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Despite his fortune, Michael Bloomberg’s quixotic presidential campaign proved nothing more than an embarrassing experiment, showing no amount of money – even $900 million in ads blanketing Super Tuesday states – can buy the presidency. 

But that failure hasn’t kept the ambitious Manhattan businessman down. Ever focused on the future, he’s determined to spend his sunset years molding the Democratic Party in his image. However, his hastiness may be his undoing. 

Case in point? After endorsing Joe Biden, Bloomberg announced the dispersal of $18 million from his defunct presidential campaign to the Democratic National Committee (DNC), Biden’s field offices, and state Democratic parties.

The problem is $18 million far exceeds federal limits on campaign contributions. While laypeople such as myself don’t know the intricacies of campaign finance law, veteran campaign finance attorney Dan Backer does. 

“Allowing these kinds of contributions is everything we’ve said no to in 40 years of campaign finance jurisprudence,” railed Backer, who filed the FEC complaint on behalf of his pro-Trump Great America PAC. “Never has this been okay at the federal level.”  

Backer has never been one to shy away from a fight, and he fully expects to win this one, even though FEC commissioners hail from both political parties.

“If you allow Bloomberg to do this, you’re giving democracy to a billionaire oligarch,” he added. “… Having been unable to buy voters, he’s doing the next best thing and buying the party itself.”

In an attempt to counter Backer’s crusade, the DNC has launched its own offensive, rejecting the narrative that anything illegal transpired. The DNC’s communications director, Xochitl Hinojosa, summed up her party’s response when prodded on Twitter.

While the Democratic Party may find this explanation adequate, Hans von Spakovsky, a former member of the Federal Election Commission, does not.

Responding to AAN staff, von Spakovsky explained, “I assume you’re talking about the claim that Bloomberg is violating federal contribution limits due to the $18 million his campaign fund is giving to the DNC. I think this is a legitimate complaint filed with the FEC that has substantive legal grounds. It is a unique situation; because Bloomberg was the only contributor to his campaign and he has sole control over his campaign fund account, it does appear that he is using the campaign to launder a contribution to the DNC. That is a massive violation of the contribution limits an individual can give to political parties. According to the current campaign contribution limits set out by the FEC … Bloomberg could only contribute $35,500 to the DNC and $106,500 to the party’s special segregated accounts. Yet he is giving the DNC $18 million of his own money – money that, while it is currently in the campaign, he has complete control over.”

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Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.


    1. The virus pandemic is the best thing to come down the pike for the Democrats.
      You couldn’t make a better cover for their shenanigans.
      Durham needs to hold on to his report until the Fall otherwise it will be lost in the “noise”.

        1. We knew who he was. He was just so arrogantly stupid to not know that he did not speak for just about anyone except the YANKEES. So we now see how well Mike “gets it done”. See the non disclosure agreements his women victims had to sign. See how he ignored our second amendment rights while he had armed guards. See just another arrogant Democrat. Only he could not deceive like Bill and Hillary did.

    2. It would certainly help if you could restrain yourself from
      such foul, indecent gutter language (you can still speak in nasty terms) to get your point across.

      1. Frank I honestly agree with you. Using foul language doesn’t help.

        Suntag should have said, “Bloomberg is one who thinks he is smarter than he is, when in reality his IQ is lower than the distance from the floor to his butt. Furthermore, he received devastating medical news recently, it appears they found a brain tumor during his last routine colonoscopy. Bloomberg is on the opposite side of a winner and has a sharp untamed tongue. Rumor has it he enjoys a hot dog now and then.”

    3. I don’t like Democrat’s because of what they stand for… I like Suntag’s message even less. You sound like you’re from their side… a deliberate plant maybe?

  1. It would be wonderful to see one of these Dems held accountable for something. They need to be stopped before they completely destroy this country.

  2. Hmmmm, Wasn’t it in 2016 that Donald J. Trump WON the President position “without” lots of money taken in ? ! !Trump 2020 !???????????

    1. Not the same. No one had a problem while Bloomberg was financing his OWN campaign. This “transfer” of his personal funds is simply a cover for a massive donation that exceeds limits.

    1. Translation: Bloomberg will enjoy his stay at the Federal Motel, because they provide entertainment for the people of the gluteus maximus persuasion.

  3. The coverups aren’t working any more – Trump is in charge and nothing is getting past him and his staff of military intel and Larry Kudlow and Admiral Rogers and General Flynn and Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro and Attorney General Barr and DOJ Prosecutor Durham and their staffs of competents – Bloomers is a front and always has been to take the focus while Soros, etc. continue with their framing elections for local District Attorneys and Sheriffs’ ofices (that Kim Foxx in the Smollett case is an example, she won again despite her being as crooked as a shillelagh.)

  4. There are so many from the left who need a prison seat it’s beyond ridiculous but how many in the last 11 years (and before) have made it there?

  5. I hope they nail him to the wall it is time the democrats get the same treatment that the republicans have been getting for years

  6. Here’s what Obama and the Democrats do to people they don’t like that break political contribution rules. Dinesh D’Souza – The conservative filmmaker had pleaded guilty in 2014 for donating $20,000 to New York politician Wendy Long, allegedly going over the contribution limit by directing other donors to give to her. He was sentenced to five years of probation and eight months in a halfway house, and paid a $30,000 fine. He also had a felony on his record for this. Dinesh is an outspoken conservative, he has made documentary films telling the truth about Democrats. His 2012 film “Obama’s America” is probably what got him so harshly sentenced. Obama probably told the DOJ and FBI to dig something up on this guy, and then bury him.

  7. Bloomberg szid “He can do it.” So what can he do? He can try to force his way on gun owners. On women who work for him. On anyone who does not believe that HE is the ultimate genius whose only goal was to remove Trump from office.
    Trump has lots of faults. I could make a list.
    But he has done SO MUCH good in the last three years to UNDO what Obama and the Democrats have done. The one thing he has not tried to do is STOP THE DEFICIT SPENDING. That will be our end.
    God have mercy on us.

  8. Like I just said in a previous post. Nothing will be done because he is a Democrat politician. They do not follow any of the rules, laws, or ethics, because THEY DO NOT HAVE TO! Our justice system is all talk and no action. They never correct, censure, charge or punish and Democrat that does not comply with the law so why should this be different?

  9. The DEMOCRATIC PARTY never ever gets held accountable for their CRIMES and LIES. Bloomberg, is just another “rich guy” who is giving away his money to a “LOST CAUSE”. THESE DEMOCRATS deservr nothing but SCORN.

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