President Biden speaking at Howard University. Screenshot of RNC Research Twitter video. May 13, 2023.
President Biden speaking at Howard University. Screenshot of RNC Research Twitter video. May 13, 2023.

During his speech at Howard University, President Joe Biden made a statement that has ignited controversy and raised concerns among many. He boldly declared that “the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland is White supremacy.” However, critics argue that Biden’s focus solely on White supremacy neglects the existence of numerous other extremist ideologies that pose significant dangers. They point out that his choice to single out White supremacy over all forms of extremism and radicalization, Black Lives Matter rioters, transgender ideologues who support mutilating children, and ANTIFA terrorists, is a one-sided narrative that not only misleads but also deepens the political divisions in our society.

Biden would go on to add that he’s “not saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU” however, this is the same man who said “if you don’t vote for me, you ain’t Black” in 2020.

During his speech at Howard University, President Joe Biden revived the discredited “fine people” hoax, which falsely alleges that former President Donald Trump praised neo-Nazis as “very fine people” after the Charlottesville riots in 2017. Despite a wealth of evidence to the contrary, including left-wing fact-checkers such as Snopes debunking the claim, and Trump’s clear condemnation of the neo-Nazis, Biden persists in perpetuating this falsehood. His refusal to rectify his statements or acknowledge the truth casts significant doubt on his dedication to factual accuracy.

During the same address, Biden urged graduating students to prioritize truth and reject falsehoods. However, his own persistent dissemination of inaccurate information undermines his credibility, especially considering his promise to be a unifying President. Critics have validly questioned the validity of his claims and expressed concerns about his willingness to perpetuate a debunked narrative for political advantage.

Biden’s statements have exposed the ongoing political divisions within our nation and highlighted the difficulties in fostering national unity. Instead of promoting genuine dialogue and understanding, his rhetoric only exacerbates societal polarization, especially on the basis of race.


  1. Of course this ass hole is going to pander to a black university by saying stupid stuff like white supremacy is our greatest threat. He is just so transparent…….An absolute moron. Anyone who voted for this turd should do some self assessment as to their own sanity.

  2. What the heck is wrong with this guy Biden? He must be trying to destroy this country. Maybe we need to ship him off to China and make him stay there with his family. I’m old, but I never worried about this country falling apart until we had a President Obama and followed by a brain-dead President Biden.

  3. No it’s not. YOU ARE, COCKSUCKER!!!!

  4. So Pedo Joe is admitting Democraps are the Biggest Threat to America. I say this because those who know the REAL TRUE HISTORY of the Democraps know they are the SOURCE of all RACISM in America starting before the end of the Civil War and still ongoing today. It was REPUBLICANS who FORCED that UBER BIGOT LBJ to sign the Civil Rights Act. LBJ then created Welfare to keep all poor people especially minorities that were poor down and under Democrapic Control. All the proof one needs to see that Democraps are the SOURCE of RACISM is look at how they turn minorities against their own if that minority person does not toe the Democrapic Party Line. So Pedo Joe is saying Democraps the RACIST Party is the THREAT America is facing and that Democraps will Destroy America. Well anyone with a Brain has known this for years. But since Democraps only have WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER overflowing their otherwise empty skulls in a NEVER ENDING SUPPLY proven by what SPEWS from their ever flapping Lips. Pedo Joe spoke TRUTH Thankfully he did not realize this or it would have killed everyone with in 50 miles of where he was. That is what happens when any Democrap tells the TRUTH KNOWINGLY.

  5. What was he thinking? Dividing us more with this crazy speech just because he is speaking to a Black college? He should fire his speech writer, because this will negatively define Biden. I guess the Democrats really don’t want him to run again? They ae sabotaging you, Joe.

  6. This is the only time he is correct in that white supremacy is a big problem and bden is the one that is being supreme in his actions and behaviors of his family . he thinks he is a god and that is partially true and like all false gods he will be deleted from this world when Crist returns to take over his kingdom on earth

  7. If bidumdum really believes this then he oughta resign and turn the controls over to the camel – HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Can anyone on the Left see that this man is a danger to civil society? He spews his hate, his resentment, his divisiveness and his blatent lies everwhere he goes. Anyone with half a brain and a small amout of intellectual honesty can see that he is the biggest threat to our nation. The sad thing is, is that they applauded. I would have walked out in protest.

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