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Despite fevered claims by the mainstream media that voters are flocking to Democrats promising anti-gun laws in the wake of mass shootings in Buffalo, N.Y. and Uvalde, Texas, a new poll shows voters have shifted to Republicans.

When asked “Which political party — the Democrats or the Republicans — do you think would do a better job on gun policy?,” respondents to the latest Fox News poll split evenly with 47 percent siding with each party.

That’s a remarkable shift from 2018, when Democrats enjoyed a three-point 42 percent to 39 percent, and comes after a month of almost-open political campaigning by the mainstream media.

It also comes in a poll that gives Biden some of his highest recent approval ratings. 

The poll finds just 12 percent of voters said gun policy would be the most important issue in determining their vote, far behind the 41 percent who made “inflation and higher prices” the top issue.  It’s likely the 12 percent are almost entirely hardened partisans, meaning the issue won’t make much of a difference in the final vote.

In another blow to Democrats the poll found voters gave a one-point edge to Republicans, 46 percent to 45 percent, on the issue of “preservation of American democracy” – an issue Democrats are  apparently staking their mid-term hopes for with heavily-hyped public hearings on the January 6 Capitol riots.

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  1. The fact that leftist AG’s financed by Soros to allow criminals to get out of jail and go back into society to terrorize communities like we see on video every week has driven normal citizens to think self protection and gun ownership. The Supreme Courts decision to allow concealed carry has opened up Pandora’s box. It’s going to be a matter of time before I believe all 50 states are going to rely on the 2nd amendments unalienable right under the Bill of Rights to do so. It’s a war in the streets today and one must be concerned for their own safety and the safety of their families and have the ability to carry a gun to protect all from the radical lefts insane commitment to giving criminals more rights than us.

  2. Every day Dems accuse people of “destroying democracy”, but all they need to do is look into the mirror. They do NOT believe in laws, the U.S. Constitution, or their own state’s Constitution. The only reason the are rating against the Supreme Court is because THEY DID NOT GET THEIR WAY!! In their demented, totalitarian world, THAT WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN!! Poor little snowflakes. As for the Republicans doing better, just think how the polls would look if we did not have RINOs like Collins, Romney, McConnell, etc., etc.

  3. Biden is worried about Transgender pronouns!

    US citizens are worried about the Biden Administration’s adjective, namely incompetent!

  4. You bet! Many people these days are very concerned for the safety of themselves and their families. With so many District Attorneys refusing to prosecute violent offenders, the violence itself, police being pulled away from crime prevention for “revenue generation”, degenerate pedophiles strutting around naked in the streets in front of children, and the constant stirring-up of racial intolerance by leftists’ false claims, is it any wonder so many people are realizing that they are the last line of their own defense?
    Leftists need to wake up and smell the septic tank they’ve opened.

  5. The most leftist, authoritarian, socialist and Anti-America administration of my 60+ year life time gives us more than enough reason to hang onto our guns. We may need them to preserve freedom and the Constitution against those clowns.

  6. Gotta wonder if all those mass shootings weren’t orchestrated, like the burning of the Reichstag by their National Socialist compatriots in NAZI Germany. These people are evil and like to hurt people, especially if they can benefit from it.
    But it will all be academic if we don’t get our elections straightened out. I know of no assurance that they have not rigged everything for this next cycle. Right now there is no one to blow the whistle, much less stop them.

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