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Far-left Representative Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez is now advising women living in states that have now outlawed abortion to break the law in order to perform abortions on themselves.

As The Daily Wire reports:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is encouraging women to dodge abortion laws in red states following the Supreme Court’s decision that overturned Roe v. Wade.

The congresswoman has repeatedly posted infographics discussing how women can obtain abortion pills in red states that ban abortions.

Ocasio-Cortez encouraged women to use throwaway email addresses, private browsers, and prepaid debit cards for abortion “OPSEC” (operations security).

Cortez has long been one of the most radical member of the House of Representatives when it comes to advocating for abortion on demand.


    1. You are an idiot ! She’s doing no such thing ! It’s the five criminal SCOTUS judges who0 have voted to overturn Roe v Wade who should be impeached , thrown off the court and imprisoned for endangering the lives of women all over this country !

      1. True—the Supreme Court decision to reverse Roe vs Wade was made based on the Catholic religion tenets to which the current Justices adhere because Roe vs Wade is no different now than it was a half-century ago when it was passed into federal law. And, church and state are SUPPOSED to be separate per the U.S. Constitution. President Biden, who is Catholic, understands this separation and favors maintaining the Roe vs Wade law to protect a pregnant woman’s right to chose decisions regarding their pregnancies—ie, Biden chooses the State view to maintain this federal law/rights of our citizens, not religious fantasies.

        1. There is nothing in the American Constitution that says there should be a separation between church and state. It is in the Russian Constitution. Maybe you should move there.

        2. Bull Schiff. The Burger Court created a Right out of thin air with one of the most sloppiest and full of holes arguments in SCOTUS history. Roe was as bad as Dread Scott. Late Justice Ginsburg told the Democrat’s Roe would not survive Review. Democrats ignored her warnings, and missed several opportunities to codify Roe into Law.
          When Roe was decided, Abortions were limited to 1st Trimester only. Not contentvwith the win, Democrats kept pushing for later and later Abortions, to where now, even At Birth Abortions are permissible. Though polls show a small majority of Americans support 1st Trimestee Abortions (roughly 52%), those same polls show an overwhelming majority oppose Late Term and At Birth Abortions (nearly 80%).
          Catholic Doctrine had little to do with this. The Abortion Industry did it to themselves. Had they not kept pushing, Dobbs would have never made it to the SCOTUS bench.

      2. those women had a choice before they got into that position in the first place. I realize there are dif. scenario but to take a baby’s life is wrong.

      3. You need to put down the video games and study the issue. And BTW , women can avoid the whole crime of abortion by using aspirin. You see, if they would just hold an aspirin between their knees and keep it there, well, problem solved. Right Spanky?

      4. Sounds to me like Alexandria Occasionally-Coherent, and you, BOTH are in critical need of an extreme attitude adjustment…to help you GROW UP because you BOTH sound like sniveling brats.

      5. Roe v Wade didn’t have anything to do with the Constitution and should have gone to the states in the first place. That is what the judges ruled on. You can still murder babies in blue states. Unless you have a uterus, you have no right to an opinion. Not my words, but the feminazi NAGs.

      6. You are a real Moron. Roe was a horrible and Unconstitutional decision to begin with. A High School student could destroy the argument that created this “Right To An Abortion” out of thin air. Democrats were warned many times in the last 49 years that Roe would be reversed if it ever came under review. Late Justice Ginsburg warned Democrats it wouldn’t survive because it wasn’t supported by the Constitution. Instead of using the many opportunities to codify Roe, the Democrats screwed the pooch passing other BS Legislation. The people responsible for Roe’s overturning are The Democrats themselves.

      7. You must have brown eyes (like AOC) because you are so full if it. You know NOTHING about America but, TA DA, America doesn’t care. You have been fed BS so long you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the butt.

  1. AOC needs to be expelled from Congress . This individual has been elected to the position of a law maker and advocates breaking laws just because things did not go her way . Upon her election , she took an oath to uphold the laws of this nation . By her speech and action she has broken that oath . We will put aside the fact that she is an avowed socialist (read , Communist) . The time has come to slap this batmaid down and send her back to hustling beers .

