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Republican officials, including RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Michigan GOP Chairwoman Laura Cox, announced at a press conference today the source of alleged voting irregularities in Michigan: a computer software glitch.

It caused 6,000 votes cast for Republicans in a GOP-dominated county to switch to Democrats, a significant discrepancy rectified by local officials who then hand-counted ballots.

However, McDaniel and other officials revealed that the State of Michigan had used the same software in 47 of its 83 counties and warned similar glitches might have occurred.


The Daily Wire’s Amanda Prestigiacomo reports:

“In Antrim County,” Cox said, “ballots were counted for Democrats that were meant for Republicans, causing a 6,000 vote swing against our candidates.”

“The county clerk [Sheryl Guy] came forward and said tabulating software glitched and caused a miscalculation of the votes. Since then, we have now discovered that 47 counties used this same software in the same capacity,” she continued.

“Antrim county had to hand-count all of the ballots,” Cox said. “And all these counties that use this software need to closely examine their results for similar discrepancies.”

“The people of Michigan deserve a transparent and open process. Voters deserve to know that all legal votes are being counted,” concluded Cox.


  1. I’m sure there never is a ‘glitch’ that switches Dem votes to GOP votes. Isn’t it interesting all ‘mistakes’ and ‘glitches’ always benefit Dems?

    I’m sure every Dem ballot counter will rush to rectify this glitch as soon as he/she discovers it! (NOT)

    1. Many years ago when i took my FIRST course in programming, I was told GIGO. NOTHING happens with a computer that was not caused by action of someone doing SOMETHING with that computer.

    1. I would never accept the retarded bastard. With the election cheating I don’t want to here anymore about Russia and Ukraine. We sure as hell didn’t hear much about China and dumbass Hunter Biden.

    2. I definitely agree with you, I know there is voting fraud in the whole election. There should be a hand held recount of ever ballot or have a new reelection suppervised by a lawful voting team to make sure ballots are counted correctly.

      1. Mary, oh how I wish we could have a WHOLE NEW ELECTION nationwide! After the Hunter Biden criminality exposed the entire Biden family, many people who had already voted wanted to change their vote!

    3. Biden is not (will not) be my President. I will be marching with that sign in front of Worcester City Hall the day Biden (if) is announced as the official winner.

    4. You all should realize by now, that Trump was not running against Biden. He was running against his puppet masters. His only job will be to sign anything put in front of him. His puppet masters need him to be the scapegoat in case any of their projects backfire on them. Harris, Schumer, Pelosi and the rest of the Liberals will be pulling the strings.

      1. Absolutely!! That is exactly why Biden was chosen by the DNC last year and the rest of the candidates were pushed out. Second time they’ve bought Bernie off to get him out of the way. I predicted before the first Democrat debate that the Dem’s candidate would be Biden because Biden will say and do whatever the kingmakers tell him.

        1. Wonder if Bernie’s finances have ever been investigated? If he was “bought out”, some trace of it has to be somewhere. Maybe it will be a cushy government post that is a “no show” position.

    5. He doesn’t even know who or where he is half the time. It’s beyond belief. He can’t mentally or physically be eligible to be President, which is the Left’s next agenda, they’ll put up who they really want to act as President. Even though, really, Obama has been their 3rd time President from his bunker two miles away from the WH. He has been calling the shots from behind the scenes. Trump knows this.

    6. Perhaps you need to add a NEVER HARRIS to that NEVER BIDEN campaign, she’s warming up offstage to take her position in the WH when Biden says enough is enough.

    7. Agreed! The blatant lies and fraud have totally disgusted me as an American and I will never accept this evil mindless lier as my President!

  2. Great!! Super they figured out the faulty counting machines! Now it would be fantastic if they get to the bottom of the mail in vote counting, the fraudulent ballots purposely back dated and shipped to counting facilities, and ALL of the ghost votes to undocumented people, people whom no longer resided in particular states, dead people, and not to mention dead cats. Or all the ballots selecty picked and thrown in the trash, burnt, and thrown in ditches.
    No wonder why the far left radical swamp creatures only real concern with Trump was whether he was going to concede and step down when they won the presidency. So far all of their gazillions of dollars of campaign money is coming out in the wash.

