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Fox News’ Sandra Smith responded incredulously to a guest’s remarks after reiterating the Trump campaign’s voter fraud claims.

Smith didn’t realize she mockingly replied into a hot mic after pro-Trump attorney Cleta Mitchell questioned the veracity of Fox News’ projection that Joe Biden won the presidency.

The incident occurred as Smith’s co-host, Trace Gallagher, interviewed Mitchell.


The Hill’s Dominick Mastrangelo has more:

“Remember just because CNN or even Fox News says somebody is president, does not mean they’re president,” Mitchell said while appearing on the program.

“What?” Smith, who was not conducting the interview of Mitchell, was caught on her microphone saying. “What is happening? Trace, we’ve called it.”

Trump, his campaign and his allies on Capitol Hill have not acknowledged the outcome of the presidential election, which was called in favor of Biden, by every major news network, including Fox News, on Saturday. 

However, what The Hill doesn’t acknowledge is that lawsuits and recounts that could change the election’s outcome remain pending. Ultimately, the General Services Administration (GSA) certifies the presidential election winner.

Fox News drew the ire of President Trump and his supporters on Election Day by declaring Biden the popular vote winner in Arizona. As of this article’s publication, The New York Times and other outlets have not called the race there.

Senior White House adviser Jared Kushner reportedly spoke to Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch to complain about the Arizona call by the network.

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  1. Mainstream Media or ‘news’ by any other component do not ever ‘call’ any election – they cannot Certify only Project, Estimate, Guess – only States can CERTIFY an election.

    1. They can “CALL” the election anytime they please. That doesn’t make it so unless there is sooooo much evidence that Biden won (by over 5 million votes). Explain how you ever get that many fraudulent votes. Get real!

      1. Are you that lacking in fact or mental ability. In Pennsylvania, Trump was ahead by 700,000 votes. Then as they shut down for THREE HOURS in the middle of the night, truck loads of ballots arrived. And it seems that ALL of them were only marked on ONE election. The rest of the ballots were blank. It takes a long time to mark 700,000 ballots for all elections So they did not bother. IF the truth is know, they will publish just how many ballots came in with only the PRESIDENT race marked. And all of them were marked for Biden. AND THAT IS HOW THEY STOLE THE ELECTION.

        1. The Dems fixed this election right from the beginning by first keeping Biden hidden from everyone while they set the stage for a neat way to steal the election. Trump had such a big lead that Biden should have never gotten close let alone pass president Trump by. Closing the election counting down and then receiving ballots early in the morning hours and then Biden gets the lead. They also waited for the Counties that were best for Biden to Carry and Count them last. And when they cheated with all the illegal votes for Biden there was not enough Ballots left for President Trump to catch up. The main issue is that the votes that were cast should be rechecked for their Validity on who they were for. This Presidential Candidate hid away from reporters so he wouldn’t prove what an idiot he really is. For his role with His son Hunter involving China and the Ukraine which both of them traveled on Air Force 2 together and VP Biden had no knowledge of His sons dealings with barismo and with China investments. I think that all Politicians who want to run for Office should not be allowed any money from special interest groups or Lobbyist as they would be beholding to them. If they really want to serve our Country’s best interest they should report to work 5 days a week and 8 hours a day like most of America’s workforce does. They also should be limited to two terms with 25% pension and pay for their medical insurance like the rest of us. In doing this I think we will get more Patriots and Honest men and women to care about keeping our Country free and safe, 47 years in Office and this man has accomplished nothing. Oh excuse me he was for segregation as he didn’t want his kids going to a jungle school. Now that was a racist statement if ever I have heard one. Another is “If you vote for Trump you ain’t Black.” The Dems have kept people of color down and out for years. Making them depend on Government subsidies like welfare and food stamps. Making them dependent on the Government keeps them down in poverty and not allow them to make a better future for themselves. Anyone going through this type of stereo typing will never make it on their own and never have any self esteem. Wake up everyone before we head down the Socialist road to total destruction and this is for all races being kept down the the Liberal left Radicals who want to change our Country. They have started in the last 2 years trying to cancel out our Culture and most importantly remove our Country’s History all across the Nation. How can anyone person or Nation move forward if we don’t have knowledge of our History to show us what direction we should be going in. Re-elect Trump to keep America Safe and Great.

