1. You are 100% correct and I’m READY to quell the woke libby-left mob of indoctrinated oxygen wasters. IT”S TIME to END the lunacy madness from the subversive and demented criminal pukes clear across the political spectrum…

  1. Wont go both ways just one way.
    All due to since Musk brought Twitter
    See whose running scared

  2. When righteousness and holiness is rejected, there is no truth in one’s heart; therefore, their ways become deceptive in their actions.

    1. Absolutely, and these ‘beings’ are a detriment to all people who hold integrity, morality, and lawful conformity close to their hearts. The problem with our present day society is we have a faction of them that have gone too long without being disciplined and ‘corrected’. Liberal leftist mentality is vested in any subversive ploy and actions which circumvent lawful order, respect for authority, and the preservation of the Constitution. I say, “MIGHT to the RIGHT and DEATH for the Left”, EVERY flippin’ one of them….

  3. This is the most unprofessional presentation from a Government employee I have ever seen!! How old is she 10!!!

  4. The next attempt at lockdown by the liberal Democrats will be the cause leading to a civil war in this country..Liberals need to me extinguished !!!

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