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Senator John Fetterman Discharged from Hospital

On Friday evening, Senator John Fetterman (D-PA) was released from Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, D.C. He had been admitted to the hospital in February to receive treatment for clinical depression. Fetterman was discharged and will be returning home to Pennsylvania to continue his recovery.

Fetterman’s Recovery and Plans for Return to Work

After being discharged, Fetterman expressed his excitement to return home and resume his roles as a father, husband, and senator. He plans to return to work on April 17th when the Senate returns from recess. Fetterman took to his Senate Twitter account to express gratitude for the care he received and emphasized that depression is treatable.

Medical Evaluation at Walter Reed

Dr. David Williamson, chief of neuropsychiatry and medical director of Walter Reed, released a statement detailing Fetterman’s condition upon admission. He was admitted on February 15th with severe symptoms of depression that had progressively worsened over eight weeks. Symptoms included low energy, poor sleep, slowed thinking and movement, and feelings of guilt and worthlessness.

Treatment and Remission

Doctors at the Neuropsychiatry Unit, along with Cardiology and Neurology specialists, treated Fetterman’s depression with medication therapy. His mood steadily improved over the following weeks, and his depression went into remission as a result of the treatment. Fetterman committed to long-term treatment for depression.

Evaluation of Auditory Processing Abilities

The doctors also evaluated Fetterman’s auditory processing abilities, which had been affected by a stroke he suffered in May. Fetterman was fitted for hearing aids and worked with speech therapists to improve his speech abilities. Williamson stated that his speech would continue to improve with continued outpatient rehab.

Fetterman’s Return to Work

Sources close to Fetterman have indicated that he recovered well and is ready to return to work. Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) recently visited Fetterman and remarked that he looked and sounded well. Fetterman is expected to return to work on April 17th and continue serving the people of Pennsylvania.


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