President Joe Biden’s press conference in Hanoi, Vietnam, took an unexpected turn as it was abruptly ended with his microphone muted and jazz music playing in the background. Biden was in the midst of answering questions from reporters when his press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, intervened, thanking everyone and concluding the press conference.

During this incident, Biden continued speaking, unaware that his microphone had been cut. Jazz music played, creating an unusual atmosphere as the president attempted to continue answering questions before eventually shuffling offstage.

Watch The Viral Clip Below:

The press conference began late, and Biden acknowledged that he was following a list of reporters his aides had provided. He addressed questions predominantly about China but avoided addressing issues related to Russia, North Korea, and Ukraine.

The event highlighted concerns about Biden’s age, as polls indicated widespread doubts about his ability to run for reelection. Despite his jokes and attempts to maintain composure, the press conference’s unusual ending fueled criticism from his opponents and further scrutiny of his fitness for office.


  1. “SSHHH. This will be our little secret. Don’t tell your Parents.”
    Looks more and more like Newsom was right about one thing. He won’t be running against Joe.

  2. At the very least, he is a fool. At worse he is dragging the country not only with his age, but profoundly with his ignored incompetence.

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