    1. President Trump had massive rallies no matter where he went and to think that all these people didn’t vote for him is crazy and hard to believe. All the states that wanted mail in ballots flooded the election with fraudulent votes to spark an early lead in some states and then when President Trump took a big lead they went to their mostly democratic districts to count those vote and push past President Trump making it almost impossible for him to catch up. The Dems are trying to steal this Re-election from President Trumps they tried for almost 4 years of his presidency to get him out of office. Even impeaching him goes to show you how low they will go to try and steal another 4 years from him. Jeff Sessions was one of the Rhino’s who got some of the Russia Hoax started by recusing himself and allowing the deep state swamp to assign a Special Council to investigate the phony Russia Hillary Hoax. Biden and Obama were neck deep in this plan to try and unseat President Trump and AHG Barr decides not to investigate either one of them for criminal charges. VP Biden want to enact the Logan Act while conferring with President Obama, Susan Rice and James Comey to name a few. So all this supposedly relentless criminal investigation should have come out before the Presidential Election. So if Biden gets the Presidency then AG Barr goes after him Kamala Harris becomes President. This whole Dept. of Justice and FBI has to be reformed so to make it an unbias investigational system we all can be proud of. So the FBI and Dept. of Justice should have had all the investigations done before the election started. If Biden is charged and found Guilty the rest of the Democratic Administration will make sure these investigations are stopped and all the Russia Hoax Players get exonerated for their crimes.

      1. Barr will not go after Biden, I feel we need to shutdown the FBI and start over with ALL new people. Do a clean sweep of the Justice Dept. Clean out the dirty laundry of the government (which Trump was trying to do). Arrest and charge all people who have tried to overthrow the President, and are still trying to do with treason. Death penalty for sure.

      2. To me, my devious mind says the “stoppers” to Trump being reelected are well placed, trusted, Rhinos. Why was the Biden expose’ treated so causally at first? If I were Trump, as soon as the Biden/Biden affairs became known, that would be priority # 1, publicized even if just in “teaser” form. Fighting past the Lame Stream Manure Media to get details to the public could have started sooner, and a lot more would have had a chance to be public knowledge. AG Barr fits my scenario. Several times his reluctance to act has been an issue.

  3. Go to pod save America. Watch that joker Biden says about voter fraud. It tells you a lot. It was October 26th or there abouts

    1. It was the campaign workers doing the cheating along with the poll workers. Retard joe is too stupid to cheat at checkers

  4. If it is this easy to explain away errors and votes (“glitch in software”) then the Michigan election is unreliable or the fraud was too easy (manipulated the software program and data). They have to redo it. Or we are screwed and have an unjustified election result.

  5. You would think with the technological advances made in this country a product could be developed that cannot be compromised and could verify the identity of the voter and notify an auditor if there is a problem such as duplicate ballot, deceased voter, non-resident, etc. If we want verifiable elections we need the system that cannot be corrupted. It can be developed. We have the technology and capability. Enough of the politics, fraud, and uncertainty. We also need to require ballots to be submitted by a cut off date and time, then cut off the voting. It should be on the voter to submit the ballot in a time or show up at the pole on time. If they don’t they forfeit their vote. It is just that simple. No bleeding heart exceptions. early voting should be allowed, or verifiable mail in ballots that can be validated and authenticated should be allowed. The kind of idiocy we have just experienced is not reflective of how a great nation should conduct elections.

  6. Here we go again…..we’re lamenting and they’re getting away with everything….again….Jo Biden escorting President Trump out of the White House…yea right……he couldn’t even find his way out of a paper bag…..or off the stage . The mail in voting should have never happened…..President Trump was right….again

  7. If the Republican Party Leaders do not stand up for and try to help President Trump . There will Never be another Republican President .

    1. Actually there will be no Constitutional Republic….but there will be a “president” of the People’s Republic of America…

        1. Totally agree with all these comments. My son believes God has a plan for America. A plan favoring conservatives. I pray he is right……Ray Suto

  8. Supreme court needs to declare this election null and void because of the rampant voter fraud. Then do an in person vote, with the only exception would being the military and Embassy people.

  9. The same company that made the machines had a hand in the software as well… wait for it… Soros owns a controlling share in the company! Go figure!

  10. Democrat fraud run rampant in this election. Strongly aided by their propaganda tool the main stream media, and unchecked by a weak justice department, many should already be in jail. Congress woman Omar in my state of Minnesota is a good example. Her latest among many legal infractions is ballet harvesting. She is one of the biggest crooks in Washington since Hillary Clinton and is protected from prosecution by other crooked democrats. We are losing our country .

