Spud of Inside Cable news via Wikimedia Commons

Longtime Fox Business host Trish Regan left the network for good over the weekend.

Regan’s unceremonious departure followed her coverage of the coronavirus pandemic, where she claimed its dangers were being exaggerated to hurt President Trump. (Mediaite)

A few days later the network announced her primetime show would be going on hiatus, citing demands of coronavirus coverage.

At the time the network said, “FOX Business’ primetime programs Trish Regan Primetime and Kennedy will both be on hiatus until further notice. Due to the demands of the evolving pandemic crisis coverage, we are deploying all resources from both shows for staffing needs during critical market hours. FOX Business will run long form programming in primetime for the foreseeable future.”

Today Regan said in a statement, “I have enjoyed my time at FOX and now intend to focus on my family during these troubled times. I am grateful to my incredible team at FOX Business and for the many opportunities the network has provided me. I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my career.”

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    1. Brazile is a FOX planted liberal, lying, bigot who gave Killary the questions of the 2016 debate so she and her staff could destroy Trump. They cheated, they lost. Besides, race comes into play with J.Williams and D.Brazile. End of story.

        1. Is there any doubt that Fox is just as liberal and anti-Trump as the other MSMs. So when are we going to find another network that will tell the truth and not obey the elite ONE WORLD ORDER?
          II Chronicles 7:14. The elite are godless unless you consider their own SELF WORSHIP.

          1. One America News is good. I watch it on Youtube, but there may be another way to see it. Fox is owned by one of the same 6 corporation that owns the rest of the fake news.

          2. OANN – One America News Network; has been – from the beginning – offering the news with a staff that is articulate and very qualified to provide news. My take is that it is sans fake news and without prejudice. I could be wrong! But, look for OANN and decide if it’s time to supplement or rethink the news.

          3. OANN – One American News Network.
            Fox is now run by liberals. Not the same Fox News as just a few years ago.

          4. Fox TURNED LIBERAL when the sons took over. Another great online alternative is CBNNews.com.

          5. If you can get One America News “OAN” then that’s the best one. They are so true to form that most Cable/Satellite companies don’t carry them. The only one I know that carries them is Frontier/Verizon.

          6. so sad to see where FOX is today, no choice but to turn to OAN and the Podcasts out there like BCP and Dan Bongino, I get sick to my stomach when I see Juan Williams and that Brazil’s lady?

          7. The only problem with Newsmax is I do not believe their broadcasting equipment is even from this century! I tried to watch a few segments of Bill Oreilly, and his head is cut off!??. Also, everything appears to be in very low resolution. They need to try buying new equipment instead of going to the flea market and getting the stuff that is obsolete.

          8. Nope….not at all. The brothers have ruined it. it’s now jsut another comedic whining machine in general.

          9. Research: The “Business Plot 1933”
            Research: Progressive Party 1924 & 1938

            Homeboys don’t have very many game plans

        1. Hey Suckme. Your abusive, vile words show you’re just the kind of person Progressives wrongly associate with Trump voters. While I don’t think much of Brazile’s politics or trustworthiness, she certainly seems a better human being than you. Name-calling racist types do nothing to help Trump, the greatest POTUS in many decades. Just stop…

          1. I beg to differ and I am way over board of being nice.
            I agree that Brazille is a fat assed nigger bitch with shit for brains. What an ugly human being she is. Trish told it like it is.

          2. Gun Moll and Dennis Anderson are trolls and truly are Democrats. They would be found in the streets as ANTIFA just a few months ago. And only liberal puppets would believe they are real conservatives. God will judge them.

          3. This is obviously a dem troll trying to make conservatives look bad. They’re all over the place doing this crap.

          4. Our Greatest President
            Donald John Trump
            Our Father, God Almighty, we thank you for Our Greatest POTUS and realize
            that You , All Knowingly, prepared him and are directing his genius!
            Thank You Father

          5. Kudos Masterblaster; that idiot could be a paid troll that’s put out there to make it appear as though it’s a Trump supporter. It would be great to find these people and find out about them and expose them and maybe a few other things…

          6. Ibelieve it was a never Trumper that wrote those vile words because I have never heard shit like that come from a conservative. It is totally against our makeup

          7. Great point. You are exactly correct. Bless you for stating it.
            President Trump and his followers do not feel that way or express themselves in such a vile manner.

          8. I agree with you. That type of talk give the rest of us more respectable people the trailer trash names they call us!!

          9. I believe it was a never Trumper that wrote those vile words because I have never heard shit like that come from a conservative. It is totally against our makeup

          10. Except for the N-word I believe suckme has it absolutely correct. Just how many gimmies does one useless person get.

          11. I agree wholeheartedly with Masterblaster about the language but db is a terrible person not as bad as hrc or pelosi (lower case intentional in all 3 instances).

          12. One America News (OAN) is on Direct TV channel 347, as well as, some special reports on YouTube. Much better than FOX news…

          13. hahahahaha…. the responses to this are hysterical. These days, anything Republicans don’t like is fake. Someone like the OP makes a horrific, racist statement … so, obviously, it’s a plant! Must be a Dem! Fox hires people you don’t like and perhaps says something contradictory to the President … they’re in the tank for the Dems! It’s a great magic trick. Whatever you don’t like isn’t real. Just like the coronavirus, which was a total hoax until it absolutely wasn’t. On the other hand, OAN basically mainlines propaganda and nonsense, therefore it’s 100% real! The level of confusion and self-delusion in here is jaw-dropping.

