A computer software glitch flipped 6,000 votes in a Republican-dominated Michigan county on Election Day. Fortunately, eagle-eyed election clerks noticed the discrepancy and hand-counted the ballots. Unfortunately, state officials used that same software in 47 of Michigan’s 83 counties, and we could find no reports suggesting they’re inclined to examine the results.

Now we’re finding out that poll workers corrected another possible computer glitch, flipping the results in Connecticut’s 90th House District by declaring Republican State Rep. Craig Fishbein the winner.

Fishbein now leads his Democrat challenger Jim Jinks by 21 votes. An automatic recount is pending.

The Connecticut Mirror reports:

The Wallingford town clerk, Barbara Thompson, said Tuesday her office discovered that no votes had been recorded in the state election reporting system from the Yalesville Elementary School, one of nine polling places in the 90th District of Cheshire and Wallingford.

“I can’t answer if it was a clerical error or a computer error in the elections management system,” Thompson said. “All I know is we caught it yesterday and amended it.”

The tally on the state’s election report system now shows Fishbein with 7,058 votes to 7,037 for Jinks, or 50.07 % to 49.93%. Under state law, a recount is automatic when the race is settled by a margin of less 0.50%. The difference in the 90th is about 0.15%.

While votes are tabulated by optical scanners, the numbers are manually uploaded by local officials into the election management system maintained by the secretary of the state’s office. The official statement of the vote from each community is filed in writing after a review by the clerk and registrars of voters.

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    1. God’s Policy is in place. Give unto Ceaser the thing’s that r Ceasers. Give unto GOD the thing’s that r GOD’S .

  1. I have a hard time believing that all these errors are “mistakes”. I mean one or two? Sure. But ALL of these? No, I am sorry it is not statistically possible for them all to be “innocent mistakes”.

      1. I agree with you it is a statistical impossibility for that to happen. If is was a mistake it would or could not be one sided, which this appears to be.

  2. Funny how Democrats always describe their corruption as “mistakes” and “errors”, and describe our mistakes and errors as “corruption”!

  3. What is ridiculous is accepting dishonesty as a standard for electing anyone to public office. Our standard should be worthy of our constitution and bill of rights and the implicit national integrity they represent. Dishonesty, lies, cheating should be confronted and purged with the courage of those who fought and died for this country and what it aspires to be. Create a country all Americans can be proud of and can willing sacrifice their time, energy, money and lives for to defend the high standards it represents. Search you nations soul and commit to its preservation and high ideals! Pursue this corruption in our election process. Root it out and hold those responsible for it accountable to the law!

  4. Soros needs to be deported and his money confiscated! I would rather he he spent the rest of his life in prison for what he had done to the people of the world! He’s a horrible individual!!!

  5. Doesn’t this remind you of a football team running to the line of scrimmage to get a play off before the referee can call a review of the previous play? We all know why democrats are rushing to the line, don’t we ???

  6. ❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US 2020 Elected/Reelected Landslides
    Amen & Amen👍💥❤

  7. I’m probebly going to tell my age here. I can remember back when the Republican Party and the Democratic party were not much different from each other. A democratic president won and no body said a bad word about it his name John F. Kennedy and he was a great president.

  8. The DemonicRATS have been using various forms of Voter fraud for decades and got away with it! This time they overplayed their hands. Dead voters, Chinese illegal votes by the thousands all for Biden, machines switching votes from Trump to Biden, ballot harvesting, going into Nursing homes and forcing elderly patients to switch to Biden, dumping Trump votes by teh thousands all over the place and destroying Trump votes, and Postal workers taking truck loads of trump votes even dumping them in refuse dumps, bins in alleyways and rivers , some even found on the Canadian Border!

    1. There was a coordinated plan to deliver thousands of ballots (for Biden) in the wee hours of the night to the Polling Center in MI – It happened in various suburbs of Detroit. Hopefully a Patriot will step up and expose/report this travesty.

  9. “I can’t answer if it was a clerical error or a computer error in the elections management system,” 

    Allow me. A computer “glitch” doesn’t always favor only 1 political party.

  10. so we all know that this election has been corrupted and fixed by the Dems and their cohorts…the big question is …..What will the American people do about it ??? Will they just swallow it as usual, ??? Or fight it ??? This is a test for the American. People….Are we willing to fight for all our freedoms and our county’s laws….??? Trump has opened the eyes of the great people in this country…we now know how deep the swamp really is….Don’t let them get away with stealing this election…we must unite and fight…for TRUMP ..for our FREEDOMS….And For the GREATEST COUNTRY EVER !!!

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