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Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy clashed with Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R, TX) over whether or not the U.S. should flood Ukraine with expensive military aide.

As the Daily Caller reports:

Crenshaw said providing military aid to Ukraine is difficult but can be done through “a matter of will.” He then pushed back against lawmakers who are repeating Russian President Vladimir Putin saying that such actions would “provoke him.”

“I don’t care what Putin says. I didn’t realize Putin was our national security adviser,” Crenshaw said. “And of course he’s going to bully you into not doing that. How do we not know his formula by now? He goes outside the bounds of norms, then he claims victimization when people react and then he uses that victimization to pursue more aggression. This is how Putin acts and we need to stop falling for it, I don’t care if it’s provocation.”

“Congressman, I just want to make a point,” Campos-Duffy chimed in. “I appreciate your perspective, but since you did say that it’s repeating Russian talking points I’m just going to have to push back. I’m not repeating Russian talking points, and I think I represent the way a lot of the conservatives feel. I don’t think they’re repeating Russian talking points.”

“They’re not isolationists, they’re seeing, for example, the alignment of China and Russia because of the way this war was handled. I think they’re seeing a lot of things and I think on the Republican side saying they’re repeating Russian talking points shuts down conversations and does not allow us to have a robust debate which we should be having,” she continued.

Who do you think has the better point, Campos-Duffy or Crenshaw? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


  1. I think Dan is right, world war III has basically already started these are just the beginning days of it, freedom isn’t free and never has been, I don’t think he’ll start a nuclear war because nobody’s a winner whoever shoots a nuclear weapon everybody will join in because it’s going to run the water the air the land the food sources, and if that happens it’ll be a nuclear winter and the entire world will die,if we don’t do something soon the war will be here in America, it’s just a hop and a skip from Russia to Alaska right now. Joe Biden and his administration have no military experience, general Milly, just too worried about being woke ,woke doesn’t win wars. The US is already involved in the Ukrainian problem by sending weapons USA made weapons so what’s the difference between sending aircraft or shutting down the skies Putin is still on the move we should have learned this from Hitler during world war II. We have a president that doesn’t know his own name or who’s in charge because he keeps calling the vice president the president, all presidents need to have some kind of military background, Trump wasn’t in the military but he did go through a military academy that’s why we weren’t attacked before during his presidency, once Putin saw that we have a brain dead president and a weak one he’s just taking advantage and he’ll keep on until we do something. We saw with Obama draw line in the sand, and then back up and draw another one and then back up and draw another one because he doesn’t have any military experience either the Democrats and their administration or trying to destroy this country or make it a communist country, listen to Dan Crenshaw he’s been there and done that.

  2. The Democratic Party and its representative Biden have fallen prey to the wealth of the Liberal Elite from which there is no pulling back. The Liberal elite and their wealth now own American politics and control the future direction of this country through their wealth. I hope I am wrong; however, it does not look good for us and the world in the years ahead. I hope with all my heart I’m wrong! Giving up and facing facts are two different things!

    1. Actually, the Biden Cartel has sold their souls to Russia, Ukraine, China and likely Iran. Everyone who hates America has bought off President Bonehead! Remember the Dem playbook – blame your competition for doing everything that you’re actually doing.

      Personally, I think this war was a desire of Biden and Obama and Hillary. They all have many dirty ties to Ukraine, they figured if they antagonized Putin by saying they wanted to make Ukraine a NATO country, he would go in and destroy Ukraine . . . . . . and all the evidence.

      1. We’ll get the last laugh on them when Trump gets in with a second term and drives Putin so far back he’ll end up in the middle of last year!

        1. The day is not far off when Joe Talibiden cannot function . We all know by now how and who counted the votes. Instead of making another fatalistic error and putting Kamala Cackles into the Oval Office– I humbly suggest that Trump be returned to the office he legally won in 2020 so that he can clean up the messes that Joe Talibiden has made of the World.