  11. Trump won, we took house seats, the vote fraudsters sit there and did fake ballots for Biden, Biden ,Biden they did not vote for the House or Senate they thought they would not lose seats , Thus why obviously there is fraud from anyone with common sense you would not gain House Seats Hold the Senate and lose the Presidency. People generally vote party lines thus Trump is and should be ahead, this is where the fraud lays. Check the envelopes for hand stamped postal dates because if they are legit they will be machine stamped any others are forged and late. They counted the mail in ballots LAST so they would know how many forged ballots they needed to beat Trump and comingle in with the legitimate votes thus is why they blocked windows and republican poll watchers

        1. Another source of voting fraud found, dead people who couldn’t possibly be alive – way over 100 years old who voted.

      1. A runoff for two senate seats 💺 n Georgia, won’t take place until January 5. Tons of $$$ will be poured into that race. Chuck Schumer is drooling 🤤 to take those seats for the Dems, giving them the senate.

        Anyone wanting to keep both those seats Republican, need to donate to their runoff campaigns.

  12. If there is anyone still wondering how the Dems can have such blatant contempt for the idea of fair elections, let me state that they believe the ends justify all means. And what are the ends? Power and money for their top tier. Socialist/communist slogans such as “To each according to his need, from each according to his ability”, are merely marketing ploys to lure naive , stupid, lazy freeloaders to the “cause”. As soon as the end is achieved, the naive, stupide, lazy freeloaders are “eliminated” and the productive people either leave (if they have the means) or are enslaved. End of story — or so they think. Winning elections is one thing — keeping power and control is quite another. In the U.S., there are more guns and other weapons in the hands of private citizens than there are private citizens. And what about the police and the military? Many of the police officers have either quit or are quitting and many are joining or advising the citizen militias. As for the military? While the brass in Washington may give orders, the soldiers have to carry them out — you know the guys and gals who come from the very people they are supposed to shoot.

  13. Have a new election in those states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Nevada, Arizona. And it has to be in-person voting with poll watchers of both parties. My Republican brother voted in Chicago at 7:00 am. His ballot was not scanned but just put in a box and was told the scanner was broken (one hour after polls opened). I wonder what trash bin his ballot went in.

  14. It’s the damn machines, Soros/Clinton/Pelosi are linked to the systems and their probably made in China! #DIRTYELECTION

  15. Remember what Piglosi said:

    “Donald Trump is not going to be President of the United States,” Pelosi said on the latest episode of Recode Decode, hosted by Kara Swisher. “Take it to the bank, I guarantee it.”

    1. Pelosi, Feinstein and Clinton have all been affiliated with the machines that experienced those multiple ‘glitches’. That will be investigated too.

  16. A “glitch?” Where were these voting machines manufactured? China?
    Who set them up? democRATS?

    Very convenient “glitch,” eh? Clearly these machines were rigged. Everyone with hands on – from manufacturer, supplier, and set up – need to be investigated, prosecuted and sued heavily, for monumental damages. Not only damage to the GOP candidates, but also to the electorate.

    1. No longer how our country functions anymore. The corruption has become undeniable with the dnc arm of our no longer trustworthy liberal msm acting like the Pravda news in communist nations.

  17. Personally I think the whole damn mail in thing needs to be thrown out… then December 1 everyone who voted legally should have to go to the polls with identification in hand and revote. The dems are stealing this election. Look at Pennsylvania, Trump was up almost a half a million votes now Biden is winning, I think the odds of that happening are astronomical. What say you!!!!

  18. Does anybody believe that Joe Biden got more votes than any candidate in US history? when people litereally wouldn’t walk across the street to hear him speak?

    1. Not a chance.

      Possibly that number included all their illegals who they’ve been registering TO vote in 13 liberal states and the DoC. Obama admitted to Gina Rodriguez when she interviewed him, that the illegals wouldn’t get caught. Video should still be on video.

  19. It took an HONEST county clerk to make this problem public. Residents of Michigan should insist on hand counts in all counties that use the same software-Do Not rely on hoping that the rest of the county clerks will be as honest.

  20. We need a whole new political system. Hatfield and mccoy mentality only works for half the people. So if the system can’t work, then split it. I’ll stay with the trump side. We did not have to worry about china or russia interfering with the elections, our media and censoring took care if that. Our country is insultingly corrupt!!! Sad day!!!

    1. We need to Balkanize. Split the country into 3 separate countries. New England, west coast, and the middle of the country. There is no other way unless it is war. Those of you in states with discrepancies, contact your state legislatures and ask them to certify the electoral votes in your state for Trump. Places in WA would like to merge with Idaho, and other areas have the same problem.

  21. Every state should revote in person with positive ID.
    This is crap…how many other states have poor electronics. Really in this day?
    Persons that were to.d to fool the counts should be put in jail for carrying out such fraudulent scheme.
    Very irritated with our current election system. How are we to t et yst our government.
    Pretty sad for Ametica


  23. This is the reason that Obama bought a mansion so close to the White House.
    Biden needs all of the help that he can get.
    I can’t see him finding his way around in the White House.

