Saturday, July 11, 2020

CNN Reporter’s Reaction to Daily Caller Columnist’s Death Draws Outrage

Daily Caller columnist Betsy Rothstein was a well-known figure in D.C.’s media circle. Rothstein passed Sunday after a lengthy battle with cancer. 

Yet as condolences from the right and the left poured in, one CNN reporter caught flack for tweeting that almost “everyone mourning her online” is white.

Fox News’ Brian Flood has more:

CNN reporter Nathan McDermott, part of the liberal network’s K-FILE investigative unit, shocked media peers when he attempted to politicize Rothstein’s death on Monday night.

“I didn’t know Betsy Rothstein and only read her occasionally, and I am sad that she passed away, but there’s clearly a divide in values political journalists hold when (almost) everybody mourning her online is a white reporter who covers DC,” McDermott wrote.

“And I do appreciate the irony that occurs when provocateurs who disdain sanctimony die and people get outraged when you don’t say they were perfect,” McDermott added in a follow-up tweet.

McDermott was immediately criticized on Twitter for the remarks. Many of Rothstein’s friends and colleagues used colorful language to express how they felt. The Daily Caller told the CNN reporter to “do us all a favor and log off forever,” while others expressed disbelief.

Even CNN’s vice president of communications, Matt Dornic, said he didn’t support McDermott’s tweet.

Others weighed in on Twitter.

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