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Americans are eager to get back to their old routines, but in the wake of the reopening, 20 states have seen a steady increase in the number of coronavirus cases. Twelve of them are seeing record numbers of cases. 

The following states have stopped reopening. Several are controlled exclusively by Republicans.


Florida reported almost 9,000 new cases Friday, nearly doubling its previous one day record. 

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez (R) said, “all options have to be on the table” when asked if he had considered issuing another stay-at-home order for his residents.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) decided to shutter bars statewide.

Vice President Mike Pence announced that he would travel to Florida, Texas, and Arizona to get an “on the ground” report of the situation.

More than 3,400 people have died in Florida.


Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) issued some of the strictest lockdown measures in the country. He only allows counties to begin reopening if they meet certain criteria for testing and transmission rates.

Responding to rising cases, Newsom has ordered bars in seven counties to close again.

More than 5,900 people have died in California.


Today marks the 15th record-setting day for COVID-19 admissions in Texas hospitals. The state’s largest has reached 100% ICU capacity

In an interview, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) said, “If I could go back and redo anything, it probably would have been to slow down the opening of bars, now seeing in the aftermath of how quickly the coronavirus spread in the bar setting.”

Abbott has scaled back restaurant dining and halted elective surgeries in hard-hit counties.

More than 2,400 people have died in Texas.


With a record surge in COVID-19 cases, Arizona has reversed its policy on restaurant and bar reopenings. After 3,056 new cases were recorded last Thursday, Gov. Doug Ducey (R) said he would put the reopening “on pause.”

More than 1,500 people have died in Arizona.


Thebukuproject via Wikimedia Commons

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards (D) has announced his state will remain in Phase 2 for an additional four weeks, through July 24.

Most close contact businesses and places of worship remain open, provided they follow limited capacity guidelines. Outdoor and recreation venues remain closed.

More than 3,100 people have died in Louisiana.


Garrett from Salt Lake City via Wikimedia Commons

Gov. Gary Herbert (R) announced most of Utah would remain in a “yellow,” or cautious phase of reopening. Businesses remain open with “reasonable precautions.” All are encouraged to wear masks and maintain social distancing.

More than 100 people have died in Utah.


Oregon Gov. Kate Brown (D) announced a week-long hold on her state’s reopening plan last Friday, calling it a “statewide yellow light.” Brown explained that “This one-week pause will give our public health experts time to assess what factors are driving the spread of the virus and determine if we need to adjust our approach to reopening.”

More than 200 people have died in Oregon.


Cliff from I now live in Arlington, VA via Wikimedia Commons

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R) announced last week that his state is not ready to ease further restrictions given its surge in cases. Frank Scott Jr. (D), the mayor of Little Rock, went further, issuing a mask-wearing mandate.

More than 200 people have died in Arkansas.


“We all want to get back to doing all the things we love in Washington during the summer, and fully open our economy, but we aren’t there yet,” said Gov. Jay Inslee (D) after declaring he would postpone moving any counties into Phase 4.

More than 1,300 people have died in Washington.


Delaware’s slow lifting of restrictions remains paused on Phase 2. Gov. John Carney (D) initially hoped Phase 3 could commence June 29, but he decided to postpone that decision to get “a better handle on what’s going on in Delaware and around the country.”

More than 500 people have died in Delaware.


As cases surged in late June, Gov. Brad Little (R) decided to postpone a full reopening initially scheduled for June 26. Idaho will remain in Phase 4 for at least two more weeks.

Per the Idaho Press:

“We want businesses to open,” Little said during a noon press conference in the Capitol’s Lincoln Auditorium. “We want our children back in school at the end of summer, so please, do not let your guard down.”

After setting a new daily record, officials decided to keep Ada County, the state’s most populous, in Phase 3, closing bars and limiting gatherings to 50 people or less.

Ninety-one people have died in Idaho.


In late May, Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) launched a broader reopening of Nevada’s economy. Sisolak allowed casinos to resume operations on June 4. 

In response to the spike in cases, the Silver State governor has delayed the start of Phase 3 and now requires Nevadans to wear facemasks. 

More than 500 people have died in Nevada.

New Mexico

Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham (D) has delayed the next phase of reopenings indefinitely.

If New Mexico’s cases continue trending upward, officials say mask enforcement will be strictly enforced and business reopenings rolled back. Most businesses have reopened, except for bars, casinos, and theaters.

More than 400 people have died in New Mexico.

North Carolina

Gov. Roy Cooper (D) allowed retailers, restaurant dining, saloons, barbershops, churches, and pools to reopen in May. With cases trending upward, the Democrat has paused the further easing of restrictions and is requiring residents to wear face masks in public.

More than 1,300 people have died in North Carolina.

What do you make of these latest developments? Do you think there’s justification for pausing reopenings now that some conservative governors are doing so? Let us know your thoughts about the coronavirus in the comments section below!

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Michael Brigham has written for American Action News since the summer of 2019. His areas of expertise include foreign affairs, government, and politics, but regardless of the subject matter, he has a nose and an insatiable appetite for news. In his free time, he enjoys reading nonfiction, watching a mix of comedies and true crime documentaries, and spending time away from the swamp hiking in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

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Gerald S Ladd
Gerald S Ladd
2 years ago

People die of the regular flu every year. the left, and the MSN are selling fear. The recovery rate from the DemonRAT flu IS 98%.

2 years ago

Time to get the children back to campuses and stop the party protests.
Time to loclk up the vandals.
Let responsible adults get back to work.

2 years ago
Reply to  PJ

I agree with you

Just Mari
Just Mari
2 years ago

I agree. They report onhow many have died, but of what? Why is a heart attack considered COVID caused? Because the hospital can get thousands of dollars if it is reported as COVID.
I read an article today that said Gov. Ducey has FORBIDDEN the use of masks. Absolute lie. Even our highway signs are telling people to Mask up, Arizona! No, thanks. I want to be able to breathe, especially when the temperature hits 112F. Let those who wish to mask up, do so. Let us who prefer to not wear masks, do so. We should have that choice and our Mayor has given the residents of Apache Junction just that.