Photo edit of the Chinese TJ-FlyingFish. - Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of the Chinese TJ-FlyingFish. - Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

A new Chinese spying device has the capabilities of both flying through the air, and swimming under the water. The TJ-FlyingFish, developed by scientists from China’s Shanghai Research Institute for Intelligent Autonomous Systems may have invented something much harder to see than a three school bus long balloon in the sky.

This small drone weighs only 3.6 pounds, and runs completely based on artificial intelligence, making a human operator unnecessary. When underwater, where it will primarily operate, the TJ-FlyingFish can swim at 6.5 feet per second, likely able to film and record everything it comes in contact with along the way.

The device only has a hovering time of 6 minutes, so it can be assumed the device is primarily for underwater use – until its hovering abilities are improved over time.

The specifications of the TJ-FlyingFish, according to Fox News:

It is an amphibious drone that can both swim underwater and shoot into the sky and act as a quadcopter.

3.6 pounds weight

6 minutes hovering time

6.5 feet per second underwater swimming speed

Runs without human intervention on artificial intelligence only

While the Chinese spy balloon was an invention with the intention of flying over land and most likely collecting data as it passed, the TJ-FlyingFish can do a similar function, however, collecting anything it passes in the water. This may give the device the ability to track moving Naval ships or other water movements – possibly including the ability to intercept any technological information that may be on a ship.


  1. The CCP is probably using it now to collect its sensitive equipment / data from their spy Ballon off the coast of Carolina.

  2. Funny thing is with all of the Biden crime family dealings with the CCP they own him, he wasn’t going to shoot that down and he probably notified them before he had to .

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