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The public is finally getting to see the testimony of Obama administration officials who lied either under oath or as guests on liberal media outlets to keep the “Trump and his campaign colluded with Moscow” innuendo alive admitting under oath that they are, well, liars.

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Much of the testimony the House Intelligence Committee was finally forced to cough up last week is boring, but it also contains priceless nuggets for anyone willing to plow through the hours-long interviews of fifty-three witnesses that testified before the committee in closed session as Committee Chair Adam Schiff searched for the evidence he had claimed he already had when the hearings began.

Among the witnesses was former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper who had claimed time and again that he had seen the evidence of the Trump campaign colluding with the Russians who had to admit under oath that he’d never seen any such thing. Clapper, now a CNN analyst, had earlier admitted having lied under oath to Congress about whether the government was spying on Americans didn’t hesitate to admit that he had none of the evidence he claimed was so damning.

Other lesser-known Obama officials when pressed also admitted that in spite of what they had said during the post-election effort to weaken Donald Trump and perhaps even drive him from office they had lied … usually not under oath to Congressional committees but in front of television cameras to the American public.

Among those who ‘fessed up rather than face perjury charges once they were under oath was Evelyn Farkas who served as President Obama’s Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for three years. She is now running for Congress in New York for the Hudson Valley area seat of retiring Democrat Nita Lowey. Her campaign is based on her “expertise” as an expert on Russia with ads claiming that she was among the first to sound the alarm about Russian involvement in the 2016 election and Vladimir Putin’s campaign to help elect Donald Trump president.

She was certainly one of the most vocal spreaders of the collusion charges even earning her fifteen minutes of fame when she appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” in March of 2017 to charge that if Congress didn’t get hold of the “evidence” the Obama administration had linking President Trump and his campaign to the Russians, it would be destroyed. It was heady stuff and when the Committee called her to testify Schiff and his colleagues must have thought this was a lady who had the goods and would share the “intelligence” they were after with them.

It turned out she had nothing, had seen no evidence and was only regurgitating charges she had read in newspaper columns or seen on MSNBC itself when she appeared on “Morning Joe.” Congressman Trey Gowdy cross-examined her for the Minority. “I knew there was more” she testified, but when Gowdy asked her how she “knew” when she had left the Administration in 2015 her answer collapsed under basic questioning.  

Gowdy asked her if she didn’t work for the administration in 2016 “how did you know?” Her answer was “I didn’t know anything.” So, Gowdy concluded later “the reality is you knew nothing.” Farkas, no doubt a little embarrassed, said “Correct.”

Farkas had simply parroted what the left-wing media was saying which allowed those after Trump to keep things alive by quoting her as a former Defense Department official as one who “knew” the charges to be true. (RELATED: Gowdy Has Enough, Drops THIS Truth Bomb on the Mainstream Media)

New York’s 17th Congressional District is heavily Democratic, but one wonders if voters there really want to be represented by a candidate who looked the camera in the eye, lied and when forced to put up or shut up, confessed that she had no idea what she was talking about.

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  1. Maybe in his incompetence Schiff didn’t want to hear the truth when it was before him. Of course once you tell the media a lie you have to keep it going until backed into a corner and have to tell the truth.

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  3. Obama is a liar – period. Looks like he taught everyone in his administration to lie as well. Democrats all repeat the same lie, with the hope that if they repeat it enough, it will become true. Glad we are finally getting the truth, and hope there will be jail time for all involved, including Obama. But, if you remember, Obama stated “there’s not a smidgen of corruption in my administration”. What I can’t understand is how he was ever elected the 1st time, and a 2nd term too? Unless, as one person stated, she voted several times for Obama.

  4. It should never be lost on anyone that it was – JOE BIDEN – who could not wait to get out in front of the cameras and show everyone how important he was by “unmasking” SEAL TEAM 6.
    That cost guys their lives and exposed a very secretive team whose identities were classified. BIG MOUTHED JOE BIDEN needs to be held accountable for that TOO!!

  5. The Lame Stream Media is criminally complicit in the cover up of the majority of Obama’ criminal acts. They should be held responsible for the web of lies and deceit, in which they gleefully and willingly engaged.

  6. The really sad thing is absolutely nothing will happen to anyone in the Obama Clinton Cabal. They won’t even get mild criticism for their treasons.
    No one has the courage to prosecute any of them.
    Very sad.

  7. I vote to no longer let our borders be open to poor nations that carry all sorts of illness with them I believe that a safe environment since we can’t seem to feed our own country including the Homeless and their filth ! I know this sound awful but think about for a while non- pandemic ! And why are we buying beef from China i will no longer bye anything from China !! this is just ludicrous !! and clothing too

  8. PELOSI is a loser globalist progressive her family has dealings with China along sen Feinstein the FBI are investigating both of them as I write this , both are apparently senile in their very late seventies !!!!

  9. Pelosi, you have it all wrong, and that is, “The lies WON’T set you free”. The walls are closing in, what are you to do? Seek asylum in China, you have so much in common. You should retire in no more than one month, so start ripping, burning and hiding the evidence that will put you away for life. You’ve earned cell number 66, have fun.

  10. Liars are plentiful in the democrat party. Between all the perverts, socialist, communist, pedophiles and corrupt individuals, it never ceases to amaze me that so many people are persuaded by their BS. Then again, goes to show you how their agenda has corrupted American history, politics and values over the last 60 years. You got to believe how these corrupted people have gained in showing their agenda corroded the America system all for power and money. Perverting our educational system, government intuitions, legal system and most importantly, the American People. Once these people take over, enslavement follows. I don’t have to be subject to this BS simply, I am too old to enjoy this folly.

    The young people better stand up an fight for their freedom or all will be lost…

  11. The PEOPLE are waiting for INDITEMENTS for TREASON ! everyone involved should be indited and faced with a firing squad for the attempted COUP !

  12. It is time for all of us to bring forward a petition to force the government to indicte these miscreants for sedition at the very least.

  13. They, none of them, believe in God. IF they did, they would know that He will judge them as He promised in the Bible. Too bad our nation won’t obey II Chronicles 7:14 and get the judgement going now. As it is, it will take a revolution to remove them from power.
    For those who DO believe in God, John 14:1-3 is a promise you can hang your hat on.

  14. The obunglers father was NOT A CITIZEN! Meaning, that he was NOT ELIGIBLE TO RUN FOR PRESIDENT!

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