      2. Not even close to 5 million votes! In Arizona aloe it ie 12,000 votes for Biden out of over 1.5 million cast. We do not know the LEGAL vote count in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Nevada because of all the Democrat FRAUD! Yeah, you “Get Real! moron.


      4. “Get real” and get with it…first Biden did not win by 5 million votes…second, even if he were ahead by 100 million votes, the opposing candidate can challenge those votes and until the GSA, and only the GSA certifies the results does it become official…period…quite the misinformed mental midget, you are…

      5. Oh lord Richard. So now we’ll hear “He got the popular vote” for the next 4 years if Trump wins. I than have to say “But look who the popular voters are”. You couldn’t pay me to be one of them. Get your nose of out CNN and watch a news channel that says the truth because you can only listen to what Trump eats, wears, says, does so many times before you pull your hair out if you don’t change channels.

      6. well drichard Tongue, you get that many votes by having SOROS rent a warehouse and Employing a few hundred illegals to mark ballots for a few hours a day, spreading them around, and Hoping you don’t get caught using TOO MANY dead people’s Name’s

      7. Easy they have software that changed votes, they bought votes like in Minneapolis Omar paid for that and they stole ballots filled them out so when people went into vote they were told they already voted. You liberals never see a problem with anything as long as it’s in your favor. I will never buy that 70+ million voted for a demented old man and a hooker.

      8. . . . . Lol, you must be the family member they refer to as the “Tonge-in-cheek” ! . . Remains to be seen just what “cheeks” they were referring to !

      9. In addition to that, FIVE MILLION VOTE lead in California is probably a minimum of the FRAUDULENT VOTES that California had with 3 million minimum illegal voters. And the town where Democrats (Just two) account for 8 thousand fraudulent mail in votes.
        We have the PROOF. Now you can accept that or face God at judgement for Matthew 12:36.

    2. I thought we had a chance now with Barrett on the SCOTUS. HOWEVER, it seems that Gorsuch is joining Roberts as a traitor to America. There is NO way that ACA is, was or ever will be CONSTITUTIONAL. There is no place in the constitution where the government is allowed to take over health care.

    3. Sandy Smith is just another entitled elitist whose job is to promote the corporatist narrative. She could easily work for one of the other corps that control the media, unlike the top ranking prime timers, so she’s keeping her options open.

    4. There are time limits for states to certify their elections , when it p[asses that date, it’s automatic. The dates are set in the constitution for the electoral college AND the inauguration. Trump can have several dozen lawsuits “pending” and it will make NO difference if they haven’t been heard. Trump soses because a court cannot invalidate anything that is unconstitutionalOnce the dates pass,, the lawsuits are moot and cannot be changed..

      1. No, if Biden is elected President, it is all WORKING Americans that will “regret” a Biden Administration. Naturally, low life’s that have no Job like college kids, retirees with no investments, and the super rich will be better off riding on the backs of the middle class TAXPAYER. Which on are you?

        1. Not this working American…I didn;t vote for ol Hiden in the first place. So that means I’m allowed to complain!

    1. Yup! I removed the FNC app from my phone and ipad! Been watching OAN and Newsmax for a while now, but election night was the hammer! Hopefully, Trump will start his own TNN and all of the real conservatives like Tucker, Sean, Judge Jeanine, etc. will leave FOX and join the winning team!

  2. Stupid people just don’t even want to acknowledge that there is fraud in the ballotting and that lawsuits and recounting ballots is going to take place’

    1. Not stupid. CORRUPT. They KNOW that their jobs are now controlled by the Murdock boy’s WIVES. And that means either you put out the lies or you get fired.
      Look for them to come up with an excuse to get rid of Carlson and Hannity and Ingraham. Then Fox will be HISTORY

      1. Isn’t it something how Fox fell from grace with viewers so quickly? For a long time, they were tops in news channels, but now, even CNN is ahead of them.

        1. Kevin, No, FOX has always leaned LEFT. They just through in some conservative host’s to fool us into thinking they were in the middle.

          1. Thank goodness, I wasn’t alone. I too saw it and stopped watching years ago. I’ve just been waiting for everyone else to catch up. It’s too bad it took this amount of corruption to open the eye’s of everyone else.

  3. Socialism spreads ilke wildfire eating up brains. Humans are turned into zombies, agreesive, hateful. this ideology is the scurge of the earth. It killed 120 million people until now but still masses are sucked into the mental abyss.

