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Former Vice President Joe Biden is not a very tolerant fellow and we are learning that as he careens around the country on his quest for the White House that anyone who dares to disagree with him had better be ready to duck. He called one questioner “fat” and dismissed a female New Hampshire questioner as “a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

All of that seemed tame last week when the candidate arrived at a Michigan auto plant only to be asked by a worker there why he wanted to “take away our guns.” Biden blew up, told the man he was “full of sh..t” and went on to call him a “horse’s ass” and tell him “I’m going to go out and slap you in the face.”

This is a pretty weird response to a legitimate question. As Senator, Vice President and Presidential candidate Biden has supported every gun control measure that’s ever come his way and had just announced a day or two before that he was putting former rival “Beto” O’Rourke in charge of his firearms policies. It was O’Rourke who proudly responded to a similar question during his failed campaign by shouting “Hell yes, we’re coming for your AR-15.”

But when asked questions he doesn’t want to answer, Mr. Biden has a nasty habit of turning on and threatening his questioner. During his confrontation with the Michigan autoworker, he simply declared, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, that “I support the Second Amendment … I have a shotgun … My sons hunt.”

Substantively, Mr. Biden seems to have little understanding of the Second Amendment, the reasons it was included in the Bill of Rights or the right of individual Americans to own firearms including the AR-15. Of course, the gun he wants banned is something he called an AR-14, so maybe he was talking about something other than the commonly owned firearm most believe enjoys Second Amendment protection under recent Supreme Court decisions. At least O’Rourke knows which gun he wants to confiscate.

Biden apparently doesn’t know an AR-15 from a machine gun or a bb gun, but he’s on record favoring both banning and confiscating what he calls “assault weapons.” The only other Democratic wannabe who has gone as far publicly was O’Rourke. When asked by a CNN reporter how he would answer those who say that “a Biden Administration means they’re going to come for my guns,” responded without hesitation Biden replied, “Bingo, you’re right if you have an assault weapon.”

That was at least an honest answer, but he didn’t want to say anything like it in Michigan before the workers he claims as part of his base went to the polls, so he huffed and puffed and threatened the worker who had the temerity to actually ask him. Biden may be getting old and cranky, but he’s no fool. He knows the worker who confronted him and many millions like him are gun owners, hunters and firm believers in protecting their Second Amendment rights. He’ll need them in the fall if he’s to beat Donald Trump and is smart enough to realize that if he’s seen as just another gun controller they aren’t likely to hop on his bandwagon.

So, as always, he’s trying to have it both ways. He comes on in his speeches to the progressive faithful as a dedicated foe of firearms rights and names “Beto” O’Rourke as his gun control guru, while simply declaring to others that anyone who accuses him of taking the positions he has taken is full of it and a horse’s ass to boot.

If that’s what the man says in public, one can only wonder what he really thinks of voters who disagree with him. Perhaps he sees them as “deplorables,” but thinks that, unlike the unfortunate Hillary Clinton, he can con them into voting for him anyway.

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  1. Doesn’t matter. Biden and Bloomburg are just surrogates to get HRC into the top office ultimately. She won’t/can’t do the campaign work and definitely will never debate Trump again. Watch for the brokered convention- I bet everything she will go into ticket as a vp and then Biden or Bloom resign in first year to escort her into the office unelected by us. She wants that power by hook or crook and she is the perfect crook to be Soros puppet.

    1. And then the President Pro Tem steps in as VP, beginning another era of single party rule implementing the socialist agenda in every aspect of our lives.

    2. Totally agree, we are being played by the Democrats not only in what is planned but lulling the conservatives to sleep thinking we have this thing won without question.

    3. I think bloomie is going to be in charge and joe his puppet and yes try to get killery in as vp!
      REALLY think twice before you vote. You dems who don’t like Trump best look real hard at what could happen to OUR country. I may be old but there was a time the dems were good people. My family backed them! BUT now they would all turn over……. as the saying goes. So many seem off the rails or just planning a take over with bo and the NWO! God help us all if that should come to pass! OLd enough to have been thru wars, riots and was sitting in front of a radio with my folks while Pearl Harbor was being bombed. NEVER EVER FOGET IT!

  2. Biden knows exactly what he is saying. With the Shady Burisma $$$ and Quid Pro Quo investigations in full swing, the noose is tightening and Biden is exaggerating his mental incompetence so his attorneys can claim this as his defense!

    1. C.A., I think you are right on that! He started the ‘crazy’ stuff when Ukraine became known about. Watch ‘DEMOCRATS’ HYDRA’ and ‘UKRAINE, THE FINAL PIECE’ and it all falls into place. Totally documented and well presented.

