Amanda Head returns to discuss how Hollywood Studios are getting hit hard by Covid in spite of taking Strict measures against it.

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Born and raised in the South, Amanda Head's strong conservative background is highly evident in both her professional and personal life. A Birmingham, Alabama native, she's lived in Los Angeles since graduating with her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Auburn University.


  1. Maybe they ought to follow the revenue negative measures that they advocated through their Demorat partners in treason. That would be a signal to the “unwoke” that they actually believed the BS they were advocating for. Though, I wouldn’t.

  2. Now hollyweird can get weekly covid tests delivered to their door. Remember. Get vaxxed , boost often, and test daily

  3. I got covid june 8, diagnosed by the doctor at a hospital, felt great 2 days later except for being more tired and sleepy than usual and at 76 I cant believe how mild it was, never got the shot. Now I would like to see more information about how immune I am and if the shot is required for any type of activity what type of exemption is provided for those with my history. I have absolutely no intention of getting the shot under any circumstances.

  4. I have not been vaccinated or boosted, been exposed both directly and indirectly several times and have never gotten covid. I haven’t had a cold or the flu in over four years either.

  5. Heh heh heh ha ha ha ha HA HA HA WAAHAA HAA HAA HAA WHOOHEE (sounds of knee slapping and gasping for breath) AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  6. Is it a coincidence that only Progressives are claiming to be COVID positive? Could these people be faking COVID in order to scare more of others to get vaccines? It really makes one wonder about what’s in those vaccines. Do we really trust these people?

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