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Conservative pundits are engaged in a heated debate over the 2019 novel coronavirus, the president’s handling of the outbreak, and whether the media’s portrayal of events is accurate. The variety of opinions runs the gamut and at this point, the full story remains somewhat murky. But here is what the most popular conservative pundits are saying about coronavirus:


1.) Tucker Carlson 

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Carlson took to his show the other night and shared some criticism for the government over its handling of the coronavirus outbreak. Carlson did not stop his criticism there though, he went on to criticize his fellow conservative pundits for downplaying the virus. This all being said he has not taken to the level of alarmism that many in the left-wing media are. 

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2.) Sean Hannity 

Like Tucker, Sean Hannity took to the air last night to talk about the virus and its implications. Although he argued that it isn’t as big of a deal as the media is making it out to be. Hannity made sure to point out that the concern is warranted if you are over sixty or have underlying health concerns.

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3.) Trish Regan 

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Trish Regan came out on Fox News and claimed that the coronavirus was being used by Democrats to destroy the president. While Regan spent little time diving into the virus itself she made sure to point out that liberals are using it as a weapon to argue against the president’s case for re-election.

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4.) Rush Limbaugh 

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Rush Limbaugh has been making waves with his recent comments about COVID-19. Like Trish Regan, Limbaugh suggested that the left is using the virus to get at the president, mainly focusing on stopping Trump rallies.

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5.) Mark Levin 

Gage Skidmore via (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/deed.en) Wikipedia Commons

Mark Levin came out swinging on his program. The pugnacious conservative personality is totally behind President Trump and hammered the Democrats who are trying to use this virus to attack the president. He made sure to hit the Democratic Party on their previous failures in the healthcare arena.

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6.) Brian Kilmeade 

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Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade took to the air and demanded an apology from China. Kilmeade pointed out that China has seen the number of cases drop in their country but their initial handling of the virus has put the world in the situation it is in now (according to Kilmeade), hence the need for an apology.    

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  1. Democrats had rather see the stock market crash, and millions lose all they have, than see Trump and the Republicans win. They had rather see us all die if we refuse to be their SLAVES!

  2. Floyd You are right but always remember , we have GOD on Our side . GOD Bless President Trump , His Family and All who support Him .

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