Author and spiritual guru Marianne Williamson, who briefly campaigned for President in 2020 before any Primary votes were cast, sat down with Politico, telling them that she thinks that the DNC is “spitting in the face of Democracy” by setting Biden up for an easy win. It’s being speculated that Williamson may attempt to give Biden a run for his money in 2020, while both Sen. Bernie Sanders, as well as Marianne Williamson, appear to feel slighted by the DNC.

While there’s been little speculation about a potential 2024 run for Sanders, Williamson may attempt to right the ship in 2024, and have a fair battle against Biden without any DNC manipulation.

Earlier this week, Williamson spoke to Politico, telling them:

“Apparently Biden’s going to run on a message that the economy is getting stronger. I think that speaks to the disconnect between the analysis of party elites versus the struggle of everyday Americans,” 

“We’re being asked to limit our political imaginations — to just accept the low unemployment and low inflation rate, that that is sort of the best that we can get,”

“But that is a hollow victory. The majority of Americans are still struggling to survive.”

“How can the Democratic Party present itself as a champion of democracy and do something as undemocratic as overtly engineering the primary schedule to make sure that their chosen candidate would win it?”

“That is spitting in the face of democracy.”

Williamson, despite her limited political background, touched on many important topics that may sway some of Biden’s supporters. Democratic Socialists, such as those who were disgruntled following the DNC’s focus on Biden as opposed to other worthy candidates, such as Sen. Sanders, particularly, may opt to look in a different direction if that option is presented to them in 2024. Williamson is also hoping to gather moderates, as she is commenting on the poor-performing economy and Biden’s overall poor performance as President – something not many die-hard Democrats often would agree with.

Williamson’s statements during her Politico interview can grab the minds of both Democratic Socialists as well as moderate voters, and Biden’s campaign will likely have to rework part of their messaging when campaigning in order to avoid further criticism from Williamson and like-minded figures.


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