    1. Only if WE let it!! We gotta stand up, fight it, not listen and not let them corrupt us if the worst should happen!

  4. The end for Fox is near. You see, they failed to understand that their only audience is conservative patriots. So now they have revealed that they truly believe that THEY are the ones who can “call” and election and the rest of us are supposed to accept THEIR DECREE. Folks, it is time to boycott all of Fox except for maybe Hannity and Tucker Carlson. The rest of their agenda should do DOWN THE TUBES. Even the FIVE puts up with the garbage from Juan Williams.
    IF, like me, you don’t take cable and cannot effect their ratings or you want to, just start to keep track of their sponsors and BOYCOTT THEM. But you have to call them and tell them you are boycotting them and why OR IT WILL NOT WORK
    Best to just obey II Chronicles 7:14.
    God can save us all IF we turn back to Him.

  5. The real question – What is happening to Fox News?! Have noticed a shift, and your viewers are going to ‘shift.’

  6. When you’re pissing off the owner of Fox news, you might be on borrowed time. But his bratty boys love her and Cavuto and other ignoramuses’ like them.

  7. Really Sandra? I thought you were smarter than that. But if you want to play that way, I call Donald J Trump was reelected on Nov 3rd. Which he was actually.

  8. really disappointed in Fox news–I have gone to my cable provider to get Newsmax and One American New to be a part of their cable package. I well cancel Fox to get the other two news outlets

  9. The unabashed arrogance of left-wing zealots makes them chronically incapable of seeing just how perverse and evil they show themselves to be in front of people who can think for themselves.

  10. Fox News is no longer our “go to” channel for news. We much prefer OAN as they are the only conservative channel left. Fox can go to hell along with all the MSM!

  11. Despised Shepard (hurricane) Smith, can’t tolerate Juan Williams, bummed when they got rid of O’Reily , lost it when they hired Donna ( here’s the answers Hillary) Brazile, etc.
    We made them the best and now they turn on us, or more likely always been against us. I have nothing but contempt for fox now. Watch OAN and NewsMaxxxxxxx now.
    Probably will check in on Tucker now and then.

  12. Obviously SSn you need to take a civics course. Hillsdale College offers free Constitution 101 course. I suggest you take it. No where in the Constitution does it refer to the MSM as approving any election. Nor are you part of the certification process. I do not like pi$$ing in your wheaties but, the msm is insignificant at best. You have out grown your usefulness.

  13. I don’t give a hoot for Sandra Smith never have her famous words FOS NEWS ALERT the wind is blowing, time to get a change cannot stand her

    1. Yep the wind IS blowing, OUT Of Her Tailpipe, and FAUX news has NEVER BEEN an authoritative source ! Just another Propaganda Outlet, they Lie and the Crackheads believe it, just like with the Other Propaganda outlets. BUT wait till they figure out what Socialism ACTUALLY does, Breadlines, Gulags, Re-Education Centers, Death penalties for defecating on the sidewalks, and Smoking Crack.

  14. I’m really going to miss Gutfeld, he truly made me laugh alot. I won’t miss anybody else on the channel. Gutfeld when you get a new gig I’ll watch again. Bye

  15. WOW! It is really great news now that the lying Democrat news media decides elections, States can save MILLIONS of dollars now on elections. No need to have them!
    Ignorant fa-king democrats!

  16. SandraSmith should be fired for unprofessionalism. Her blantant innuendo that Trace is in denial or otherwise crazy is divisive within the industry which is expected to adhere to the highest standards of professionalism because the people in front of the camera are suppose to report the news without opinion and most definitely conceal any negative emotional response to a guest on their show. Those in front of the camera have the power to influence the uninformed or sway those who may attempt to apply critical thinking…let’s not allow television personaliities to squash Americans who still dare to use their brains.

  17. FOXNews….has NO POWER to choose the winner of ANY election!
    That is up to 50 States and will be OFFICIALLY revealed on 14 Dec.
    The arrogance of the MSM, including FOX, is beyond the pale!!

  18. I am sitting back and watching who is really a Patriot and who has a “ Brown nose “. Already Several Republicans have had their noses up the ass of Liberals to make sure they can stay off of the “ Black list” liberals are writing. This is Pathetic…… I pray that Trump also has a List of the traitors in his party when he wins re-election !


  20. I am tired of these closet anti-Trump news people. A love those hot mic’s.
    The Mainstream Media has no constitutional authority to declare an election outcome.