    1. Imo their scheme was to get Biden elected, soon to replace him with the second most radical/marxist supporter, Kamala Harris. Making her an unelected president. Harris has aligned herself with a group of radicals who bail these anarchists out of jail. Has stated she thinks they’re good for their ‘revolution’.

      Her own party didn’t even support her during the dem presidential primary.

  24. We all need to pray like we have never prayed before. We need to humble ourselves before our Creator God and ask Him to not let these evil people who are stealing this election prevail over the thousand and thousands of thousands of voters who voted for Trump. It is so very clear that this election if filled with fraud and corruption.

  25. While I am just as upset and angry as all other Republicans about what has happened in this election, I also put my complete trust in God Almighty and His Son Jesus Christ. I believe that if Mr. Biden suddenly winds up our President, altho I am praying it will not be so, that instead of being angry and also fearful about the future of this country, we who believe in Jesus Christ have nothing to fear because it could be very well God has a better plan, and that is for Jesus to return soon, very soon for His people and remove them from the world and this country. I along with many others, have felt for some time that His return was very close, but what has happened with the election now convinces us it is so close weccan almost feel His very presence. Not necessarily today or tomorrow, but close enough that we ourselves will have no Biden ruled country to fear, but those left behind will be wishing they did not either.

  26. If we cannot trust God to protect and save us through His Son Jesus Christ, who can we trust? Shalom!!! I have no fear about the future outcome of this election, I have put and will continue to put my trust in God. He has brought me to the age of 86 by me not giving in to fear, which is False Evidence Appearing Real! FEAR!

    1. Imo Christ expects us to do the necessary foot work ourselves when there are serious issues that need to be dealt with. Especially when the future of our country is involved.

  27. Amazing how that happens. And always in the Left’s favor. Now I am no math whiz, but common sense and life experience tells me it would be mathematically impossible to be random when it always benefits the Left. Just saying…

  28. As a Computer Scientist for 55 years, this does NOT appear to be a “Software Bug” — Rather a “Deliberately Designed and Coded” Democrat-Biased Programing Logic inserted into the software system deployed in 48 locations in Michigan!

    Especially telling, is the apparent Conditional-Logic that automated selective vote-shifting (only 6,000 times) rather that consistently vote-shifting as each ballot was processed — Likely, this would make this Vote-Shifting less obvious during Software Testing as well as during the actual Vote Counting process.

    Moreover, in this specific case, the number of stolen votes from Trump & Republicans and then illegally Added to Biden and the Democrats (i.e., a net 12,000 vote change) might also result in even larger differences in the 47 other polling-places.

    Just assuming that the 6,000 invalid software changes consistently applied to all 48 polling places:
    6,000 x 2 = 12,000 and 12,000 x 48 = 576,000 invalid votes possibly tallied in Michigan!

    This could be a well-over A ONE-HALF MILLION INVALID-VOTE SHIFT & ALL of it to BIDEN & DEMS!

    Now that is likely a very significant-impact vote shift, especially in a close race!

    1. More voter fraud being exposed almost daily. The liberal msm has already decided Biden’s the winner. Media doesn’t get to decide the results of our elections EVER. But they’re having fits that Trump is using his LEGAL rights to continue to question all these accusations of voter fraud now being exposed.

  29. Did Soros provide that election equipment too. When are we going to wake up to the FACT that Soros is a more dangerous enemy than China or Russia. He needs to be jailed and have all of his ill-gotten wealth confiscated.

  30. This time the DemonicRATS have gone too far. This is blatant theft by Criminals all fighting to stay out of jail! Luckily President Trump and the true patriots have put measures in place to check for Voter fraud. Its called Blockchain and its brilliant. All registered Official Ballots will have a watermark unseen by the naked eye. Dead voters, dogs and illegals will be detected. Voter fraud will be a thing of the Past as the Quantum System will be permanent. P.S. They been cheating for years whilst enriching themselves and supplying their puppet Masters (China etc) with Americas security etc.

  31. Every glitch in one direction? What an interesting glitch? Really, all 6,000 votes switched to Collectivists/Democrats from Individualists/Republicans? Really?

  32. We keep seeing reports about this glitch affecting one county. When will someone examine and report on the effects in other counties?

  33. This probably could be prevented by not allowing any dems to work on election software and/or requiring it be tested and certified by INDEPENDENT organization!

    Dems still would somehow “contaminate” whatever to their advantage! Dems seem to thing election fraud is Dems constitutional right!

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