Through a government contract via the Department of Homeland Security, the United States taxpayer will be funding a $490,324 wall around President Biden’s Delaware vacation home. This comes following Biden’s trip to the southern border amid record-high levels of illegal immigrants flowing through the unprotected and unfinished border.

Of course, Biden remains adamant that improving the construction across the southern border is racist and unnecessary. After choosing to cease all southern border wall additions in 2021, and chose to instruct congress to end the funding for the wall, however, the taxpayer’s wallets are left open so Biden can have a protective wall addition put onto his Delaware beach house. The President doesn’t appear to be opposing that tax-payer-funded walls provide protection, as his frequently visited vacation home in Delaware is currently undergoing construction to establish a wall of his own.

Biden’s wall is expected to be finished by September, and currently, it can be seen that the surrounding wall goes up to around the first story of the house, yet the wall will still need around eight more months of construction, which amounts to a top-tier protective wall. Of course, Gov. Greg Abbott wishes that the migrant crisis that he’s been needing to clean up for years would see a similar response and urgency, but Biden appears to be more interested in his own personal walls than he is in investing in a wall to help end the migrant crisis at the southern border.


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