        2. Suckme
          I hate the way you explain your dislike for some people. Racist hateful words have no place here and undermine the point you’re trying to make.
          Unless, you’re trying to portray yourself as an ignorant, uneducated hateful person who embues the very values decent peoople refute.
          If so go join Antifa! They espouse the same views you do — just to different groups.

        3. Suckme, As Grandma would say, ‘Do you eat with that same mouth?’ Usually that kind of thinking and speaking escapes from the alimentary canal (alimentary tract).

        4. What’s wrong with you . I disagree with Brazil and Williams at times
          I would rather see the liberal / conservative opinions addressing a given topic in a setting instead of Rachael of MSNBC
          spew her opinions
          Without debate .
          You need to broaden your vocabulary and think before you speak

      1. so true but when Paul Ryan came to fox its gone down hill — cannot belive they keep Ron Williams & Lying and cheater Donna Brizle who has said things worse then Mrs Trish Regan — I now watch OAN more and more all the time. Fox with Ryan lost a lot of respect for me. Ryan is so two face. But just maybe this is what fox is coming too. There all a few left at fox Hannily and Ingrahan & Bill Tuckter. But OAN is a up and coming true News.

        1. When Ryan pulled his stunts as Speaker, I knew he and his Democrat fundraiser wife were better off out of the political scene. Then the knot heads who took over FoxNews started their little progressive game.

          It appears only my Congressman Kevin McCarthy survived the 2010 “Young Guns” with Eric Cantor getting primaried out and Ryan selling out. At least Kevin has grown along with our President in the cauldron of Swamp lies and sedition.

      2. Carl , you’re 100 % correct ! Stopped watching the five because of Lowlife Juan Williams ! There’s very few shows left on Fox that we watch now , and I’m betting eventually they’ll be given the boot because of the lowlifes running the station ! Also heard Deep state Paul Ryan in on the board .

        1. What’s wrong with you . I disagree with Brazil and Williams at times
          I would rather see the liberal / conservative opinions addressing a given topic in a setting instead of Rachael of MSNBC
          spew her opinions
          Without debate .
          You need to broaden your vocabulary and think before you speak

      3. I turn off FOX as soon as that woman comes on. She is an admitted liar and a racist.. Why Fox is keeping her is beyond me.

      4. Amen…we the American people need to contact our senators and governors to get this trash and DEEP STATE traitors cleared out of our government!! We are being sold out to the higest bidder!! On EVERYTHING…EVEN ON THE CORONA VIRUS EGUIPMENT!!

      5. Get rid of this Brazil woman – I do when ever she comes on Fox. She doesn’t belong – OUT.


        1. AMEN couldn’t have said it better. I only watch Lou Dobbs,Hannity and Judge Jeanine. The rest are lying, liberal pushing assholes.
          Time to FOX to pay for its left leaning ways don’t you think??? When their ratings keep dropping because the loyal supporters are fed up, lets see how they like losing all that money.

          1. Want to hurt them? Watch them to get a list of their sponsors. Then call those sponsors and tell them you will not do business with them BECAUSE of their support for Fox.

          2. Tucker Carlson and Laura ingraham are very good too. I watch them and Hannity and Judge Jeanine.

          1. I disagree . I like that the liberal thinking is addressed within a given forum . Clearly showing the different agenda . If you notice fox will pull up independent facts . While the far left deals with opinions .

      2. THEY ARE HORRIBLE I AGREE WITH ALL OF YOU. THEY ARE ALL AGAINST TRUMP and Saying w have nothing to be THank ful for.. THey are so not CHRISTIAN and horrible to ask that. Much to be THANK FUL for!!!!! ASK PEOPLE IN JONESBORO AR. about NO DEATHS IN F3 TORNADO!!!

      3. FOX leans more to the right than any other media source. Perhaps you should stick with them and encourage them to stay with truth and balance. If the left is allowed to destroy FOX there will be no one speaking for conservatives, Christians, Republicans (that are not RINO’s), patriots, etc.

        1. Not true Bill. There is another great news organization called One America News (OAN). The only problem is that some cable companies like DishTV don’t carry OAN. DirectTV does and I think OAN does a great job of speaking for the conservative Christians, Republican, and Patriots. Especially, Chanel Rion.

      4. What do you expect when they put Paul Ryan , a Trump hater on their board. Of course they are turning left. I only watch Hannity , Judge Jeanine, Mark Levin, Lou Dobbs, Jesse Waters and Laura Ingraham . That’s enough for me. Fox has too many left wing nut jobs on their shows. Wallace, Williams, Brazile, and many more that are invited to speak. MAGA2020.

    2. What’s happening to FoxNews? Trish, along with Lou Dobbs are one of the bright spots
      on Fox Business. And of course Hannity, Tucker, and Inghram on Fox News. I believe Trish
      words about COVID19 was taken out of context. Bring Trish back!!!

