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A liberal terrorist group calling themselves “Jane’s Revenge” is claiming credit for firebombing multiple pro-life groups and vows to carry out a nationwide campaign of terrorism to defend abortion.

“Your thirty days expired yesterday,” the group warned in a blog post referencing a May 8 “communique” in which the terrorists demanded “the disbanding of all anti-choice establishments, fake clinics, and violent anti-choice groups within the next thirty days.”

“We have demonstrated in the past month how easy and fun it is to attack,” the group said, claiming credit for at least 16 terrorist attacks on pro-life groups and crisis pregnancy clinics in the last 30 days.

The group has even set fire to clinics that distribute baby formula, amid a nationwide shortage of baby formula that threatens the lives of medically-fragile infants.

The group then promised even more violent, and potentially deadly, attacks.

“We have promised to take increasingly drastic measures against oppressive infrastructures,” the terrorist group said, referring to pro-life groups and crisis pregnancy clinics.  “Rest assured that we will, and those measures may not come in the form of something so easily cleaned up as fire and graffiti.”

“Through attacking we find joy” the terrorists celebrated.

Law enforcement agencies have warned of an explosion of liberal violence if the Supreme Court overturns its Roe v. Wade ruling that made abortion a federally-guaranteed right.

Similar arson and bomb measures employed by activists supporting “Black Lives Matter” resulted in the murders of 12 people, many of them black.

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1 month ago

“Easy and Fun to attack” they claim. Yet, a person attending the Jan 6th rally gets swept up in an illegal search and seizure by the FBI, just for being on the Capitol grounds on a specific date and time doing nothing more than standing with a sign of a flag. What a crock this stuff is!!

1 month ago


Dan Tyree
Dan Tyree
1 month ago

Bring it on