Stratis Morfogen, also known as the “Golden Greek,” owns the Philippe Chow Restaurant Group, and has been in the restaurant business for 35 years. Recently, President Biden’s administration is looking into potentially banning gas stoves throughout the United States. New York Governor Kathy Hochul also as repeated similar proposed ideas about banning non-elective stoves.

US Consumer Product Safety Commission is also looking into banning gas stoves, as agency commissioner Richard Trumka Jr. said, “This is a hidden hazard,” adding, “Any option is on the table. Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.” The World Health Organization and EPA also are backing the move, and consider gas stoves to be both dangerous and pollute the environment. Forcing the United States to make a switch from gas stoves to electric would require roughly 35% of Americans to change the stoves in their home.

This would require not only purchasing an electric stove, but also disposal costs for old gas stoves, and then the installation costs of safely removing a gas stove along with removing installation pieces in order to prevent a dangerous gas leak. This could put many Americans in a position where they’d need to face a bill that would be potentially multiple thousands of dollars, simply to keep up with updated and seemingly arbitrary government requirements.

Restaurant kitchens also largely opt for gas stoves due to their cheaper costs and higher cooking temperatures. Costs can be lowered by using gas stoves, even during the mists of inflation and higher prices of gas products, down to a fraction of what they’d be by using electric stoves.

Stratis Morfogen went onto Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” where he discussed the Biden Administrations’ plans to ban gas stoves, saying:

“For people that don’t understand the restaurant industry, for 35 years, we’ve been attacked by everybody. We had organized crime in our industry, in the 70s, 80s, 90s and in the 2000s. We had corrupt Wall Street. And for the last three years, we’ve had government overreach,”

“They want to make us, for new restaurant construction, use electric stoves. So let me explain it to you. We lose 40% productivity by using electric,

“If they [the government] ever inquired with small business owners, I’ll give them three pieces of advice: Get a stronger filtration system, get a hood system that works and basically train your staff on how to maintain it.”

“With electric stoves, first of all, our bills will go six times higher. And then on top of that, our productivity drops. This isn’t just going to hurt the restaurant hospitality industry. It’s going to hurt real estate development,”

“You remember casinos, shopping malls, airports, residential towers, office buildings. They depend on us for the content. And if we don’t develop the content for these big, you know – this is our industry – for these big developers. Well, guess what? This whole thing will collapse.”

While the Biden Administration is claiming that this proposed ban is due to nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide being released into the air, even they don’t appear to be taking these threats too seriously, as President Biden’s wife, First Lady Jill Biden, also has a gas stove in her home.

Clearly, these stoves are not the ticking time bomb that government bureaucrats are making them out to be. Americans have used these stoves in their homes since the early 20th century, and should continue to be allowed to use them to meet their cooking needs.


  1. Another well thought out plan from Mr. Brainiac. How’s the grid supposed to handle high wattage stoves? Now people will be faced with a problem “Do they charge their car or cook dinner”? If it can be done backwards the government will try it.

  2. It looks like we are going to have to “build back better” to the good old days of horses and buggies and the old cast iron wood or coal-burning pot belly stoves and cooking stoves

  3. We need to get rid of the total stupidity of the people making these laws. How dumb can they be when they are not even upgrading the grid and putting more stress on it with this stupid move. My dog could make better choices than these people.

  4. Gov. Needs to stay out of people’s business I have been around gas stoves for over70 years haven’t died from co2 yet get this is not a nanny we don’t want you in our lives

  5. Is it just barely possible that the time has come for this entire cadre of planet killers to simply shut up and sit the hell down. I do not care why these comrades of American destruction have such vitriol for this country, but these idiots need to be stopped for the good of humanity at large. Try to invision the end game of this lunacy. Ship of fools.

  6. all democrats that support this demented jo biden regime are commie marxist socialist woke pedophile lovers out to destroy America for the stipends they get from china.

  7. Where does this report stand in the lineup of Stupid? Millions of businesses including Appliance manufacturers and distributors and Sales forces, not to mention users of these Appliances and Parts houses for related equipment
    all depend upon Gas Stoves and accessories including Propane Stoves and heaters along with Grills for a living! Biden, without a “Second thought”
    would rip out the very Heart of this Industry never even considering the
    “Horrible and Disastrous Ramifications” Involved!
    Who is “Advising”This “Empty Suit” to Spew destructive information that would destroy Industries spread Far and Wide around the World?

  8. This is the biggest most ridiculous lie from the left yet. Natural gas is one the cleanest energy sources we have. Just like the scamdemic one day we are fine and suddenly we are in danger. There is no history of research on gas stoves, just one day they got to go. Naturally the left is going to start inventing studies from years ago to support their position. First, all they want is more control. Second, what is this “emergency” being used to distract us from a bigger, more real threat.

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