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ANALYSIS – For the first time in half a century, the Oregon National Guard has been deployed onto city streets by the Democrat governor to quell violent leftist and anarchist riots. Humvees rolled through downtown Portland and National Guard troops in camouflage took to the streets to move out rioters and protesters.

This, after months of non-stop rioting, looting, and arson in Portland, and elsewhere. But why now? And where is the media outrage?

Well, it appears that with the election over, the rioting no longer serves a political purpose to bash President Trump.

The Democrat state’s months-long refusal to forcefully counter the rioting forced President Trump to deploy federal law enforcement officers to protect federal personnel and assets, such as the federal courthouse in Portland. An action that was ferociously condemned by the dominant media and opposition politicians.

In the current wave of leftist violence, according to “Protesters marched through downtown Portland on Wednesday night in a march planned regardless of the outcome of the presidential election. Chanting ‘No cops, no prisons, total abolition,’ some demonstrators smashed windows of local businesses.”

Earlier in the day, reported OPB, “around 300 anti-capitalist and anarchist demonstrators, most of them wearing black clothing, gathered at the North Park Blocks in downtown Portland.”

Soon after. Gov. Kate Brown activated the Oregon National Guard to support local and state police, the Oregon State Police, acting as a unified command with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office and the Portland Police Bureau, declared a riot, and ordered protestors to disperse, noted

Police officers repeatedly confronted the crowds and would then back off after crowds had dispersed. Oregon National Guard troops, “who were already on standby in anticipation of unrest with the election, held intersections and helped disperse the crowd,” reported

And in the ultimate show of hypocrisy, after months of dismissing the violence, and refusing to prosecute offenders, Multnomah County District Attorney Mike Schmidt, a Democrat, issued a statement Thursday condemning the property destruction.

According to, Schmidt said, without a hint of irony or shame:

What we saw last night — the destruction of property at multiple businesses including at a female-founded and women run local clothing store, at a church that provides healing and shelter, clothing, food and assistance to homeless individuals and people overcoming substance abuse and addiction and at a hotel that is committed to the revitalization of Old Town Chinatown — is unacceptable and criminal.

“He added that his office supports peaceful demonstrations, but he plans to work with law enforcement to prosecute people who engage in criminal behavior.”

I’m certain the law-abiding citizens of Portland are asking – “why not 5 months ago?”


    1. OR the $$$$ being given has been stopped. Now watch the rat want OUR TAX money like so many other rat run states! Do nothing about the riots and destruction , then want others to pay for it!

  1. Why are not citizens of that state filing suits against the government officials. Why are they not filing criminal complaints for abuse of power. Is it really going to take a revolution to stop these corrupt officials?

    1. Who do you think has put these corrupted officials in the office in the first place? People reap what they sow!!!

      1. Hope all the folks in these states remember this coming voting again! Party be dammed! Vote someone who will protect you and yours and the the folks of your state! (don’t be like CA where overrun with illegals and a chosen gov, NOT by the people)

    2. Simple answer: YES. It will take a revolution. We The People have stood by for years and allowed the leftist, elite, progressive demon-crats to walk all over us. Just look at what they are saying now after four years of bashing President Trump and scolding all of his supporters — “We need to let by-gones be by-gones and work together and just get along!!” Which translate to ‘give us our way’ or it is back to rioting, looting, murder and total destruction.

  2. You created the mess Oregon, now that even the Governor thinks it is out of control, now she sends in the troops. Its too late to stop it now, you sided with the anarchists so you can’t solve it with government intervention, THEY ARE ANARCHISTS! The funniest part is you let the rioting go on so you could win an election so you could be in charge, but in doing so you enabled the mob to not respect any authority, congratulations. Anyone here read The Gift of the Magi, quite appropriate in this case. What the world needs less of, feckless government bureaucrats. Have fun Governor, I for one and rooting for the mob to now burn down the city.

    1. Would be nice to know just how much MONEY all the demonrats got for allowing all the messes that have been made in every state run by them! AND think we are so stupid? WRONG

  3. Now that the Gov of Oregon and the Mayor of Portland have voted in Biden by hook and crook, the National Guard comes out. Why couldn’t people see this for what is was BEFORE the election? I swear the American public gets dumber and dumber every year. No wonder we are in the mess we are in.

  4. And what about all the destruction the city and state already has at their feet? Who pays for it. What about the people that lost their livlihoods/. Who replaces it? Will the mayor help them rebuild? People of Oregon demand that she reimburse you for her negligence. She failed you miserably.


  6. And the 50 million who actually voted for Biden can’t and won’t see that. Yes, I said 50 million. I am quite confident of at least 13 million fraudulent votes by them.

  7. QUESTION: How many people voted for Biden because they wanted all of this rioting, looting, murdering and destruction to stop? Not because they were for Biden but they just wanted it to stop. Probably way way more than those of us with a morale compass want to know.

  8. The leftists in Oregon have ruined a beautiful place. The local politicians and government should be liable for all the loss that hard working people that didn’t any part of the riots or communistic behavior. You people there who keep voting blue are complete idiots.

  9. Will the citizens of Oregon hold Brown accountable for her lack of actions? I doubt it. What should have happened was the NATIONAL GUARD should have attacked the 300 black clad rioters and made sure they arrested each and everyone of them. Then taken them to a FEDERAL judge for charging and NOT released any on bail.
    END OF RIOTS. The local DA was part of the conspiracy. Catch and release insured nightly destruction of the cities.

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