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Hillary Clinton shocked many observers after she made bizarre and potentially racist accusations against Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas during an appearance on a CBS morning news program.

During the appearance Clinton claimed that she knew Thomas in law school, in spite of having been part of a different graduating class, and that he was full of ‘resentment, grievance, and anger’ and that because of his recent ruling striking down Roe vs. Wade as part of a 5 justice majority ‘women are going to die.’


Clinton’s latest outburst comes as many begin to question whether she is being considered to run in the place of an aging Joe Biden in 2024.


  1. Things I noticed about the abortion thing – – -Most ladies pushing abortion are menopausal ladies who will never get pregnant. Nobody made a study of the mental status after the procedure (Abortion). How many got depressed, remorseful, unable to have children, etc.,A thorough study should be made before having it done. A woman should have access to safe abortion, but not with my tax money.

    1. Look at all the lesbians also who will never have to worry about pregnancy unless they cheat on their “wives.”

  2. Hillary, the dried up old, bitter hag, is trying to be relevant. She isn’t and never, again, will be. Thank heavens.

  3. Hillary is the person with resentment, anger and grievance.
    This is the classic response from a Democratic liberal.

  4. Every year more women die from botched abortions than from giving birth, and when you add the over 63 million aborted babies that have also died from abortions, the morbidity rate is much less great for childbirth than for abortions.

    All scientists and doctors proclaim that life begins at conception for every living thing, and all human rights are based on the proclamation that our Creator (God) endowed us with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are “LIFE”, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

    Without the acceptance of the Right of Life, there are no rights for anyone or anything.

    Abortions deny that right for our weakest and most vulnerable, and unless those who use science as their excuse for everything that they claim is correct and right, do not accept the science that life begins at conception and honors that life, then there are no Rights for anyone or anything.

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