  3. Biden is nothing other than a Deep State puppet who has lost his grasp on reality. HE will NOT win. No way he does, and if there was such a happening it would be the end of any political contest and the beginning of a domestic shooting war in downtown D.C. I say this because WE are not going back to the past which Obama-Biden put upon US!

  4. LOL…Bitme has had two, or three frontal lobotomies, (correct term aneurysms)
    just like the communist, the two have them have been in government most of their lives, and have never done anything for anyone. The DemonSCAT party doesn’t want the communist, even though is isn’t much difference between them. The DemonRATS know if by some slim chance, the burn got the win, he would fill his positions with people like himself, and the base DemonRATS would be gone. In other words, the DemonRATS want to protect their own, and the idiot is all they have.

    1. ” the two have them have been in government most of their lives, and have never done anything….” EXCEPT get richer and richer off the backs of We the People. The Founders never wanted politicians to spend years in government because that was just like things had been under the monarchy with it’s nobles and serfs.

  5. This guy isn’t doing anything. He is simply either senile, drug induced or has a brain tumor. He has NO reason to run for the most difficult job in the world EXCEPT for ONE THING – Obama did NOT run the country. He played golf, basketball, video games, practiced speeches. Valerie Jarrett ran the entire White House.

  6. I have to agree that he has been instructed to play senile in order to avoid any of the harsher penalties for Burisma, China, and all the other Ukraine mischief. Don’t let him slide. He seriously needs to be in Gitmo. Then the good ol’ USA will give him all the care he needs, right up to the noose

  7. Everyone on here is talking about how bad obiden is but what Really bothers me is their are Many of uninformed or simply Stupid sheeple out there voting for this pos . Who are these people standing behind him or fireman for biden teeshirts wearing da’s standing there cheering . Thank GOD for President Trump , His Family and All who support Him .

  8. He’s an irascible, arrogant old man with more than a veneer of senility. It isn’t just on the subject of guns where he can turn on people.

  9. Biden made the big mistake of falling into the illicit quagmire of the Ukranian hole. He saw money for his son, brother, sister, and Pelosi’s son, Senator Kerry’s son. There was another I can’t recall. This is all a game he is playing. He lies, he curses at his constituents, and has a bad temper. Is this what they want in the White House? He demeans President Trump, but he is very vindictive, even to people of own party. All of this is not due to his “brain surgery”! And when did he do anything phenomenal in the Obama years except pad his own back? I feel sorry that he is making a fool of himself.

  10. Meanwhile, President Trump’s number of votes is beyond over the top in every state. He will be re-elected. Promises made, promises kept. Trump 2020!

  11. I said this before and I am going to say this again.
    Biden is being set up and USED by the democrats, PERIOD.!!!!!

    The deep state is getting ready to attempt to squash Trump with either Michelle Obama or Hillary.
    Note I suggest “attempt”.
    The American people can see through this rouse. Especially democrats.
    No one, not even democrats , like being lied to and used.

    The deep state is finally losing it and people who once supported the deep state no longer support them!!!!!!!!
    The American people are seeing that the deep state cares about one thing and one thing only.
    Power and destroying anyone who gets in their way.

    Democrats are finally seeing it daily!!!!!!!

  12. He also told the auto worker, “I don’t work for you.”
    So, Here’s his campaign slogan:

    “I don’t work for you”
    -BIDEN 2020-

  13. Trump Campaign needs to run this as a campaign ad:
    Voiceover of the key part of Biden’s tirade
    Video of a Nuclear Explosion.
    Game Over
    It worked for LBJ in ’64

  14. A lot of good, intelligent comments here. I commend you all and I don’t doubt the left has a variety of plans such as stated going at the same time to screw the American people…….again.

  15. He conned a whole country into firing their chief prosecutor to protect his corrupt son and there are a ton of uninformed, naive, stupid, ignorant voters in America who fall for whatever the media tells them.

  16. BEWARE BE VERY AWARE This a plan by the rats. It can only end badly for all WE the People! Parties be dammed! Your and OUR futures depend on it! Its a secret ballot, no one has to know how or who you voted for! America and Americans FIRST!

  17. Many of we the true American Patriots are in agreement of this Devilrat scam they are trying to pull over on us by this Hitlery Clinton VP crooked deal. Poor old Dementia Joe best look out, if by a slim chance could win as he would be
    in the Clinton Spot Light for a sudden Stroke, Massive Heart Attack, or Committing Suicide by two shots in the back of the head, left handed no doubt and assisted by the Hitlery Mafia Suicide Group. If not he is a DOA volunteer by Clinton as she gets at long last the Same Desk Cegar Willie used as his office bed,now won’t that be a slick Willie soft pad for her. This by damn is and don’t think we the People do not see thru this and will vote to see it’s only the Devilrats and Hitlery Clintons Wet Dream that once again is her 3time failure.

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