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Disgraced ex-television news host Dan Rather, who was fired from CBS for reporting fake news over ex-President George Bush to help John Kerry in the 2004 election, has found a new gig.

The Washington Times reports:

From 2013 to last year, he filmed 150 episodes of “The Big Interview with Dan Rather” for the niche cable channel AXS TV. Guests included actor David Hasselhoff, singer Neil Young and filmmaker Oliver Stone.

Now the 90-year-old journalist publishes left-leaning commentaries on the news of the day in a Substack newsletter that he shares on Twitter with his 2.7 million followers.

“Trump judges are McConnell judges,” Mr. Rather tweeted Friday.

He’s among the growing number of ethically tarnished TV journalists who have migrated to smaller cable networks, digital platforms and streaming channels.

The report notes, “In 2006, CBS fired Mr. Rather for reporting false documents about President George W. Bush’s Texas Air National Guard service during the 2004 election. Describing himself as a ‘scapegoat,’ the veteran newsman filed an unsuccessful $70 million lawsuit against the network.”


  1. I remember a day that the media was a friend of the American people. Un politised. Un biased and remembered why the founders of the constitution gave them the very power they have turned against the middle class.

  2. Like Rather most of these TV reporters are over rated, way over payed and to much into themself. I believe the government is becoming not of the people,by the people is parrishing. And the press is one of the reasons.

  3. This is the problem in America today. We reward people that distort the truth. And hire them to teach their lies at prestigious educational institutions.

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