Photo edit of President Biden.
Photo edit of President Biden.

Biden’s Slipping Poll Numbers Worry Democrats as Age Becomes a Key Factor in 2024 Race.

Biden’s Poll Numbers Concern Democrats

  • President Joe Biden’s declining popularity is causing unease among Democrats as he heads toward the 2024 re-election bid. Several allies have publicly shared their concerns, particularly after a seemingly incoherent press conference in Vietnam.

  • Recent polls indicate a tight race for Biden against former President Donald Trump and other Republican contenders. Biden lags behind former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley by 6 points and has a slim lead over Trump.
  • Some Democrats attribute the lack of enthusiasm to Biden’s age, which has again become a topic of discussion after the Vietnam press conference where his microphone was suddenly cut off.

Comments from Key Democrats

  • Montana Democratic Senator Jon Tester and others have voiced their concerns about the declining enthusiasm for Biden. While some are hopeful of a turnaround, others see Biden’s age as a significant factor against him in the polls.

“You got to be concerned about those poll numbers, you just do,” Senator Jon Tester, a Montana Democrat, told The Hill, adding, “There’s plenty of time to get them back up. Whether he can or not, I just don’t know but you got to be concerned.”

Republican Perspective

  • Former President Trump narrowly leads Biden in some polls, while other Republican contenders, like Nikki Haley, have been critical of Biden’s age and capabilities. Haley, in particular, leads Biden by 6 points in a recent poll, emphasizing her belief that the 80-year-old president might not complete a potential second term.
  • The majority of Republicans in the current GOP race have polled in ways that suggests they can beat Biden in a 2024 match-up, including current front-runner, Donald Trump.


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