1. Someone, Somewhere, Somehow. should shut this BITCH the hell up and get her to go away……….

  2. How much would it cost to shut up Hillary Clinton? It’s obvious that she’s got way too much time on her hands these days. She still has problems common to most democrats. She views herself as a victim and never wants to let a good crisis go to waste. And thanks to Joe’s executive orders, there’s plenty of crisis to go around.

  3. Corrupt Hillary is so narcassistic!! Good God. I cannot spell due to vomit when I think of that out of touch, barbaric, wicked individual. Can you even imagine her as president? Would have been worse then his ” comic majesty” Bidenette we have today. Obamat, Corrupt Hillary , Sham Pelosie, Upchuck Shumer, Geoking Sorosss, etc. have almost completely destroyed the USA. Trump, Cruz, and DeSantos and Jordan are heroic saviors!! May God save us from going to hell “in a hand basket!”

  4. If they could get Biden elected in 2020 they can do the same for Clinton in 2024. She lost in 2016 but Democrats won’t let that happen again. They know how to cheat and get away with it so now anything goes in 2024.

  5. Ha Ha Ha Ha !!! When will TRUMP shit up . Maybe when he’s carted off to prison for life soon . Lock him up ! Lock hi up ! Lock him up !

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