      1. You made a huge mistake firing Trish and Kennedy. I will be watching something else in their time slots. You pandering Democrats that are running fox in the ground for a communist and another old man that doesn’t know where he is are a disgrace to news.

        1. Are you referring to the Sleepy Guy that has been in Elected Office for 40 odd years and who enriched himself/family using his Position in Office ??? The Left is being used as they are Clueless n Birdbrained and what did they really get from the Democrats x They are not exempt from the Policies and Agenda/Pandering of the Left x Time for All American Citizens to Wake Up and Be Involved in Resuscitating America

      2. I love Trish like most do who watched her! I never thought at any time she mis spoke but you are now dealing (for the last 5 yrs) with the progressive sons + wives of Rupert Murdock so that is the reason … they are very tied with all progressives, never trumper etc… they do not like conservatives or anything you or me would like …. they should all MOVE to a better channel like ONAN where we can look at their programs without having to put up with knowing progressives run the station!

        1. It would seem the cable network FOX is leaning left more and more. If it continues there will be no true news left to listen too.
          It is depressing that so many of the “rich and famous” are mostly left leaning socialist who want to turn America into a Socialist
          country. Where are examples of any country without the rule of law that has true Liberty?

        2. I agree totally. I record the evening Fox News and made it a point to view through her comments when she was a guest. Her comments were always analytical, clearly communicated, and reasoned. Victor Davis Hanson is another guest whose comments are always worth my attention. OAN is becoming an alternative for conservative news.

      3. Bring Trish back. She said what alot of us were thinking, in OUR opinions!! We can still have those, no??

    3. Fox has made another big mistake for firing Trish Regan for telling the truth. They keep the corrupt Brazile on fox that . You better watch Fox it will not be long when you do not have any one that will be watching Fox and I am one of them. You fired Trish because she up took up for Trump. When are you going to fire Juan Williams? I guess you will never fire him because all he does is bad mouth Trump and all he does is make a fool of himself. I I have said many times when Williams is on I put my TV on mute because I want to here the truth and Williams don’t know the truth.

    4. I have been writing Fox complaining that why do you have Brazile on? I change the channel whenever she is on. Why why why do you give air time to this biased liberal political hack????

    5. yeah, I mean she was just telling the truth, and FOX can’t handle that anymore or was it warning the other conservatives in the lineup.

    1. I agree. Last several years a noticeable shift toward a more extreme liberal shift. I stopped watching a couple years ago.
      One America News Network is my favorite, but they were dropped by comcast and only premium for At&t–You Tube is what I settle for and they are censoring as well

        1. Don’t hate her, shouldn’t let a person like her do that to you, dislike yes but don’t hate, you are acting like them. Now that’s hate! and that has turned them into mentally ill people.

    2. You should watch Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Judge Jeanine. They speak their minds and tell it like it is.

      1. Yet Fox allows these biased Dems air time. I get so pissed. Fox is taking us viewers for granted. They think we are stupid and won’t change the channel. Wrong assumption. I do and will tune out. Even when I watch a dvr show, I turn on Newsmax just to improve their ratings. I won’t do that anymore for Fox.

  1. Fox News fired Trish Regan for telling the truth. Shame on them. Fox is getting just like CNN and MSNBC. The socialist, liberal Murdock brothers are a disgrace. She should jump to AON News who tells it like it is and will soon be the “Go To News” channel.

      1. Not Sure on Cable. I have a Spectrum Streaming Plan and don’t get it there, but it is available for $4.95 per month through my Roku Device. Great News Channel! Here , this info link might help…One America News Network | Your Nation. Your News.www.oann.com
        Home · About OAN · Affiliate Relations · Careers · OAN Personalities · Where to Watch · Press Kit · Press Releases · Brand & ID · Certifications · TV Schedule …
        ‎OAN Newsroom · ‎Where to Watch · ‎About OAN · ‎World

        1. I ONLY watch OAN!! I have AT&T/DirectTV and watch it on Channel 347 for the past 2-years. Never saw a false story or false information – it’s straight-up honest news.

          1. Thanks for the AON tip. Bye Fox. Fox you did it to us, we didn’t switch on you.

    1. I agree! That said, I too like AON because they tell it like they see it, especially Liz on The Tipping Point and Graham on The Daily Ledger.

  2. Trish,
    Congratulations for being a real patriot and not afraid to tell the truth unlike the rest of these scumbag liberals.
    Best wishes,

    1. Sonny, I totally agree with you. Trish tells it like it is, truth, and I will certainly miss her show and perspective on all subjects.

  3. Fox News has been moving more and more toward CNN, MSNBC, etc. for the past two years. Roger Ales was apparently slowing that process and had to go.

    Does AON have a TV channel, or is it just Internet?

  4. yes she told the truth just like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham ,but originally they sads hew as fired because her ratings weren’t as high as theirs.That’s a lousy reason to fire someone just because they were telling the truth the same as Sean and Laura.

  5. FOX is going the route of the PC culture on other news stations. I liked Trish Regan. I don’t like the change in FOX news.

  6. Not sure why Donna Brazil, Juan Williams are continuing their employment when they misrepresent facts everyday. Trish told the truth about what is happening and she gets canned? What happened to the integrity of our news agency. Seems like the powers to be in being indoctrinated into the same group think as the other Main Stream Media propaganda hacks.

