You would think that the writers for late-night t.v. shows would have learned their lesson when Stephen Colbert unveiled “the vax scene” and the entire world simultaneously cringed, however, Jimmy Fallon’s newest song and dance shows that he’s much closer to a puppet on strings than he is a Broadway star.

As reported previously, the media and COVID-nuts are talking about the latest COVID variant – XBB.1.5. However, in the real world, almost no one knew or cared about Omicron, and most people certainly can’t be bothered to worry about yet another one of the seemingly endless COVID-19 variants. Nonetheless, the media still wants to make the world worry about COVID’s latest rebrand, and Jimmy Fallon even did a song and dance to show it.

While people mocked the skit for not only being old, as Stephen Colbert has already done something very similar when the vaccines were initially released, people also became angry as Fallon, yet again, is pushing for indoor mask-wearing. Of course, Fallon and his band are saying this while being in an indoor venue and not wearing masks themselves.

As expected, the public response was poor. Most people mocked the song and dance and were disappointed that even two years following the initial onset of COVID-19, Fallon still appears to shill for Pfizer and other big pharma companies.

Elon Musk would also go on to make fun of the skit, calling it “Tragic.”


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