  3. I’m all for quietly arming Ukraine, including flying the MiG-29s with Ukraine pilots back into Ukraine under cover of darkness and looking for gaps in Russian surveillance for timing

    1. Giving the Ukrainians the MiG-29s seems to amount to a wasted effort, because they don’t have a ground-targeting ability, and are inferior to the Russians in air-to-air combat. Wasted effort diverts resources that could be put to better use.

  4. Crenshaw makes valid points. Those who are not affiliated with the military or never served should learn to keep their mouth shut. He served his country well.

  5. Man the fake news and every senator and house rep is laying it on thick! The only thing Russia is doing is freeing the people of Ukraine from the CORRUPT PRESIDENT CARTEL LEADER THAT HAS IN SLAVED THE PEOPLE!

  6. Crenshaw for sure. Just because Campos-Duffy did not realize she was repeating Russian talking points, does not mean she didn’t do so. She comes off as the one out of touch with Putin’s pattern of behavior, not Crenshaw.

  7. Crenshaw is right. Putin attacks a country and tells any other country that if they help Ukraine that they will be next. Putin needs to go against country their size and see how he talks crap. U.S needs to stop acting small and warn Putin that we won’t allow women and children to be targets of Russian military. Stop or else.

  8. The only thing bullying thugs like Putin respond to is force. Brave Ukranians are dying over there fighting for their freedom. Of course we should be arming them with all the tools they need, just as the French came to our aid when we were fighting for freedom from a tyrannical English king. When it comes to military matters I have to go with the guy who’s actually been there!

  9. Putin needs to be worrying about what we are going to do! Call his bluff! He’s not winning this war now, what is he going to accomplish against all of NATO??? Help these people!!!!

  10. Both have valid points, but the real point is actually stopping Putin from continuing the murderous rampage he’s on. We can have all the conversations people want to have, but for right now, somebody is going to have to have the courage and clarity to actually lead the way in stopping Putin because he will not stop, he has to BE STOPPED.

    The world has essentially sat back and watched thousands of people be murdered on live television for the last 3 weeks and done nothing to STOP Putin. Talks, meetings, ZOOM calls, sanctions, news conferences, announcements of MORE sanctions coming from our never-to-be-bold leader…..none of this makes a hill of beans difference to Putin.

    What ever happened to covert operations? And all this talk about triggering Putin? How about triggering people who do not tolerate or allow murderous thugs from invading sovereign countries?? We cannot be ruled by people who are 100% irrational and murderous in the way they carry out their irrationality…..this is basic moral code we’re talking about and it’s way past time to do something about it.

  11. Cong. Crenshaw has a valid point. However, the Fox News host also has a valid point, worthy of consideration.

  12. Crenshaw! How do people think Trump kept the rogue nations in line?!! He didn’t mess around and Russia & China are Not as tough as the media portrays them!

  13. Crenshaw is the worst kind of RINO and I personally cannot wait until he is replaced with a conservative Republican. I think Campos-Duffy was very diplomatic against the slander Crenshaw was spewing.

  14. We are already in this fight by giving aide to Ukraine. Putin is not going to stop with Ukraine. He wants more. If we are so scared of a nuclear war, we better figuratively take him out before he can launch the nuclear weapons. We are seeing millions of people displaced because of one man. Really? Get Tougher UN. Cut the head off this snake before he literally comes after your territory.

  15. Crenshaw definitely has my vote! Campos Duffy is such a light weight. I don’t watch weekend Fox First because I can’t stand her and her loud laugh and immature commenting. Please replace her!