    1. For sure Juan Williams, he is a fount of false news. Doesn’t know what a fact is. A total moron who is highly partisan. In his mind liberals can do no wrong, and Trump is the devil. His hatred of Trump colors all his thinking, fast forward through everything he has said for the last 4 years. He has nothing constructive to add to any conversation.

  7. Let’s consider actual facts Like H1N1
    April 15, 2009 – January 2010

    61 million Americans infected In this global pandemic
    Pres Obama did nothing for six months – finally created a new government Agency that did nothing and left us without supplies
    18,000 Americans died, all ages affected similarly.
    Symptoms: breathing difficulty, followed by viral or bacterial pneumonia (so yes—ventilators were needed).
    No social-distancing. No fear of hospitals being overwhelmed
    No layoffs, shutting down business
    No 2 Trillion bailout
    No 24/7 media coverage

    So she was fired for pointing out the truth. It isn’t rocket science

    1. The worst part is obama depleting our supplies of hospital gowns, face masks, gloves, ventilators, and other critical emergency equipment that are purchased and stored for just such a situation as an epidemic situation. There is a budget in place to replenish those supplies in such situations where they are depleted. Obama was told to do so but decided NOT TO, perhaps purposely or just didn’t care. THIS is exactly why we were unprepared!!! Blame the previous administration/POTUS, NOT Pres. Trump.

      1. You are both correct yet fools like Fox try to blame Trump. That tells you where the brothers are taking Fox……..into the toilet with the rest of the media and hiring Ryan and firing Trish is just more proof.

    2. Absolutely right! I know firsthand about H1N1 since I had the illness!! It was awful and makes one really sick, but because the prior administration FAILED MISERABLY to see that stocks were replenished, we now face shortages of everything, especially hospital needs, and THAT, my friends can be laid exclusively at Obama’s feet!!! Trish Regan spoke the truth, and THAT is what Demonrats hate the most!!! This is yet another example of why I haven’t trusted ANY media in this country for YEARS!!! The old TASS media in the former USSR had NOTHING on the media in this country!!!

  8. This is terrible. Fox should get rid of Donna Brazil and Juan Williams!! We have had to limit our watching both stations because of certain reporters are beginning to be more critical of President Trump and Republicans. If we wanted liberal news we would watch them. There is enough of them.. We have even turned to OAN when fox won’t cover all his rallies.

    1. Us, too! I now get no input from “news” sources. Instead, I rely on select online vendors, like Jewish World Review.

    2. True….and they need to get rid of the brothers who now run it as well as the many liberals like Paul Ryan they’ve hired.

      1. Roger Ales died around the time of the last election. Then Murdoch did his thing that was when Hannity was saying he may be back he may not.
        As usual the all mighty $ wins!!!!

  9. You need to get rid of Juan Williams. He can’t say anything positive about President Trump at all if his team came up with a cure tomorrow he would say they did it the wrong way.

  10. It’s a shame, she was 100% correct, but you can’t speak truth in today’s world when it’s not “society’s approved view.” Look what they did with poor Jimmy the Greek. He merely stated that blacks are excellent athletes because, under slavery, they were bred for certain characteristics. A true statement — but a politically–incorrect one and his whole career was destroyed. Looks like she fell into the same situation. Sad.

  11. Another outrage from ever leaning Leftist Fox News and Fox Business. I wish her well and will miss her. Kennedy is gone too? Too bad we can’t give the Boot out the door to the Murdoch’s.

  12. They keep saying this is duplicate but do not see it posting.
    Are you keeping us from responding to this article now too?

    Let’s consider actual facts Like H1N1
    April 15, 2009 – January 2010

    61 million Americans infected In this global pandemic
    Pres Obama did nothing for six months – finally created a new government Agency that did nothing and left us without supplies
    18,000 Americans died, all ages affected similarly.
    Symptoms: breathing difficulty, followed by viral or bacterial pneumonia (so yes—ventilators were needed).
    No social-distancing. No fear of hospitals being overwhelmed
    No layoffs, shutting down business
    No 2 Trillion bailout
    No 24/7 media coverage

    So she was fired for pointing out the truth. It isn’t rocket science

  13. Trish is one of, if not THE, smartest commentator on FOX Business/News. She’s not easily intimidated by liberal drivel as most others are. Donna Brazile is a proven disgrace and Juan Williams is always left to bloviate unchecked by his timid “The Five” colleagues…why? I’ll bet you can guess the reason.

      1. Gotta have Juan just to show how Dems brains work. He does a good job of making himself look stupid and when he doesn’t, the others point it out.

  14. This is a studio move on Fox Broadcastings part, she spoke the truth about their competitors propaganda! There goes more re FREEDOM OF Speech! MANAGEMENT CENSORING!

  15. Stupid , disastrous, even suicidal decision by FBN. Trish was by far the best thing they had, and they threw it away because she was brutally honest. Hopefully OAN will move quickly to sign her!

  16. I regularly watched Trish and enjoyed her commentaries. Too bad Fox has shifted left and is selling its soul to the darkside as CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC have done. I hope Trish is offered a position on OAN which is the Fox replacement for all thinking Americans to obtain their news. I hate to see Fox News die, but when management censors and fires good people who tell the truth for more of the left-wing brainwashed market Fox will lose a large part of their current market share. Enjoy the bottom with other MSM outlets!

