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CNN’s Brian Stetler raised eyebrows recently when he claimed on his show ‘Reliable Sources’ that Florida’s new law banning the teaching of transgenderism along with other sexual acts to children was unjust because  doing so was merely about ‘equal rights for everybody in a country.’

As The Daily Wire reports: 

CNN’s Brian Stelter insisted that opposing a Florida bill that would bar schools from teaching children about gender identity and sexual orientation from kindergarten through third grade is “not a culture war”; it is merely supporting “equal rights for everybody in a country.” His guest replied that Disney’s CEO should have spoken out against the popular legislation more forcefully, since the company is a “moral guardian.”

On CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Stelter asked why CEO Bob Chapek was “so out of touch” that it took him days “to come to the side of his employees to speak out against Florida’s controversial, so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill.”

His guest — the former president of Walt Disney Television, Garth Ancier — said, “The problem is that Disney is much more of a moral guardian company than most.” He noted Chapek is in “a very special position,” because former Disney CEOs Bob Iger and Michael Eisner acted as “moral clarions”; both men strongly advocated for Disney to support LGBT issues and abortion-on-demand, as well as the Paris Climate Accords and gun control.

Chapek issued two statements before bowing to pressure to condemn the bill (SB 1834), which does not actually bar anyone from uttering the word “gay.” Instead, it says that a “school district may not encourage classroom discussion about sexual orientation or gender identity in primary grade levels,” nor in a way that is not age-appropriate in public secondary schools.

Longtime CNN producer John Griffin was arrested in December after being accused of of a series of shocking sex crimes agains minors.


  1. Wait a minute, isn’t the left saying that it isn’t being taught in schools, which one is it

    1. Exactly! If this crap isn’t taught in schools, then the law will not affect anyone. Humpty Dumpty screwed his whole argument against the law.

    1. We should start with the people in executive roles at the NEA, as well as, at the Department of Education. Once the people pushing this extremely inappropriate subject matter for young children are wearing rope neckties, the rest at state levels will quickly depart academia or remain extremely quiet.

  2. STETLER is a liberal pervert with few morals or common sense about what is proper for you g children or even adults. He should be removed from public media ASAP.

  3. Why in heaven’s name can’t we let children enjoy the few years they have to BE CHILDREN. I don’t believe it is up to the schools to take over the parent’s job of teaching about the “birds, bees AND any gender changes etc.
    Schools need to get back to “reading, writing and arithmetic!

  4. Media is the ENEMY of the people!
    They are now 100% propaganda.
    Who still watches CNN? Not me

  5. Schools can’t even teach the basic subjects for which children go to school. Why would we want schools to divert time, money and students’ attention from what little classic subjects they are being taught? I’m surprised Florida stopped at third grade.

    1. Agreed! These subjects of transgenderism and homosexuality shouldn’t be taught at all in schools; ONLY THE BASICS and that should start in middle school . . . . NOT grade school.

  6. How is it that my opinions and probably 50% of citizens, can’t be taught because “they can’t push morals, but this jerk believes its fine to spread his anti morality opinion???? Time for the 3%’s rights to trump ours.

  7. Well, look at the sissy boys cnn hires!!!!
    They’re merely advocating their own lifestyles

  8. What our children are taught in school should be open knowledge ,shared with parents. Let them decide. It is clear that parents are beginning to sit up & take notice.

  9. The truth is very simple. A very small percentage of the human race is born with a problem in their sexual identity and they become a member of a group of humans, that cannot reproduce replacements. Thus, they have the choice of, let’s say, staying in “the closet” with seeking out other humans with the same situation. However, a large group of these humans have become embolden by the failure of those humans, not of their belief, to defend their children. This allows them, in all kinds of authority positions to actively recruit those who might become persuaded, though they would normally realize, they were not in the group seeking them. It is to a point, where they have achieved a strong position in the current education group of humans and especially, within the unions of this group. This has enabled them to seek to convert younger and younger humans, so young, they have no idea their minds are being formed by those recruiters. Many will age into a belief, that Nature made them that way instead of humans like their parents, just as the recruiters wish them to be. In normal life such people, when found, are forced to register as Perverts and kept away from children, and many ended up in jail. It is time, for the true Nature’s men and women, to again begin the movement of old, back to a time when such people were shamed and did not openly recruit children. At one time, I had a girl friend, who went both ways. She was 14, when her best friend’s mother, recruited her and the mother told her, if she told anyone, she would kill her and her parents. Later, in life, she married, had children and made certain, her children were constantly reviewed for any such activity by outsiders. Freedom is freedom, but not t he freedom to recruit children into a life style that Nature has punished by insuring they cannot reproduce. Many are Green, and I do not understand, how can they be for Nature, while at the same time, living a life that Nature does not approve of.

  10. The kids haven’t mastered the three R’s for their grade level and they want to cram their heads with this garbage!!! Let the teachers teach what is truly necessary for that child to succeed.
    Stelter can get together with Toobin, the Zoom Master-bater, and write a program for liberal commentators. That will keep them occupied for about 2 minutes.

  11. I hope Mr. Stelter doesn’t have children. If he does not like the laws in Florida, he shouldn’t go there.

  12. Public school teaching about transgenderism involves a lot of wishful thinking that is based in pseudoscience, as critical race theory does. By the way, by many compelling accounts, old Walt Disney had sexual relations with young boy actors, so what else do you expect from the company that was founded by him?

  13. Disney once fired Tommy Kirk for being gay. Today’s Disney is NOT a moral guardian. Poor old Walt is spinning in his grave.

  14. Absolutely not! Small children should not be exposed to ANY kind of sex education! Heterosexual, bi-sexual, homosexual, oral or penetration etc…..EVER! PERIOD! End of story! This is indoctrination! Grooming even. Teach academics. It is up to the parents to determine when their children are ready to hear about these issues. NOT THE SCHOOLS!

  15. Stelter and his leftist friends don’t seem to know that, “…supporting “equal rights for everybody in a country….” doesn’t include allowing teachers to impose their highly disputed opinions on third graders. I keep wondering why the “mass exodus” to private schools hasn’t happened yet.

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