Amanda Head returns to discuss a potential 2024 matchup between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and former President Donald Trump.

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Born and raised in the South, Amanda Head's strong conservative background is highly evident in both her professional and personal life. A Birmingham, Alabama native, she's lived in Los Angeles since graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Auburn University.


  1. President Trump and Florida Governor DeSantis should run together as President and Vice President!!! America Deserves Leadership Like This!!!! That is if there is anything left of Our True America, Constitution and Values after four (4) Horrific Years by the New Radicalizmoncrat Socialist Party and the Deep Dark State with Their Evil Agenda Against America!!!!

  2. Let’s go Brandon!
    McConnell, L.Graham, K McCarthy Eyepatch McCain,Mud Romney,Liz Cheney, Lisa Murkowski, John Cornyn, M Pence, Dr. Oz, Ron Johnson , Susan Collins Pat Toomey, Adam Kinzinger and the rest of the RINO swamp rats need to be voted out or kept out of office!

  3. A Trump DeSantis ticket would be ideal trump for 4 more years then DeSantis for the next eight the Republican party cold be in control for the next 12yrs

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