  17. This is a stupid move on Fox Broadcastings part, she spoke the truth about their competitors propaganda! There goes more FREEDOM OF Speech! MANAGEMENT CENSORING!

  18. I liked Trish very much and no longer enjoy Fox because I have to watch Juan Williams and that Donna Brazil. What a shame we no longer have the Trish Regans, a real loss for Fox.

      1. Then you are a racist motherfucker! Just kidding, but that’s what the left will say about you, the dumbass cocksuckers.

    1. I know how you feel Marilyn, whenever Juan or Donna comes on I always turn to OAN. They use that left wing communist Juan and the loser Donna as a reason for them to call themselves as fair and balanced. I do not see why they should bother as CNN, MSNBC get away with not being fair and balanced. You don’t see those stations firing the people who constantly lie on the air and have guests on that also just spout lies and disinformation about the Trump administration and what they are doing for all Americans during the Covid-19 outbreak. Does anyone watch Joe Scarborough in the mornings. Talk about the dumbest person on the air and his wife who is also ignorant on any subject. Why are they still on the air?

  19. How does one get AON.
    I have been a long time fan of Fox News
    But am becoming more and more aggravated and disappointed in its
    Coverage and choices of people such as
    That Hilary Hack Donna Brazile and
    even worse probably the really stupid
    Juan Williams!!
    What the hell happened??

    1. I must say I agree with you on Juan Williams. He cannot be that stupid.
      After being fired from NPR for admitting that he feels uneasy when he sees
      people in “Muslim Garb” on his same flight, he still feels obligated to defend
      every hair brained idea coming out of the far left. As for Donna Brazile, when
      she was caught feeding the questions to Hillary before a debate that should
      have been the end of her as a possible resource for anything political.

  20. You could at least furnish us with a picture so we might know who we are talking
    about. If she was fired because she thought this virus was being over hyped and
    perhaps another way to get Trump out of office, I must say I shared that thought.
    I guess there is no use in me applying for her job!

  21. If I am watching Fox news, which I do less and less and their left curve turn is obvious, I always turn the channel when certain persons are on. It is an absolute insult to us that Fox would put Donna Brazile in our face after she lied, lied, lied. Sickening us by acting all righteous and claiming offended at the idea that she was lying because she was a christian.
    Finally when she could not longer deny, she admitted she had helped Hillary cheat.

    1. Fox felt like they just had to hire a nigger bitch. Brazile just happened to fill their template. Even better for Fox a FAT nigger bitch.

  22. Oh yes!! This is America today. Tell the truth and get kicked to the curb holding the old pink slip. Juan Williams and his female counterpart Donna Brasile are both losers. Go away all of you liberals. Done with Fox. And Mr. Rupert——shame on you!!!

  23. Enough about Trish Regan, what’s the story on Kennedy?

    Fox would do well to dance with the partner that brought them to the dance. Keep up the current mantra “fair and balanced” and morph into the nothing of CNN. Talent with a strong, conservative/libertarian opinion, frequently expressed, is what got you to the top, and they are all but gone. The likes of Donna B and Juan W add nothing. Recognize the current ruling Murdock Clan as an equal to Michael Bloomberg and see where the ship is being steered.

  24. FOX IS DONE–





    IN THEM.







  25. While agree that this is not something to be taken lightly, it is pretty obvious that it is being hyped up.
    The only thing she said that MIGHT be questionable is that it was deliberately aimed at President Trump.
    Of course, the timing of it strongly suggests exactly that. She certainly should not have been fired over it.
    Rick Conner

  26. We get OAN via a Ruku connection. Very easy to do. only watch Stuart Varney, Lou Dobbs, Tucker Carlson and Hannity on FOX. Yes OAN is the Answer for Truth. MSM is closely tied to DNC.

  27. They got rid of the wrong person!! Martha Macallum is is an obvious Trump hater. She has nothing but liberals on her show. Trish was Trump all the way and didn’t apologize for it.

  28. I thought FOX liked good ratings and being the unique news outlet that would tell the facts instead of left commentary which has proven to be the deathnail of liberal so called news (propaganda).

  29. trish regan primetime was the best show on fox buisness news she is a real patriot
    she has real passion love her views fox fired her for telling the truth???
    kennedy too really disgusted with this action by fox they should be ashamed
    im lokking to see if she lands someplace elae if so i will being watching her
    she was my favorate

  30. I agree with the rest of the people, Juan, Donna & Chris Wallace are useless. If we wanted to
    to listen to Trump bashing, we would watch the Fake News!
    Everyone is correct, we watch OAN a lot more now than ever

  31. I’ll miss Trish. I either watched her or Tucker at 8 and then watched the other later. FOX is changing, no doubt a result of putting people like Paul Ryan and Donna Brazile in there. We need to find a network that reflects our values as I have a feeling they’re going to try to stifle Tucker, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and others. Trish told the truth and stood for freedom. I hope she ends up in an environment where she can keep doing that.

