Amanda Head returns to discuss what a new Trump term would mean for America and the Swamp.

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Born and raised in the South, Amanda Head's strong conservative background is highly evident in both her professional and personal life. A Birmingham, Alabama native, she's lived in Los Angeles since graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Auburn University.


  1. I’ve heard rumors of a Trump/DeSanris ticket for 2024. Just think of the havoc that would cause for the Demon-crats! The NPCs in the DNC couldn’t possibly pull enough vote fraud to overcome that team.

  2. Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! A second Trump term as president would destroy AMERICA . And Trump turned the swamp into a sewer and a cesspool !

  3. Cut 50,000 bureaucrats? He should cut the government by half, and eliminate some departments entirely.

  4. Pfft! Trump nothing about the swamp during his 4 years. Trump was then and still is dangerously naive! DeSantis 2024 ……..IF Democrats still allow elections!

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