Thor Brødreskift / Nordiske Mediedager via Wikimedia Commons

On Friday, Steve Bannon was found guilty of two charges of contempt of Congress, news which caused much rejoicing among the radical left.

Here are some of the best conservative reactions to what many see as an unjust blow against Bannon:


  1. When are Clapper and Brennen going to be jailed for lying to Congress? We demand equal justice!!! Also Hillary for destroying subpoenaed evidence.

  2. Eric Holder was held in contempt of Congress for a issue very severe, nothing like this!!
    He was the AG…..What he did was bad bad bad!!!
    Guess what, they did nothing to him…it also resulted in the death of a Federal Border agent!!!
    So this double std is a crock. If your a democrat you get a free pass. What a circus this is and
    no where near fair

  3. Personally, I think that these DOJ trials are very close to if not unconstitutional. In a “normal” trial there are many options available to at least attempt to make things fair to both prosecution and the defense. That doesn’t happen with the DOJ under Merrick. I hope that I’m correct about there being a hell because I know a few people that are due to move in.

  4. Mary and Lauren, You two Ladies both have a big set of Buford’s! Many of the republican RINO’s don’t have any when it comes to standing up to the political witch-hunt by the dems. I pray we don’t let them get away with cheating in this next election! MAGA!!!

  5. If Bannon is guilty of contempt, Pelosi and Co. have done all they could to earn it. Is it illegal to be contemptuous of the contemptable?

  6. “Witch hunt ” my foot ! Bannon and so many other Trump cronies and associates are guilty as hell !

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