  32. I’ve been a Fox viewer since they began broadcasting. It’s actions like what they’ve done to Trish Reagan, among others which is forcing me to go elsewhere for truthful news reporting by real professionals and journalists such as Trish Reagan. By their actions, the Socialist Murdock brothers will continue to watch the best “fair and balanced” network on TV slip through their liberal fingers to join the trash heap of CNN,MSNBC and the rest of the MSM that peddle their fake news propaganda. An example of how left wing extremism, unchecked, can bring down a free press and ultimately threaten the foundation of our Republic!

  33. Won’t be long before you see the see the likes of Hannity,Carlson,judge Jeanine, and all the Conservatives get fired due to their pronTrump views. Fox is , to me, taking a turn to the left, sadly.

  34. Trish was a quality commentator who had a good conservative position. She let people finish their thoughts before cutting them off. I will hopefully find another outlet to continue following her.

  35. Very disappointing news about T Regan and Kennedy.
    And yet slugs like morning joint and madcow continue (on loser networks) to lie daily.
    Guess the Murdock boys are bottom dwellers from the swamp. Their dad Rupert was a pos when he took over Direct Tv about 20 years ago.
    Goodbye to the truth.

  36. Very disappointed in Fox decision to fire Trish. Fox Execs watching too much CNN these days and have lost perspective. I’m a heavy user of Fox News, however their decision has repercussions. In my case I’ll be watching allot less of their programming.

  37. Dot

    OAN stands for —ONE AMERICA NEWS —-beSt now ahead of FOX News. On FIOS it is
    116. Call your Suppliar and ask them.

  38. Its a shame, I really liked Trish and her show. Fox is going down hill fast. I suggest to start watching OAN or NewsMax.

  39. Seems like one problem is that all of us like to hear “news” which is really opinion filtered through attractive personalities who happen to agree with us. I am no different. I notice nobody mentions Shannon too much. Maybe this is because she will challenge obvious lies or distortion but tends not to interject her personal opinion as much. I haven’t decided whether Juan and Donna are set up to look stupid or it’s just a fact of life. Juan is likable is certainly more palatable than other liberal regulars like Chris Hahn or Richard Goodstein.

  40. This is the 1st for me, to follow the comments. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the comments reflect my sentiments. My husband and I now are watching only Hannity, Carlson,Judge Jeanine,Laura Ingraham, Steve Hilton, and Levin, I also miss Trish and was wondering what ever happened. I am turning off the TV when they run Cuomo. He is an idiot. Can you envision him as president? I am going to try to find OAN.

  41. It is evident that Fox has a left shift. The Juan Donna dynamic duo of left wing views has soured a lot of people. I can see why there are a lot of long time loyal Fox News watchers leaving and going elsewhere
    Used to be bye bye birdie, now it’s bye bye Foxie

  42. They should have kept her and dumped Cavuto he is a pathetic little wimp the kind you liked to pick on in school to make him man up.

  43. Trish Regan was excellent. She will be missed. Shame on Fox News for getting rid of her. Trish told it like it is.

  44. The big boss’s sons are much more liberal, and Trish is much too far right. Brazile is just another lefty who was put there to shift their emphasize to the liberal left. By the way,saw Cuomo campaigning against Trump. Said he was too busy to engage in politics. Sneaky Coo! Is the News Media and the Democrats grooming him to be drafted?

  45. Swamp News, MSM=Fake News (CNN,FOX,MSNBC.etc)The Pravda/Racists Divisive Commie news and their propaganda HATE machine at full throttle! They are destroying the country within!‪ Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬ Keep America great again and not let it become another liberal commie shit hole like the rest of the lib run cities! Prosecute these deep state traders now, President Trump!

  46. Would America be a wonderful place if all the business owners and some citizens who were only interested in making profits were to leave the United States? The US would then contain only compassionate people to manage the economy and the nation.

  47. We miss Trish! One of our favorites along with Lou Dobbs, Charles Payne and Stuart Varney.
    What’s happening to Fox Business and Fox News? Wish we could get OAN. Fox has
    slowly been moving left for the last several years. Was glad to see Shepard Smith go. How about getting rid of Chris Wallace instead of Trish. She was only saying what a lot of us
    out there are thinking.

  48. Hope she demanded 20 mil like Kelly did and got it too, and did not sign a Nondisclosure form !!!
    FOX is on the skids, beside Harris and Gutfeld’s opening monologue and Hannity there isn’t any reason to watch FOX anymore.
    What is really surprising tho’ is the local FOX station in New Orleans – it is TRUTH (guess Rupert hasn’t caught wind of them yet !!!)
    Can’t wait for the arrests to happen (there’re miles and miles and miles of video/audio of all the major broadcasters lying their tootsies off) – and then to make room for TRUTH News which Trish will wonderfully fit right into as anchor head.
    Kennedy too.


  50. So saying DeMONcRATic Party & Liberal MSM is using this Virus to take cheap shots at DJT (something that is true) is worse than while on the Air Live telling someone to “?SHUT THE HELL UP” (Liberal Leaning Donna Brazile vs RNC Chair) and then doubling down on it the next day yet no real punishment, is to be viewed as “Fair & Balanced” you must be shitting me, that is the biggest pile of ?C?R?A?P? I have ever seen in my life, it seems that Fox ?News has a death wish to appease their liberal bullies who are always attacking them because they are number 1 soon (NOT TO BE) if they keep this BULLSHIT UP, lookout here comes “ONE AMERICAN NEWS NETWORK (OANN) or NewsMax the new “REAL FAIR & REAL BALANCED NEWS” something that FOX News can nolonger lay claim too!???‍☠️

  51. Just more proof that with Fox now if you speak truth you’re no longer wanted. Guess Fox hasn’t figured out they’re no longer wanted either. I don’t waste my time anymore.