  16. Both have points but I think Dan is correct…There are no talking points with Putin…Why are we sympathetic to him…He told his soldiers they were on training exercises…He’s locking up Russians that oppose this war…We have protesters burning buildings that aren’t locked up…Putin is bombing schools and hospitals…Why talk to him…The democrats thought we would go to war with N.Korea because of Trump standing tough against N. Korea…The people of Ukraine do not deserve this…You lead from the front, not the back…

  17. I agree with Crenshaw . We’ve continually allowed Putin to Bully the world and kill innocents making the excuse that He is protecting Russian speakers while murdering those who disagree. So we are to sit back because of his threats? We have every right to protect innocent people wherever and whoever they are. We need to target missile batteries and planes wherever they fire from. If it begins WWIII so be it. People have a right to live freely and to side with whoever they want without feeling threatened or bullied. We are only putting off a WWIII for so long with dictator regimes. They will constantly threaten war to get their way and we cant allow their threats to frighten us rather than failure to protect innocent good God Fearing people.

  18. I would agree with Crenshaw that we should harden our military stance. I would not emphasize defiance or signal that revenge is conceivable. Dan’s young and inexperienced. He erased my support for him when he stated his support for state red flag laws. I hope he changes his mind publicly.

    In August 2019, Dan stated “…Maybe also implement state “red flag” laws, or gun violence restraining orders. Stop them before they can hurt someone.” Many nations have oppressive or prohibitive controls on private firearms ownership. In America, the line of inheritance codified in state laws defines the legal custodian of any property. 

    Dan seems unaware that to be taken seriously, if the accused is a danger to himself or others, he should be legally arrested. In other words, take the man but leave the guns. Jailing people for oppositional thoughts is just one small step from recreating concentration camps and mass annihilation.  

  19. The problem here is that if we believe and listen to “fake news” we as a free nation are doomed. We need to push back “hard” on the Left and actually run them our of the country. I served thsi country for 25 years and then served as an educator for 20 more years and know the dangers that we are seeing today. We need to stand up for freedom and fight the dictators but I also doubt the backbone of this country anymore-just my opinion

  20. Crenshaw is more experient than Duffy when it comes to war. I appreciate her view but also appreciate Crenshaws experience in this kind of matter

  21. Putin is a narcissist and a bully. He will not stop with Ukraine. If we let him win there, he will continue and China will stand with him. We have to show some Military Force or we will be a target. Peace is this world is only achieved by strength (or an act of God).

  22. Congressman Crenshaw has been there, done that. I trust his opinion on this. Rachael Compost Duffy is well meaning , but lacks the experience to dispute Crenshaw’s opinion.
    Jay, Montana

  23. Got to side w/Crenshaw. He at least takes a position, Campos merely argues talking points w/no course of action.

  24. We have a similar destruction of freedoms , lives and the right to live in peaceful surroundings without being threatened by another Hitler. Putin says he wants to cleansed Russia held territory of Nazism. He needs to look in the mirror, he’s Hitler reborn, with Lenin and Marx wrap up as his skin. Our world is going thru Hell right now letting all this liberal and socialist thinking to be the cornerstone of the world. It always amazes me how these talking heads reporters know everything and if had to be put on the ground they would buckle and run like the cowards they are. A real hero tells his side and he is thrown under the bus.


  26. There is truly an odor of Soviet propaganda in how Rachel Campos-Duffy, Tucker Carlson, his friend Tulsi Gabbard, and like-minded others share Vladimir Putin’s dour, oblivious pretext for invading Ukraine, namely that the U.S. and NATO are the ones who have been the ones acting as aggressive warmongers in regard to Ukraine, so as to pose an existential threat to Russia. The U.S. and NATO have not had Ukraine under serious consideration for NATO since it became independent from Russia in 1991, nor have they been pressuring it to join, nor arming it with offensive weapons. The invasion is really just a predictable resumption of a long-term campaign by Russia to repossess Ukraine’s natural resources wealth, and real estate inhabited by Russian oligarch billionaires. The planning began in mid-2021 with energy and food deals cut with China, to counter the anticipated post-invasion economic sanctions.

  27. Whatever happened to MAD-?- The Mutual art of Destruction. As Trump told the N. Korean dictator who starves his people and fires off rockets. “My Red Button is larger than your Red Button.

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