  21. Sandra Smith is an arrogant and at times nasty little snipe. Just the look on her face shows her nasty attitude. Haven’t liked her since day one, now I don’t have to, I’ve found News Max.

  22. Fox no longer fair and balanced. They are in the pockets of liberal and radical left.
    Goodbye to fox switching to Newsmax!
    They cut off conservative guestS and now censorship!
    Fire Smith, Cavuto, Rove, to name a few. News does not call election results.
    Biden currently not President elect! Only good news person’s left, Hannity, Judge Jeane, Ingram, Tucker.

  23. Fox News has turned to be another leftist news organization, just like CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS and NBC. They employ reporters/news casters that are RINOs. They are suffering the consequences of their actions by losing the viewership of the conservative and right wing viewers. It is pretty bad when their numbers dropped from the most viewed news to one of the least viewed, even below CNN and MSNBC.

  24. Sorry Sandra, Your no different than all the other back stabbing Democratic,Socialist is this great nation opposing TRUTH,JUSTICE,AND THE AMERICIAN WAY.

  25. not watching Fox except for 4 total shows. As long as they keep calling the unofficial results for joe b i will not be watching. FOX has lost many of its committed viewers. I am DONE with them.

  26. I always get a Belly laugh out of the statement “Fox News had called it for Joe Biden” !,
    News networks are NOT an “Authoritative Voice”, Especially when they call a winner before the Votes are even Tallied, And even Then, the Electoral college Isn’t until December 14, and we ALL know that they have been known to Go the Other way, look at whining hilLIARy Clintoris, up 3 million in Kalifonia, down By a LANDSLIDE in the Electoral college

  27. If we are relying on MSM to deliver final election results, we are all in a world of hurt. Remember, they refused to air the Biden China corruption shortly before the election. American’s had a right to know just how corrupt the Biden family really is. Shame on MSM for hiding the truth.


  29. I told a friend the other day that Sandra Had gone nuts. I guess she’s a crazy Biden lover. I hope she loves it when all his shit hits the fan and she’s in front of it. She needs to be fired. I am pulling rapidly away from anything Fox. I watch Tucker, Hannity, Ingram, and Breen. That’s it. Newsmax is great, and so are Varney and Lou Dobbs. Sick of Fox.

  30. Ive got sad/bad news for all crooks! President trump won by 80% votes. The Military have the legal votes. President Trump anticipated fraud, as he learnt from the previous election how crooked the Dominion Voting machines are. They set numerous traps for the crooks! Video cameras picked up Trucks arriving in teh night with Biden /Harris on the sides, and boxes and boxes of Fake Chinese ballots arrived. many were filled in by the Poll Counters inside. The Dominion Machines were the same ones used to Topple other Governments Venezuela being one! And whats more, the same corrupt people funding it, also are responsible for the corrupt testing Machines for Covid! All a giant hoax.

  31. I’ve been noticing a slip to the left for some time, 2 years or better. Noticing how some of the morning show hosts have such a strained look on their faces like they wanted to say something but better not. Could hardly stand some of the leftist additions that are getting more air time like ‘Donna’ and Juan lately. Christ what fruit cakes. But then, this election. Done with you FOX. I’ve been tuning in to Newsmax or OAN. So much more refreshing. No more twitter. Went to Parler. FB. I’l keep it open only to check for parts for my sailboat through the owners group. Joined MINE. Parler will eventually push out twitter and hopefully blossom/morph into something similar to FB for conservatives. If not someone will come up with something. I remember when FB started not to long ago.

    Thanks FOX for making me realize that there are alternatives to crappy news channels and other crappy platforms. You were the catalyst.

  32. Sandra Smith. JUst like Bill O’Reilly who was one of the first to embrace Romney.
    Now we can ignore her from now on and let God judge her.

  33. This is why we need the following laws. 1) No vote calls until all polls have closed that includes Alaska and Hawaii. 2) They can’t call a projected winner until at least 75% of the votes have been counted. 3) If there are any oddities in the Voting then they must report it. 4) No calling a Winner or projected winner until all States have gotten 75% of their votes counted. 5) No calling anyone President anything until after the Electoral College has made their decision. Any Network or Channel that violates any of these Laws they lose all press Credentials until the next Election. They can call Local and state results as they please but not one single Federal office.

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