  52. Makes you wonder whether Paul Ryan is helping make decisions on staffing and content
    at FOX. After his performance as Speaker, I wonder why he doesn’t find a hole and crawl
    in it….

  53. What is going on at Fox? I always watched Trish’s program. She reported the the news and didn’t make up the news like the fake news media. Firing her will prove to be a big mistake. Looks like Fox wants to be CNN II.
    Bring her back!!!

  54. I also hope that Trish lands on her feet at OAN. My cable company carries OAN – now I have reason to watch OAN more often!

  55. I find myself looking for more relevant information on OAN and Newsmax lately….sorry that Fox is bending to the PC sycophants that have driven the alphabet networks into the ditch. Amazing that I can almost see the ‘Overton Window’ shifting!!

  56. Watching less and less of Fox. Brett Brier and Martha McCallum are unwatchable with their hyping everything negative about our President. I still watch The Five, but Fox had given Juan way too much latitude to express his anti Trump sentiments. Very sad the direction Fox has taken. I will definitely look for an alternative.

  57. Under new Management they suck hiring DB was a big mistake and wallace sucks I hope you go out business even before cnn msnbc turn off tv

    1. In the book of Revelation, the “mark IN the hand” (not “on” the hand) is the hammer and sickle, the “mark IN the forehead” (not “on” the forehead) is ideology: Marxist-Leninism. The Red Dragon for God’s sake…all of this points DIRECTLY to Communism. We are LITERALLY in the Last Days. Christians need to WAKE THE HELL UP!

  58. I think FOX needs so new management that is Conservative. There are too many Liberals in the News Media. They are unwilling to allow the truth to be stated. I think this is why so many people watch One America News when they can get it. Many of the networks don’t want a neutral station running the news. It disrupts their pattern of lies. I liked Regan and Kennedy and nothing they said was untrue even if it does not fit the “Politically Correct” crap.

  59. More fubars by the Murdoch siblings. Ms. ReRegan was one of the ONLY reasons I would watch that channel. I guess the truth doesn’t matter much anymore to the Fox Networks. Screw the Murdoch family! Strong letter to follow!

  60. What? Trish was too conservative? Fox should get rid of Brazile, Cavuto, Neville, Fisher, Wallace and a host of others who have shown bias when reporting. Some of them can’t help but smirk when reporting negativity. We have switched to AON.

  61. Firing Trish, was a grave MISTAKE, on Fox! I am not worried, who knows, she may even end up, with POTUS, next Term!! Yes, there will be a Second Term. Let the Dems, sweat it out, now we must make sure, to take the House, and at least keep the Senate!!! Very Important to the Survival of our Constitution, that has protected this Nation, from Socialism/Communism/Globalism, these words, mean all the same! Good Luck, Trish, I miss your show, very much. Stay Well, and please come back on Air, with a Conservative Station!
    We Need You!!

  62. Trish was great, FOX sucks NOW they put a muzzzle on their people and their commercials are lies, no one tells them what to say? —-, bull Hannity and Tucker better watch out they could be next, time for a new conservative alternative , first kick the murdock clowns out

  63. This sucks. For a week or so, FBN did replace her show with extended Coronavirus coverage. But after that they replaced her show with a repeat of The Evening Edit with Liz MacDonald which means FBN openly lied to us!

  64. … and ANOTHER great Fox host is ousted while Juan, Donna, Chris and even Bret remain to do their “poison” reporting or actually their SELF indulging SPEWING of Trump hate! Fox has AGAIN lowered standards … ugh

  65. replace the anti Trumpers…this is not even considered news
    FOX needs a shrink for their upper crust management
    this is a sure fire way that FOX will lose its viewers
    In fact…most news are unworthy to listen too
    Let’s change to BOOM channel and laugh all day
    we have enough misery here

  66. Everyone has to send fox a note or e-mail to let them know that their ratings are going to go to hell if they listen to the liberal wives now starting to control the whole fox news casting. Let them know if they don’t start changing the people they hire and fire their ratings are going to go plum to hell in a big hurry. We have to be serious about this.

  67. Everyone knows that CNN and the other like networks don’t have the audience that Fox has had over the last few years. Thats why the Left is sending the Juan Williams types, who I cannot stand, in hopes that they can convince Fox’s audiences of the Left’s Fake News. Now there are more Left characters on Fox than true conservatives trying to save this country. My Fox time has diminished also to just a few. TRUMP 2020!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. Too many people are forgetting that foul language is a tool of Satan and although we are most definitely in very stressful times, we should be focusing on God and how HE expects us to behave amidst the havoc caused by the Demonrats and other who are out to destroy Trump.

    Those people who have plotted, lied and done everything in their power for their political status and to protect their ill gotten gains through party politics will be brought before God soon for their punishment . . .

