Photo edit of Donald Trump speaking 18,000 supporters at a MAGA rally in Waco, Texas. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.
Photo edit of Donald Trump speaking 18,000 supporters at a MAGA rally in Waco, Texas. Credit: Alexander J. Williams III/Pop Acta.

Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign has raised over $4 million in fundraising in response to the indictment he is facing. This would make him the first former president in American history to be charged with a crime. Trump has long thrived on chaos and turmoil, using it to portray himself as a victim of the establishment, liberal forces, and the mainstream media. The indictment announcement will help Trump in rallying effect, giving him a boost in the polls and increasing his donations. However, the question remains whether this is a sustainable bounce, especially with socially conservative voters in the GOP’s presidential nominating calendar. This will be front and center as the process goes forward, determining how much of a distraction this will be and how much other candidates can garner attention.

Trump’s Response

Trump’s campaign quickly capitalized on the announcement and has been actively fundraising since the news broke. The former president claims that the “Radical Left” is behind the “disgusting witch hunt” and has urged supporters to contribute to his campaign, regardless of the amount. The campaign’s fundraising efforts have been successful, and over $4 million was raised. The Trump campaign has emphasized the grassroots nature of the donations, with an average contribution of $38, and a quarter of the money coming from first-time donors to the Trump campaign.

The Indictment

Trump is expected in New York City on Tuesday following a Manhattan grand jury’s decision to indict him. The indictment alleges that he gave hush money payments to adult film actress Stormy Daniels in 2016 to keep her quiet ahead of that year’s presidential election over her claims she had sexual encounters with Trump years earlier. The former president denies sleeping with Daniels and denies falsifying business records to keep the payment concealed, as Deniels also told multiple other outlets in 2017 and 2018 that an affair with Trump never took place.

Impact on 2024 Presidential Race

Trump’s recent indictment has had a positive impact on his 2024 presidential campaign, effectively placing him back in the spotlight as the clear front-runner in the GOP primary. His competitors for the nomination have rallied around him, defending him against the politically motivated charges brought by the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. This support has further strengthened Trump’s position as the top candidate, making it difficult for any of his rivals to gain traction. By standing strong in the face of adversity, Trump has demonstrated his resilience and unwavering commitment to the American people. Despite these challenges, his unwavering support and popularity continue to grow, solidifying Trump has the current leader for the Republican nomination in 2024.

The Short-term and Long-term Effects

In the short term, Trump’s indictment has actually had some positive effects that he can take advantage of. The news has rallied his supporters, resulting in a significant increase in fundraising efforts. Additionally, Trump’s recent surge in popularity can be attributed to Republicans viewing the indictment as politically motivated. The indictment has also made it difficult for other Republicans to gain momentum, further cementing Trump’s position as a strong leader in the party. While the long-term impact of the indictment remains uncertain, Trump’s resilience in the face of adversity is a testament to his ability to weather any storm. Despite allegations of his involvement with Daniels, Trump’s supporters remain steadfast in their loyalty. Although social conservative voters may be concerned, Trump has a track record of overcoming obstacles and coming out on top. Ultimately, Trump’s ability to maintain his recent gains in the polls will depend on his willingness to fight back against these charges and his dedication to his base.


  1. why not start an indictment on this NY DA for fraud and stealing fund from Federal for this GEORGE SOROS criminal action. he and all the twelve juries were part of the game player. just wonder how much hand picked juries were paid for this fraud indictment. i bet they couldn’t even sleep at night. each of them is part of the criminal waiting for door knock the rest of their lives.

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  3. I find it rather appauling the another found guilty and have to prove innocence for ,Trump when The biden family have proof of guilt is disavowed or overlooked as nothing.The proof of a two tier justice is evident even a blind could or should see

  4. The “D” dummies just pushed me off the fence. I hope he is a “wrecking ball” when he wins! Out will all the traitors, including the Repubs!

  5. Dem’s have to realize that the Witch Hunt they have started goes both ways . I suspect their true motive is actually motivated by the investigations in to the Kenyan Frauds birth certificate . Which in no matter where the guy was born , he was ineligible under our Constitution . This could be why he dispised it so much . The Constitution states very plainly that in order to be eligible to hold the office of President , one must be a natural born offspring of two citizens of the United States . Parents could be natural born citizens or naturalized . Obama’s claimed father was not a citizen , naturalized or otherwise but s Kenyan exchange student who never sought citizenship in the United States . And if on the other hand his father was the guy who mentored him , he would be ineligible do to being a known supporter ond member of the communist party and , preaching the overthrow of America . And falsifying any of the above details would be cause for ineligibility .

  6. Since Bragg is opening the door, can we now see the powers that be go after Obama, both Clintons, Pelosi, Schumer and others?
    This is a door that should not be opened, and there are many dems that know this. They will pay a heavy price for this one of Soros’ current boondoggles…

    1. These are the DO-NOTHING DEMOCRATS that supported Bragg and he should never be allowed to practice law if he is unable to determine what he did was not right, a blind person knows this is nothing but a witch hunt.

  7. To Republicans these days anybody to the left of Steve Bannon or Heinrich Himmler is far left.

    On with the hunt!!

  8. Why is no one bringing up the fact that pirn slut violated the nda? That’s extortion. Then there’s the fact she said under oath in 2018 that she never had an affair with Trump. Now according to what she’s saying now that make 2018 perjury?. She claims she never said that had an affair she even said she’d never met him????? Even her atty in prison said they didn’t talk to Trump, only Trumps atty. He paid her an the other hoe and that Trump was not included in those convo’s. So WHO IS LYING??????
    Trump has denied every having with her because she AIN’T his type… Both women used to much?????

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