Photo edit of President Joe Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.
Photo edit of President Joe Biden. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Popacta.

Monday, news broke that Biden’s personal attorney had confirmed that classified documents had been located and seized in a Biden think tank office. Though you didn’t see any reports of a raid or sirens, police, or even a search in any of Biden’s offices or properties as was carried out over former President Trump and his Mar-a-Lago home under similar pretenses last year. The documents, according to CBS News, were identified by Biden’s personal attorney on November 2nd just before the midterm elections. Though it has also been reported that those documents were turned over to the National Archives soon after.

The office these documents were found in holds the real key in this story though. Biden’s think tank, the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Engagement in Washington, D.C., was part of a segment that joined Biden and The University of Pennsylvania. Between Biden’s time as Vice President and the start of his Presidential campaign, Biden was the Universities Benjamin Franklin Presidential Professor of the Practice at the University of Pennsylvania. This roughly put him at the university between 2017 and 2019. While there he had an office at the University’s Penn Biden Center in D.C. where these documents were found in November when Biden’s team was cleaning out the office he no longer used.

And yes, if you read that and caught on you are right. Biden began “teaching” at the University and using the office at the Biden Penn Center after he was no longer the Vice President. So, these documents he had were transported to this office – where they were later found – after he was no longer eligible to have them. Though this isn’t being reported on, in fact, the “quick” turnaround on when they were found and when they were turned over to the National Archives is being praised as the one thing differentiating Biden from Trump. When are they going to ask, how he got them after leaving the Vice Presidency? Or maybe ask why or how he had them until 2022 when he hadn’t been VP since 2017.

Many Republican lawmakers and the Trumps have taken to social media in outrage at the unfair treatment of Former President Trump in comparison to the current treatment of Biden. Only it’s worse that Biden had CLASSIFIED documents when he did. Since he was not President at the time he had these documents. Only a President can declassify documents, and Trump was President when he had the documents in his home – which were from a more recent stint of Presidency – and assumably were documents based on his own actions.

Donald Trump Jr. tweeted a stream of tweets, on the documents, Biden, and the absolute double standard this has been over the treatment his father received.

Former President Trump also commented on the actions on Truth Social. Unlike his son’s comments on the fairness of treatment Biden received in comparison to himself, Trump mentioned the reality of the classification of the document.

Which followed a stream of ReTruth posts by Conservative House Representatives all stating the same message:

When are we going to see a witch hunt start for Biden? This potential lies with the Republican House as more evidence towards his corruptness surfaces.

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