  69. Although I do not watch TV, Trish Regan can get a job at any Fox Contender such as OAN, The Blaze, Newsmax, or Breitbart. Fox is going out the door anyway.

  70. Regan needs to apply to work at One American News. She told the absolute truth and the elite who hate Trump and everything he stands for hate her for it.

  71. It’s obvious that Fox is not entirely a conservative news outlet thus they fired Trish Regan for speaking the truth. We all know that there is more going on here than just COVID-19. Huge political implications along with huge Spiritual inference. Time to look beyond any news media for truth and look to the One and Only source of Truth. Time to open your Bibles for the absolute truth of the past, present and future. Things in this world are out of control BUT, God is NOT out of control. HE is our only hope…no matter the circumstance!

  72. Two women and two of the best for telling the truth. Looks like sexiest with FOX having a war on women. How many more have lost their jobs at FOX. FOX, YOU NEED TO BRING TRISH AND KENNEDY BACK ASAP. YOU REALLY SCREWED US ON THIS ONE. AND WHERE IS THE SUPPORT FROM THEIR CO WORKERS?

  73. First of all, FOX is owned by a Democrat, and when unabel & Slop took over for their dad, FOX has gone DOWN hill? THe slop brothers, with money coming out their ears want to move closer from the middle to the left bastards. Yes Democrats, you are all cheating bastards. But at least we can stop more of your cheating at the ballot box. And you are running out of Grave stones, and we have stopped your illegals from coming over the border to vote, until THE PRESIDENT TRUMP says the danger of the virus is over. And to no surprise, many of Bernies great American’s will vote to keep our Great Nation from becoming a member of the Criminal Obama’s collection. Obama was on his way to reducing our nation to level of the others for the theme of the One world government, and the number one criminal female of America, Hillary Clinton, and her pack of liar’s and MURDERERS, was to finish the job. Thank God that Heavenly Father showed his presence and placed a Great Businessman and President in the WhiteHouse. We must stop Adam Shit, Pisslosi, and Schumer by any means at the ballot box. Because we have a Chicken Justice Department that is unwilling to indict people for Sedition or Treason. Mr. Barr, please make an example of one of those lying bastards that are trying to desolve our Ideals and Freedoms ????????????

  74. The overreaction is far bigger than just hurting Trump, it is being used in a big and successful way to “fundamentally change America”. We are on the brink of seeing the Constitution and Bill of Rights exterminated.

  75. Fox is turning liberal, except for their opinion shows. Its just a matter of time before they reach as low as CNN and MSNBC. I will miss Trish Regan far more than I will ever miss Fox News.

  76. Yet another reason to switch to Newsmax or OAN (One America News) which we can’t get on monopoly Comcast.

  77. I was saddened to hear Trish was removed for simply standing up for our duly elected president. I loved her show. They let the liberal hacks Fox has hired spew their bull shit. Trish speaks the truth and gets kicked to the curb. Pretty sad. We watch OAN quite a bit these days. I still like Lou Dobbs, Tucker, Hannity and Laura Ingram. The rest are liberal promoting hacks. If Trish ends up some where else I will gladly watch her. Enjoy your time off Trish.

  78. Trish should go to OANN the best news outlet there is. Why is juan, chris, bret, donna (a known democrat liberal), martha, all of whom stated their dislike (hatred) of our President still working at Fox. I stopped getting my real news from fox when OANN came into my viewing area. I’ll stay with Hannity, Tucker, for a breakdown but OANN for all my news. Good luck Trish, hope to see you on another conservative news like OANN.

  79. The Globalist Murdochs should be ashamed of themselves. They god rid of Trish for speaking the truth. Plain and simple.

  80. One America Network is now my favorite. Thankful that they exist for truth instead of political division.

  81. These treasonous hypocrite libs(lying sack of Schiff) don’t know the meaning of the truth! They are at it again and just as mentally deranged as the rest of the Globalists NAZI Muslim Commie Liberal Demoncrats! Deep State, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Hollywood, Academia, MSM Fox and the rest of Fake News, Swamp News and you know the rest!! ‪Expose, Boycott, Sue, prosecute and bring to justice all these lying Fake News deep state treasonous Godless NAZI commie liberal demoncrats and RINOs (Mutt Romney, Susan Collins, Lindsey Grahams ,Murkowski, Justice Roberts, Bolton and you know the rest of the traitors) post-haste,Patriots! Drain the rat infested swamp President Trump!‬

  82. The firing of Trish Regan is a disgrace. It is a shame that a Conservative could
    get control of the FOX network. These Murdock boys are too Liberal and do not
    believe in the freedom of speech. They are no better than the likes of Pelosi and
    Schumer, just not in Congress. It is a sad day that the minions of a political party
    can be allowed to squelch the freedom of speech for political purposes. Particularly
    when the political party is as corrupt and dirty as any that ever existed. Power, greed,
    and control are more important than life itself. How did this scum get as much power
    as they hold. They should be in jail not in Congress or running major news media.

  83. Trish was right, in that she meant the liberal media,e.g., CNN, MSNBC, CBS, et al. is doing all they can to hurt President Trump. Wake up AAN. You appear to be in support of the liberal media, which suggests you are liberal. Good bye to your site.

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