    1. You can’t expel any Congress member for ensuring that a federal law be followed and remains actionable. AOC is ensuring the right to abortion guaranteed by Constitutional law. Something can be against the law in a State, but be lawful from a federal point of view. Just how U.S. citizens can lawfully follow the federal law allowing abortions is what AOC is seeking to guarantee. Pregnant women will continue to seek abortions by having them in Blue States, federal lands, or in Canada or Mexico, and so they will want to make sure no barriers hold them back.

      1. It was illegitimate to begin with. It never belonged before the Supreme Court. Look at all the real issues hurting people and this is the one they pick to be fanatical about? Most of these women are post-menopausal and many are lesbians.

    2. So you’re saying she lied? Didn’t she just say the Supreme Court Justices should be impeached for telling a lie? Hmmmmm.

  2. If women want to obey the federal law that constitutionally allows a woman to get an abortion if she so chooses, they can just go to a State in which abortion is legal. However, if more States stop allowing abortion, AOC suggested that abortion clinics be established on federal lands to get their federally lawful abortions. This would require passage in both the House and Senate, and this would be a stretch at this point unless the current outrage against the Supreme Court’s reversal on Roe vs Wade, as expressed by the majority of Americans, causes people to vote more Democratic Senators into office in the midterms to increase their majority there. Even if that happens, many major companies have assured their female employees that if they chose to have an abortion across the border in either Canada or Mexico, this would be covered. These companies well understand that where a woman’s pregnancy is due to rape or if the pregnancy endangers their general health, terminating the pregnancy would be appropriate. It is less expensive from a medical benefits point of view to fund pregnancy termination than have to pay maternal leave or pay for the medical needs of a new baby.

    1. There won’t be any affordable gas, food or public transportation if we don’t get Democrats out of office.


  4. If a pregnant woman somehow obtains abortion pills in a State where prescribing such pills is illegal, she can simply deny ever having received them at the time her abortion occurs because the abortion will be medically termed a “miscarriage”.  Also, if she obtained the abortion pills prior to a State becoming anti-abortion, she is well within her rights to take these pills because at the time they were prescribed, such prescriptions were legal. As for AOC, her constituency by and large supported the continuation of Roe vs Wade as it has been for a half-century, as does the majority of Americans in repeated surveys. Therefore, she represents and supports her constituency’s views. They wouldn’t have elected her otherwise. The anti-abortion group in America is a minority group. However, the majority of the Supreme Court Justices are Catholics, who often put Church before State despite the Constitution forbidding this. Thus, this is how a minority opinion on Roe vs Wade got passed even though most Americans are dead set against it. Even Biden, who is Catholic, won’t put his religion before the rights of Americans guaranteed by our Constitution.

    1. This isn’t a “miracle pill.” Women have died from using them apart from medical supervision.

  5. Finally, aoc has a good idea! You leftists ladies, who don’t use birth control and find themselves pregnant, can now consult a former bartender-turned -Congressbirthingperson for instructions on how to perform a “do-it-yourself” abortion! What could go wrong?
    you can’t make this stuff up!

  6. I wonder if she’s ever read William Faulkner’s ” As I Lay Dying “? Is that what she has in mind. Also, I hear/tell that she remarked that she was born to see to it that others aren’t.

  7. what i don’t understand it’s not easier to take a pill or use a condom before or during sex then having to chance getting pregnant and having to get an abortion. i mean not really against abortion in cases of rape or incest or if was deemed that the child was going to be so severely handicapped that he or she might not have a quality of life physically or mentally then maybe, but just have unprotected sex and run
    the risk of getting pregnant. are they that lazy that can’t take pill or use a condom. i just don’t understand

  8. AOC is disgusting. She often claims that conservatives “want” her but can’t have her. So I heard that she’s getting married. I wonder who will where the pants in that family.

    1. Is Trump?—just look at the federal crimes he has committed per the January 6th Committee hearings. Major sedition. We have heard and seen the evidence. As for AOC, helping her constituents follow the federal law allowing abortion is her duty as a Congressman, and certainly not a crime.

