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Vice-President Mike Pence has now endorsed a challenger to a GOP congressional candidate who has already been endorsed by former President Trump, in what many see as a possible prelude to a 2024 primary clash between the two men.

As The New York Post reports:

Former Vice President Mike Pence went against former President Donald Trump Monday by endorsing a different candidate in Arizona’s Republican gubernatorial primary — setting up a political brouhaha that could involve the erstwhile running mates holding dueling rallies Friday.

Karrin Taylor Robson said she was “honored” to have Pence’s backing in a series of posts on her Twitter account.

​”He has been a warrior for the sanctity of Life; limited government; law & order; opportunity for all; & the knowledge that our freedoms are granted by God. I’m proud to have him on my team​,” Robson said.

Robson, who is vying for the nomination against Trump-backed Kari Lake, also shared a statement from Pence on the social media site.​​

Pence is expected to headline a rally with Robson this Friday.


  1. LISTEN UP….GOD’S BLESSING is Still with PREZ TRUMP. GOD Appointed Me to Help TRUMP. YOU are Going too SEE a WHIRLWIND of SUPPORTERS for TRUMP. LATINOS…BLACKS ….ASIANS…TRUCKERS…BIKERS …CHRISTIANS..etc etc It is going to be like the PARTING of the RED SEA. GOD can DO WONDERS. Is ANYTHING Impossible for GOD????? From SamuraiQueen aka CHIAKIA. 😄😄😄😇😇😇😉😉😉

      1. I don’t like Pence at all, BUT, President Trump is backing the wrong candidate. Karen Lake is another Jeff Flake. She supported owe-bama and amnesty for illegals. Trump also backed a terrible candidate in Nevada, a spineless adam laxalt. President Trump is being given very bad advice over who to vote for out west

  2. Why is everyone always trying to undermine President Trump. He is the best president we have had since – Lincoln, and I was a great Regan fan! This is exactly what the Democrats want – divide and conquer – so it makes sense when they do it. But why are “Republicans” assisting them? What we need is a unified front to bring America out of the doldrums caused by the evil, Democrat organization.

  3. I don’t trust Kari Lake. She’s got a lot of skeletons in her closet. Trump’s not always the best judge of character. I do support Trump though, even if he messed up big time supporting Dr Oz.

    1. I agree with you 100%. Another President Trump mistake was backing spineless adam laxalt for Nevada governor

  4. Mike Pence is a pansy His wife Karen is the boss whatever she says goes. He cannot go to the toilet unless she gives permission. He has no guts or courage. Yellow belly Pence

  5. Who is Mike pence, is he relevant anymore , he looks like a Sunday school teacher ,he doesn’t need to be in politics, he’s a paid rino, aka have money will testify, against Trump

  6. I wonder if Pence has a clue that the only people who like him now are RINOs and Demon-crats?
    Pence infuriated nearly all conservatives when he allowed that fraud-ridden election to stand.

  7. The most amusing thing of all this is that MP actually believes that he is someone important. What a putz.

  8. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with Pence, but the Trump backed candidate was a big owe-bama supporter and is for amnesty for illegals. Trump is once again backing the wrong candidate. He did the same in Nevada, backing a weak, spineless adam laxalt.

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