1. You would have to be a complete MORON to believe a candidate of US President can sit in his BASEMENT the entire 2020 election cycle , hardly campaign , get a few supporters at his so called get to gather and come election November 2020 get 81 million ” Legal Votes ” ! But that is what the lame stream liberal/socialist media and politicians in DC want We The People to believe !

  2. States like Florida are “at capacity”?? That is a ridiculous… and a lie. The migrants were legally ALLOWED to be in America.

  3. but, but, but, they smell funny we can’t have that here in matha’s vinyard we are commie democrat pedophiles and their kind is not welcome.

  4. But the state advanced 125 nation guard soldiers in order to move them to the mail cape vs the island l. Won’t call out the guard at the border because it would be racist

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