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In a stunning move, every Democrat on the U.S. House Judiciary Committee voted to kill a plan to toughen federal sentences for child sex trafficking.

An amendment filed by Congressman Chip Roy (R-TX) would have lengthened mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of child sex trafficking.

It was opposed by every Democrat, who voted as a bloc to kill it.

“Judiciary Committee Democrats just unanimously REJECTED Rep. Roy’s amendment to increase penalties for all child sex trafficking offenses,” Roy’s office tweeted.


The Democrat move to protect child sex traffickers stunned Republicans.

“It defies all belief, all common sense, that you would say that someone who traffics a child in the sex industry — actually puts a child into that environment, or that child sexually abused — that individual should not have a minimum sentence of 15 years?,” said Roy.


Congressional Democrat opposition to tougher sentences for child sex trafficking comes as Democrats nationwide take a lighter touch on sex offenses against children.

In 2019 Virginia’s Democrat governor and Democrat-controlled legislature repealed a state law requiring schools to publicly report when children are raped.

In one Sterling, Virginia school an employee, an outspoken Democrat and liberal activist, supplied middle-school children with books instructing them on how to become sex workers.

The National Education Association, the nation’s largest government school union and a top donor to Democrat candidates, is currently considering a plan to fight parents who oppose their plans to teach children their “right to sexual identity” and encourage children to discuss sex with adults, without informing parents.

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    1. Just say they are involved in the trafficking for the simple reason they enjoy children in their beds and not adults . The whole party needs prison time as in the rest of their lives and hard time included as in making smaller rocks from larger rocks . They want to go back with many things so I say bring back the old hard times reality for all of them . They deserve nothing less .

    2. Yeah. Maybe many of them are making money off the sex trade going on at our Southern border. How can anyone be a Democrat? Their brain is wired differently than mine because I hate to hear of any child being abused in anyway.

  1. What drugs are these idiot on? This makes no sense at all, unless they are pedophiles and are worried they will lose their prey. It seems like the Democrats are Hell bent to support crimes, from what I read it was just the Democrats that shot the law down, what possible benefit is there to not pass this bill?

  2. Smart move by Congressman Roy. Democratic opposition should be widely publicized everywhere including on the GoodYear Blimp at sporting events.

    1. Y’know- I’m not in favor of abortion but, the aborted babies didn’t suffer years and years of abuse like the trafficked kids. All child abusers should be put to death.

  3. Talk about double standards! Those morons talk about their passion of protecting children against mass shootings then fight against this, how stupid is this? So, it is more important to disarm the law-abiding then it is to send away for life or hang a person who traffics a child into the sex trade! How insane is this! And to think, this sewer sledge waist is in “leadership” roles of this country! As a nation with this “leadership” we are domed! Jeffrey, I agree with you, I feel many of them would be affected by this!

  4. These are the actions of a global demonic elitist cabal of Moloch-worshipping adrenochrome-addicted baby torturing sexual deviants, cannibals and evil sociopathic power-hungry elitist scum.

  5. The new SCOTUS has a record of reducing sentences for child sex offenders. Can’t define “woman”, that’s supposed to be impressive. Nope.

  6. You mean the party of Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein, and Ed Buck (all big money DIMM financiers) opposes child molesters? Say it isn’t so. You’d almost think they wanted to groom kindergartners, wouldn’t you?

  7. The commie democrats need the be investigated. Also give all democrats and rinos a urine analysis

  8. How bloody attached to communism have the left become with their encouragement of molesting children? This is sick, SICK!

  9. The only reason for any of them to vote against this is to keep their stupid asses out of having to serve 15 years when caught!

  10. Biden wouldn’t sign it anyway with his reputation with little girls and his son’s obvious attraction to sex slaves that certainly seems to come from dear ole Dad! Just sayin’…

  11. It’s hardly surprising, considering that these Democrats are nothing but human excrement. Most of them are pedophiles themselves.

  12. Sounds like they’re planning a form of slavery of their own………….or just taking money from someone who does.

  13. And everyone is OK with this ??? You know why they did this, to protect themselves from molesting kids. Why elsexwoukd they not pass a law to take down perverts, molester and child porn. How many already were caught for that. so yes the would vote against it.

  14. See, see, see! The DemoRats are Satanic trash. How dare they protect child abusers.
    Disgusting swine,the whole lot of them.

  15. The Democrats can’t afford to lose the votes of those child molesters, there is always a method behind their madness, and voting that down is simply madness.

    But so it goes with the lawless Democrats, who have defunded the police, did away with bail to automatically release criminals no matter how horrible their crimes are, and have put AGs in office that refuse to prosecute liberals and criminals that are Democrat voters, no matter how terrible their crimes.

    So, the lawless Democrats have achieved putting the criminals back on the streets and are keeping them there no matter how many crimes they commit, and this is the major reason why the USA is going through a terrible crime wave, at least in all the places that the Democrats control law enforcement.

  16. What do you expect. The demon-rats are trying to change kids in other or no genders and letting people into office that think man/boy relationships are ok. This is disgraceful and they are bringing God wrath on us. They are satanic and need to go.

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