Alex E. Proimos via Wikimedia Commons

Georgia voters will decide which party controls the U.S. Senate based on two runoff elections in January. While both of the Democrats’ nominees have extreme views for Georgians, Rev. Raphael Warnock is the craziest Democrat running for office this year. See why.


  1. Common on people–this man is EVIL—he cannot win–I have sent money
    to help defeat him–please do what you can—this is critical to keeping the
    senate or else it will be a country we won’t recognize—everything you
    read is a lie is Covid, Trump,fake news, election ,

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  2. There is a pattern here. Black men who pretend to be ministers of the LIVING GOD. And they serve the OTHER master. This includes Jackson, Sharpton, Farrahkan, and ‘full of hate” Jeremiah Wright.

  3. I’m being blocked from going to the “NEXT” page. Also I had to put this article into a folder before it would let me open it. . . . . Is something fishy going on here?? Is your site being censored?

  4. Fitting article for all the Jewish oped writers, Congress and Hollywood.

    1. Sadly there’re many non-believing Jews who favor a Muslim Palestine over a Jewish Israel, contrary to the Scriptures.

      They oppose God or reject Him because the feel He abandoned the Jews during the Nazi and Soviet Pogroms. Many ore the children of Jews who had fled Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia.

  5. Talk about an EXTREME racist!! Warnock was/is trained in BLACK racism by the Union Theological Seminary in NYC!! The same breeding ground for snakes that produced Oblammer’s minister of many decades!

    This subversive organization needs to be shut down!

  6. So basically this fellow is another typical Democrapic pastor. Meaning he has not a clue about GOD or even what being a CHRISTIAN is about.

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