boudin is saying. He will free criminals to prevent them from being exposed to POSSIBLE sickness from corona. Then these sure fired criminals will go out and commit FATAL crimes against the good and honest citizens of the country.
        The Bible predicted this. In the last days, they will call good bad and will call bad good. And yes, his father caused the deaths of others. But this piece of slime cares not for the innocent. Only for the guilty

    1. His father should have been gone period for murder, that way he wouldn’t have to worry about his father catching the virus

    2. SOROS is in full force, buying judges, an ex **** who killed thousands and keeps on going.
      Boudin’s father needs to pay for his crimes, look at that family’s background! How can anyone have voted this sick minded creep as a judge.

  4. How about you put the so called attorney general who wants his father out should join him back in jail where he belongs. While at it all that garbage on the ground put it in his house since he likes garbage loose

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  6. “In mid-March, I started emptying out our city and county jail because those living and working there face a grave risk of falling ill, dying and spreading COVID-19.”

    Pray tell how someone incarcerated spreads the virus?

    1. Maybe he can give it to the idiot son when he goes to visit daddy.Only on the East coast and West will they elect a comunist attorny general.Another reason for a mandatory abortion for some idiots.

      1. That would be awesome he did that when he goes to give him a huge and then he brings it back to wear he works. Getting rid of three birds with one stone

    2. They don’t , this is nothing but a bullshit bate and switch con job ment to keep you occupied consenting on one bunch of shit, while pulling some other kind of bullshit behind your back !
      Watch your backs!!!!!
      Cause you can NEVER TRUST A DEMOCRAT………………….EVER!!!!!

  7. Your father ROBBED AND helped MURDER several people using the pathetic excuse he was trying to help the oppressed. BULL S–T you parents were just thriving THUGS that enjoyed robbing and killing for their own greedy needs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I hope that some of those poor, poor murderers don’t kill that lone intelligent, hard working, loyal, patriotic Conservative there. So the feces dancers in Frisco actually elected this worm? You’d have thought that Oboner or Mr. Cankles had appointed him.

  9. These Democrat DAs are doing this all over the country. Obviously, they are ALL favorites of the George Soros PACs. The new Houston DA got $500,000 from a Soros PAC. And they all came out of nowhere and were swept into power in the last mid-term election. Can somebody find the email telling them all to start emptying the jails to make room for those not wearing masks? That whistle blower would be a real hero.

  10. As I have posted many times, every day someone from the city of San Francisco says or does something that proves that not all the nuts in California are on trees.

    1. The answer to your question is George Soros. He has been planting DAs all over the country. Needs to be stopped.

  11. Of course they want under on condition San Fran DA takes him to his house if he escapes DA go to prison for him for the rest of his life.

  12. Was this jerks daddy involved in the same crimes as fellow weather underground members in good standing and Obunghole’s good friend whose living room he launched his state senate campaign in, Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn? If so, the murderous bastard needs at least two life sentences to serve consecutively.

  13. This murderer must never get set free. I hope he will contract COVID-19 it would be justice served if he dies from it. George Soros should contract it as well.

  14. Ever hear of Conflict of Interest Boudin? I believe you lefties refer to it as “executive privilege”.

  15. The Weather group was a bunch of college losers who could only get next to girls was to become the coward sissy bit(#es they are. Back shooters using boobie traps to murder ,didn’t have the stones to go face to face with victims. Angela Doreen was a friend and supporter of Obama . The women of the group were butt ugly masculine killers more stones than the boys of the group. Soros is a parasite he buys scum to do his bidding. He especially likes Georgia left wing low IQ politicians.

  16. I don’t see the problem – – -All they need to do is put Daddy in Solitary, and he’s protected from the evil virus; he can spend the rest of his life virus-free.

  17. s a college student during the period of time this man’s evil degenerate parents were committing their heinous crimes I remember them well. The weathermen were the most militant members of the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society). My opinion of these evil miscreants is they should have all been given a swift and fair trial and then shot by firing squad. This man and his ideas would go hand in hand with Soros and his warped politics.

  18. I understand that both Soros and Fuchi contributed to the virus lab in China. Is there any information on whether they played a part in releasing the Coronavirus?

  19. Anything pushed by George Soros,or any one of his minions, needs to be done exactly opposite of what they seek.

  20. Maybe if Chesa Boudin’s father had not assisted in killing people, then Chesa Boudin’s father would not be in jail. Jail seems where a murderer belongs.

  21. This is one reason, and a strong one, why muederers should be promptly executed… so that this sort of sh*t doesn’t resurface decades later. Those who willfully take a life should never be free to live one of their own.

  22. He may be 75 years old, but he surely will be burning in Hell, and there ain’t nothing his POS DA son can do about it.

  23. “Never let a good crisis go to waste”, said the filthy Eric Holder to the filthy Barry Soetero. WHO VOTES FOR THESE CROOKS?

  24. My suggestion to San Francisco is allow the felon to go free. Put his son District Attorney Chesa Boudin the man who so badly wants David Gilbert freed, into jail, in his father’s place. Problem solved. I believe in equity, tit for tat.

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