      1. This is not about Trump. Laws are made by the legislative branch, not the Judiciary branch. That is why Roe never belonged at the Supreme Court.

    1. Just figure that AOC graduated cum laude with Bachelor’s degrees double majoring in international affairs and economics, compared with Trump graduating with a Bachelor’s degree without honors. Now ask who is dumber.

      1. Kids are not educated in colleges anymore. They are indoctrinated. That is why she was a bartender, get it? Not an economist!

      2. Yes BUT she is NOT educated. Like you she thinks whatever she thinks is right! Problem is she does NOT know how to think.

  9. AOC is committing a conspiracy by advocating the law. She needs to be charged criminally and then impeached for conduct unbecoming a Representative and criminal mischief….

  10. Cortez has suggested some truly hair-brained things in the past, but this is the hairiest one yet.
    I’d like to meet her face-to-face so I could ask her “What if your mother had aborted YOU?”

    1. Trump’s mother should have aborted him so that the world wouldn’t be going through the crap he left us with!

      1. YOU are mentally ill. Murder babies, vote in idiots to run this country, dig into hell and say it is America. California has already made itself the modern Sodom and Gomorrah. How much lower can you idiots go? Our children are being abused and you know it.

    1. She’s from Puerto Rico. I have never heard anything from her family. I doubt they are proud of her. They have their own business like a lot of Hispanics and pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps!

  11. Jusr goes to show you how stupid this woman really is. Preform self abortions, with the pill perhaps but to physically remove the fetus by yourself is not a good idea. But they what do you expect, she’s a democrat.

  12. That sounds like a good plan/recommendation. Just how many women need abortions? I thought that abortions were meant to be “rare”. Is this a new “woke” fad?

  13. She needs to be in a room when someone tries to abort at let’s say 30 weeks and have to hold the dead baby. Maybe she would change her tune.

  14. AOC is not only the biggest buffoon on the face of the planet but criminally dangerous to anyone that takes her seriously!!

  15. AOC has to be thee most stupid person on this planet and a very small person in mind to begin with and to make such a statement is making her totally complicit to endanger the life of a person that would feel that it is the only way but AOC said to do it.

  16. AOC is merely trying to make a point here . In states where abortion has or is about to become illegal, desperately poor women ARE going to try to self abort, just as they did before Roe v Wade . And they will die or nearly die .
    This is why abortion MUST remain legal in all 50 states ! The five conservative SCOTUS judges who voted to end Roe v Wade are endangering the lives of women all over America !

    1. Abortion isn’t illegal you fool!!!!! It’s just not a constitutional right. Never was. Our conservative court is trying to hold the country together and protect us from morons like you

    2. BS! Idiot women “ALL OVER AMERICA” should check out “BIRTH CONTROL”! It does NOT take the life of a baby. I just read where left wing men were getting “altered”. If we keep pushing it no more leftie babies to murder.

  17. I was reminded by an email I received, that Ronald Reagan once quipped, “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion, has already been born”.

  18. Concerning AOC and her brand: Lord give them eyes to see ears to hear and a heart to understand your eternal truths considering life in the womb. Each child was formed in the womb and you have a purpose for each life. Please Lord help us stand together to end the suffering of the innocents.

    1. Apparently the aborted babies are having body parts removed. Not sure which federal dept it is but they are investigating if the babies are alive when this happens. It involves a university.

  19. Boy, is this ever disinformation! How many people could die from this woman’s words? She needs to be held accountable.

  20. Stop the hysteria!!! The reversal of R v W has nothing to do with abortion. It has everything to do with the constitution. SCOTUS cannot create or cancel a right, even if they wanted to. It’s not their job to do so. The fact that they can reverse R v W means it was unconstitutional to begin with. It it wasn’t they wouldn’t be able to do so. In their ruling, they said the matter should be settled at the state level. That’s not abolishing abortion. That’s empowering the grassroots. Isn’t that what you want. Don’t forget, R v W was created and the ruling by white men in robes, not women. So has nothing to do anyone trying to eliminate abortion. It’s the elimination of a quasi-law in order to create an actual law that is constitutional from the grassroots.

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