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Ohio Democrat Rep. Marcia Fudge is a firm favorite to become Joe Biden’s secretary of agriculture if he’s certified the presidential election winner.

But everyone in politics knows it’s a long road to confirmation.

Fudge’s premature quest for nomination may collapse before it gets off the ground. The fact she requested leniency for former Ohio state legislator Lance Mason in 2015 after a judge convicted Mason of viciously beating his then-wife Aisha Fraser is garnering new scrutiny and rightfully so.

From Slate:

He punched her 20 times, bit her, and slammed her head against the dashboard of the car and window, breaking a bone in her face and leaving her in need of facial reconstruction surgery. She attempted to flee the car. He continued to beat her, before driving away and leaving her on the road to flag down a passing car and ask for a ride to the hospital. Their two young daughters were sitting in the back of the car during the assault.

Mason served nine months in jail. Shortly after his release, he stabbed his ex-wife to death.

Fox News adds how Fudge claimed before and after Aisha Fraser’s murder — she could never imagine Mason capable of inflicting such cruelty.

“My support of Lance in 2015 was based on the person I knew for almost 30 years — an accomplished lawyer, prosecutor, state legislator and judge. That’s the Lance Mason I supported,” Fudge said in a statement released to Politico after Mason’s 2018 arrest. “The person who committed these crimes is not the Lance Mason familiar to me. They were horrific crimes, and I condemn them.”

Neither Fudge’s office nor Biden’s transition team immediately returned emails from Fox News seeking comment for this story.


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2 months ago

Sounds like she will fit right in with a Demonrat administration!

2 months ago

She has horrible judgement, no wonder Biden likes her!

Eddie Price
Eddie Price
2 months ago

Hey, join the Biden crime family!!! Welcome!