Photo edit of President Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of President Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Biden Administration’s Response to Christian School Shooting: Lack of Acknowledgment

On Monday, a tragic shooting occurred at a Presbyterian Christian school, but the Biden administration’s response has raised eyebrows. Unlike other attacks on religious or ethnic groups, there has been no acknowledgment from any member of the administration that it was a Christian school. Even President Biden’s first public remarks were more focused on ice cream and family than the shooting. He did not mention the Covenant School or any specifics related to the incident.

Biden’s Flippant Response to Targeting of Faithful

When asked whether he agreed with Senator Josh Hawley’s assessment that members of the faithful were targeted by the shooter, Biden responded flippantly, saying “Well, I probably don’t” believe they were targeted before quickly adding that he was joking. This response has led some to question the empathy of the self-proclaimed “Mr. Empathy.”

Lack of Acknowledgment of Christianity

Despite the tragedy occurring at a Christian school, the word “Christian” or “Christians” has not been mentioned in any official capacity by President Biden or his press secretary. The closest acknowledgment came from a press briefing where a reporter with the name “Christian” was called on. This lack of acknowledgment has led some to criticize the administration’s messaging.

Focus on Transgender Community

While there has been a lack of acknowledgment of the Christian school shooting, the administration has decided repeatedly shown support for the transgender community. This includes acknowledging Transgender Day of Visibility and stating that the community is under attack from Republicans. This has led some to question the administration’s priorities; as many question why they stand with a small group of transgender people, yet seem to dismiss Christians following an attack on innocent children.

The lack of acknowledgment of the Christian school shooting and the focus on the transgender community has raised questions about the Biden administration’s priorities and messaging. While it is unclear why there has been no mention of the Christian school or Christianity in general, some have come to their own conclusions on the matter. The administration’s focus on the transgender community has led some to criticize their messaging and priorities.


  1. Mental Health is so Important Right Now because children are being indoctrinated and Parents are being excluded from their treatment!

  2. Covid joe is a POS, he won’t comment because it’s kids & he is the baby killer & hates kids.
    Wake up people Down with the dems.

  3. Seriously OUR BUFFOON is a complete goof ball Pandering to his Freak fringe base. No wonder he got elected and slime right into OUR White House.

  4. this person who is supposed to be our president is the poorest excuse for a human being and that’s saying alot considering the people on the view and antifa and blm and all of the reat of the leftist commie sob’s

  5. TG’s deserve, love , dignity and respect, says Joe and Jill.
    You have got to give love, dignity and respect to get love, dignity and respect, says I.
    Shooting up a Christian school and assassinating 3 pre-teen juveniles and 3 senior educators does nothing to endear TGs to the general population. Love does not come out of the barrel of an automatic weapon. It was a TG full of bile and hate, not love and respect, who was spreading death and destruction throughout the halls of education in a Memphis school, days ago, who is challenging J&J’s quasi- sincere message of L,D&R.
    The TG’s message is foul and foolhardy as are the partisan minions from the govt’s Ministry of Truth who are promoting these salacious frauds and fallacies throughout the social media and threaten our culture and our youth. School is where children develop their socialization skills, but are now being indoctrinated w the radical Left’s anti-social and anti-family propaganda. Adult decisions are being imposed upon our juveniles who have no knowledge of gender dysphoria or have any world experience to depend upon to make any kind of life changing decisions that they are now being pushed to make. You can’t drive before you are 16, and you can’t drink or vote before you are 18. Who decided that pre-teens as early as kindergarten should have to make decisions about a sexual identity and surgery before they develop their own maturity and reach adulthood? Where are the soccer moms when you need them.
    The schools have been overtly anti-male since the early 80s, and have taken an even more perverse direction these last few years w the Left’s gender dysphoria and political relativism.
    It is time adults take charge and reassert the values this country was built upon, those of God (morality), family (civility) and community (ethics). Values are not relative. They are the fixed axioms our country was built upon. They are not the social corollaries the relativists would have us replace them with. A house w/o a strong foundation will not survive the storms of even the mildest seasons, and certainly not the social hurricane the global Left is trying to expose us to, now. The Left’s agenda of hate and anger is the fire they are using to burn the house down. God, family and community are the proven tools of the first responders to save the house from the Left’s proposed conflagration for our certain destruction. Pick up your firefighting tools and get busy, and then get out and vote. 

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